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* Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint (Tallahassee)

Posted on August 8th, 2013 · Fast Food Italian Music/Events/Other Pizza


* Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint (Tallahassee)

Back on December 29, 2011, Jeff Eats “did” a story on the “make your own” pizza business…the story is re-printed below.

In that story, I told you guys that I was expecting a huge roll-out of this “concept” to hit South Florida…in particular, I briefly mentioned an Atlanta based franchise company, Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint as one player to keep an eye on.

It is now some-19 months later…and I “see” that on May 2, 2013 Uncle Maddio’s opened its first Florida outpost in Tallahassee—took the Company a drop-longer that Jeff Eats thought it would to “get into the state”—but it finally happened.

Now, the point of this discussion…Jeff Eats is now hearing, that Uncle Maddio’s is in “tons” of South Florida lease negotiations—so be on the lookout, for this chain to gain extreme South Florida traction over the next 8-12 months.

For what it is worth…Jeff Eats “tried” Uncle Maddio’s in Atlanta and I’m telling you–that these guys make a terrific product, design a great store and are operationally very sound.

The bet here, is that Uncle Maddio’s is going to emerge as theeeee- PLAYER here in Florida and maybe even the United States.

Jeff Eats has been keeping a close eye on this “make your own” pizza segment and from what I’ve seen/tasted/heard…Uncle Maddio’s has the potential to develop into a major fast-food company.

As always…Your thoughts, ideas and assorted nonsense on the industry– are of course welcomed!
Posted on December 29th, 2011 · Fast Food Italian Pizza
***** Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint ****
You know that I like to keep you guys-up to date on all kinds of stuff related to food and the food industry.
When you get a chance, check-out Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint
Real simple pizza-franchise concept…make your own pizzas. You go to the joint, there is a “huge” selection of pizza toppings etc.—the guy/gal behind the counter puts the pizza “together” for you–and it gets delivered to your table within something like 6 minutes.
Trust me on this one, you will soon see these “make your own” pizza joints popping up all over South Florida, not to mention all over the United States. They sort of remind me of the Yogurt by the ounce joints.
Uncle Maddio’s is just one player in this “new” business segment. There are a number of guys-getting into this business, including publiclly traded Pizza Inn.
For right now–as far as I know, there aren’t any Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joints in South Florida. Betcha a buck, that sometime within the next 6 months, a version-of-this-concept will be in your neighborhood.
Just thought you guys would enjoy hearing about what the food industry is cooking up for you

8 Comments to “* Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint (Tallahassee)”

  1. bcd says...

    jeff, uncle maddio’s is getting huge in my home state of ga.
    it’s rolling out stores like crazy.
    it’s going to be the south, then west, then east.

  2. TBG says...

    Jeff Eats:
    There a handful of players in this segment.
    You are right, Uncle Maddio’s is emerging as the most successful.
    I tried that Your Pie that opened in Deerfield and didn’t like it.

    • MP says...

      I am in commercial real estate and I can confirm that the franchisee of Uncle Maddio’s is very busy looking at locations in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach countues.

      Interesting, we are not seeing others in the same arena looking for space.

      Uncle Maddio’s seems to be very strong.

  3. Sobe says...

    in KY we have a take n bake called Papa Murphy that is pretty good

  4. bagel eater says...

    been watching this one since they first opened back in 2008 or 2009. this is going to be huge!

  5. Joe Perry says...

    Just looked at their website, great concept. They seem to be opening quite a few stores.
    You maybe right that they will emerge as the major player in this pizza segment.
    Looked at Pizza Inn’s operation awhile back and wasn’t too impressed. Also didn’t think too much of Your Pie in our s fl area.

  6. nick lowe says...

    maddio’s could be the winner in this game.
    like self serve yogurt there will be one or two winners. can’t have 9,000,000 different brands out there.

  7. Sid L. Turner says...

    love the concept.

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