* Nicks Pizzeria & Bar (Coral Springs)

Posted on August 12th, 2013 · Coral Springs Italian Pizza

* Nicks Pizzeria & Bar (Coral Springs)

Here’s a heads-up for you guys…

Nicks Pizzeria & Bar in Boca Raton is one of Jeff Eats’ favorite pizza joints…now for the skinny–a few months ago, Nicks signed a lease to open a second joint, this time in Coral Springs. Don’t have too many details, but from what I’ve heard…5,200 sq. ft. on Univeristy Drive, plans have been filed with the City, with permits being set to be issued this week… all things being equal–owners Nick and Anthony are looking to open mid-November 2013.

Like I said 12 seconds ago, Nicks Pizzeria & Bar is right-up there with my favorite South Florida pizza joints. Based on its Boca operation, you Coral Spings guys are in for a real treat. As I get details on the project, I’ll update this column.

Printed below, is Jeff Eats’ August 4, 2011 “review” of Nicks Pizzeria & Bar in Boca Raton which at that time had just opened its front door for business.
Nicks Pizzeria & Bar (Boca Raton)
Posted on August 4th, 2011 · Boca Raton Italian Pizza
***** Nicks Pizzeria & Bar, 2240 Northwest 19th Street, Boca Raton, Florida 33431, (561) 368-2900.
As I’ve done numerous times in the past…let me tell you about a terrific joint that “basically” nobody else in South Florida knows about. Say hello to Nicks Pizzeria & Bar, which opened 2-days ago in Boca Raton. This restaurant is soooo-new, that a few days ago, its owners were still tinkering with its name…finally deciding on Nicks Pizzeria & Bar instead of the “original” handle—Nick’s New Haven-Style Pizzeria & Bar.
Here’s the story…Last night I had dinner at this “coal fired” pizza joint–and I gotta tell you, it absolutely blew me away. First of all, for a joint opened only 2- days, the service was right on. The decor is dynamite, with a dark wood 1940s-1950s theme. There are inside booths/tables–outdoor tables. The joint has a full bar area/handful of flat screen tvs and a completly open kitchen. The piped in music, features doo wop, 1950′s-1960′s oldies…though I did hear a couple of Green Eyed Peas’ numbers in the mix.
Let’s talk food…all kinds of- appetizers, salads, wraps, subs (they call them grinders), pizza flats, pastas, desserts. You can do a GOOGLE on what “New Haven Style” pizza is all about…basically, crust-tomato sauce-romano cheese-oregano. NOTICE! there is no mozzarella cheese in the mix. Just so you know, in addition to “this” New Haven stuff, Nicks has “regular” coal oven pizzas, so you (us) New Yooorkers and other purists can get pizza that doesn’t “confuse.”
Last night I had dinner at Nicks. I “sampled” pan-fried mozzarella, steak & cheese grinder, New Haven Style plain pizza, margarita pizza (let’s call this one- New York Style), white clam-bacon-garlic pizza, parmesean fries, rigatoni bolognese…everything and I do mean everything was delicious. For dessert, I “tried” 4 of the 8 gelatos on the menu (I know- someone’s gotta do it!) milk chocolate, pistachio, lemon and coconut—this stuff alone, was worth the price of admission.
Another beautiful thing about Nicks is that it is located right next door– and I do mean right next door to a Weight Watcher Center. Just thought you point-counters would like that info.
Let me wrap this one up by simple saying…I loved Nicks. By the way, you can check menu/prices at
Nicks is open 7 days a week 11am-to late.

12 Comments to “* Nicks Pizzeria & Bar (Coral Springs)”

  1. Fred M. says...

    my family loves nicks. delicious pizza and subs, its a great looking place and always has an upbeat crowd. like you I heard that nicks is coming to coral springs. I heard its openimg a drop south of barnes and nobles and burger fi on university.

  2. Sara Ritzler says...

    From: Sara Ritzler
    Subject: Nick’s Pizzeria & Bar (Coral Springs)

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for the post regarding our new location in Coral Springs. I will be
    forwarding you more detailed information as it becomes available. As always, we
    appreciate your support and patronage.


    Sara Ritzler
    Public Relations Manager
    Nick’s New Haven-Style Pizzeria & Bar

    • John V says...

      Do you have an address for the new location?
      LOVE Nicks .
      Have been driving there from Margate for the past 2 years.
      It will be nice to have a closer location.

      • Sara Ritzler says...

        Nick’s new location is at 2444 N. University Drive in Coral Springs.

  3. Shelly Hechtman says...

    From: Sheldon Hechtman
    Subject: New Restaurant

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff:

    In the strip mall on Jog, just South of Henry’s where Lola and Kon Tiki among other have failed, the buzz was that Casa DeAngelo was going to open an Italian Tapas restaurant. The building out was going very slow and as I passed this week end to my surprise they were putting up a sign for a Scandiavian Restaurant.

    How much herring can the country club set devour. On the surface, it looks like another no go.

    Any thoughts

    Shelly Hechtman

    • gary says...

      I had heard that D’Angelo was opening where Lola was and Lemon Grass where Casa Mio was.
      I guess the old saying holds true,
      “Believe 1/2 of what you see and none of what you hear”

  4. POSNER says...

    Nick’s makes a great pizza. Love the Boca location.

  5. BOBBY G. says...

    Nick’s Pizza is awesome. Chicken parm sub is also delicious.

  6. AWA says...

    Can’t wait for Coral Springs to open. I work in Boca so I’ve eaten in Boca restaurant many times. Looking forward to a closer location as I live in Margate.

  7. Deborah Teicher says...

    Why does it look like the Coral Springs location construction has come to a dead halt-been looking the same for weeks now-hope they have not changed their mind.

    • TAD34 says...

      Blame the City on permits. Nick’s is still a go.

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