* Progressive Pool Services (Deerfield Beach)

Posted on August 1st, 2013 · Deerfield Beach Music/Events/Other

* Progressive Pool Services, 1278 South Military Trail, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442, (855) 954-7665.

Hey!…Progressive Pool Services–for crying out loud, those black & white “fake–cop cars” that you guys ride around in…not cool!

Two days ago, Mrs. Jeff Eats pulled into “our” neighborhood—to be greeted by one of your “fake cop-cars” parked in front of our next door neighbor’s house—and immediately assumed that some type of emergency was underway…she later learned it was the pool-man.

This evening…while Jeff Eats was zooming down MilitaryTrail clocking in around 60 in a 40 zone—in the review mirror, I noticed a “black & white” on my tail—took me a few seconds to figure-out that it was one of your “fake–cop cars”…driven by the pool-man

I get the advertising idea—trust me I do!

It really isn’t cool having a “fake–cop car” riding around- UNLESS it contains 2 pool-men in black suits, white shirts, black ties, black fedora hats, black shoes, white socks and Wayfarer sun glasses…who can sing and dance (between you and me, that singing and dancing “thing” might be pushing matters just a bit!)…

I’ll leave it to you guys, to go from “not cool” to “cool.”

Jeff Eats readers check for pictures of the fake cop car.

For those of you who may-be wondering as to how a pool company “fits” with Jeff Eats—here’s the thinking…Cop cars got cops, cops eat donuts, donuts are food…there you go!

8 Comments to “* Progressive Pool Services (Deerfield Beach)”

  1. Gary says...

    The “fake-cop car” got your attention and even got you to voice your opinion on your food related blog.
    I’ve never seen or heard about them before but thanks to you I did check out their web site, which I must say is very nicely done.
    My pool guy sucks and I will be calling PPS tomorrow.

  2. Candy Jones says...
    Looks like a real cop car to me.
    So right, if 2 pool men got out dressed like Jake and Elwood they would be the coolest pool men ever.

  3. YouTheMan says...

    Corny idea with the cop car.
    Do what Jeff says about dressing the part and you go from corny to cool in a flash.

  4. Greenman says...

    Brilliant idea.
    Ive seen the company’s black & white cop cars.
    It would be amazing if their pool men wore Blues Brothers’ type clothing. Great play on Soul men to Pool Men.

  5. DELLA says...

    i’d adv the company as Progressive Pool Services, the company with soul….

  6. jamie k says...

    love it,

    Progressive Pool Services
    the company with

    No one that I know has ever tried to mt a pool company like this.

  7. Jim D. says...

    By the way I get the connection of this article and Jeff Eats’ food blog.
    Makes sense to me,
    cop car

  8. Sid L. Turner says...

    jeff, loved this writeup.
    very cute.

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