* Men With Mics

Posted on July 23rd, 2013 · Music/Events/Other


* Men With Mics

It never ceases to amaze Jeff Eats as to the number of musically- “talented” people who live in South Florida…with that in mind, let me introduce you to– Men With Mics.

Recently caught this 3-man group at Bobby Rubino’s in Pompano Beach and I gotta tell you, if you are a fan of doo wop, 60’s Rock n’ Roll and 1970’s disco music—these guys will definitely blow you away. Nothing fancy going on here…three guys singing to background tracks—but man-can they sing!

If this is your “bag”- you can catch Men With Mics at restaurants/country clubs all over South Florida.

For info on the group’s schedule/bookings…

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  1. Jim Logan says...

    Hey Jeff, Just looked at their page and they really got a great sound. They are doing a charity show at the Deerfield Country Club on 8/4/13.

    • Cal W says...

      Nice singing.
      They would be terrific for a private party.

  2. Jeff
    I love groups like this.
    I saw them at Nick’s Italian.
    Great show and they cover the 50s 60s and 70s.
    There is a big audience for groups like this because of all of the baby boomers that have moved to Florida.
    A load of groups like this one work at Cafe Vincenzo in Margate. The Pavilion in Boca also has groups like this.

  3. Linda James says...

    I agree that there are musically- “talented” people who live in South Florida. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Men With Mics. But I would not mind listening to 60′s Rock n’ Roll and 1970′s disco music from this 3-man group. Good luck with their gigs at restaurants/country clubs all over South Florida.

  4. Joe N says...

    Jeff, thought I knew all of the groups in the area. never heard of these guys till you mentioned them. they are good.

  5. Lois Kramer says...

    Recently caught them at Lighthouse Tiki and they were excellent.

  6. FastRobbie says...

    These guys are fabulous.
    Too bad they don’t have a formal site with schedule, audio/video etc.

  7. Bobby Bocchetta says...

    I thank you for all your kind words. Especially you Jeff. I’m Bobby from Men With MIcs and also from “Eddie Robbins group.. With all the hard work we do rehearsing, it’s nice to know our musical talents are appreciated. We are singing at the City Pub this Friday night, August 2nd from 9 to 1. and yes, we’re doing a show at the Deerfield Country Club this weekend for one or the other singers in our group We’ll be helping Danny’s family. Danny has a nephew with Cancer. 15 yrs old! Please!!! everyone try to make the show from 5 till?? There will be a lot of our friends performing too. Ronnie Davis, Rick Crocker, Roy Michaels, and maybe some surprise guests too. They’ll be raffles, and 50-50 drawings, as well as food and a cash bar available. Call me for any info you need on the show. Also, we’ll be performing at Nick’s Restaurat in August 11th with Ronnie Davis too.Come for the party!!!!!!!

  8. Ralphy says...

    The guys definitely have something going on.
    Love their leads and harmonies.
    Will definitely check them out.

  9. Sid L. Turner says...

    I love listening to these guys. Great harmonies.

  10. rachel says...

    saw them on new year’s eve and they are terrific.

  11. Anne C says...
    They put on a great show.

  12. TGa says...

    Saw them.
    They are fabulous.

  13. Ben G. says...

    MWM is a relatively new group.
    Woodfield Country Club just announced that they will be appearing at the Club on March 14, 2014 in the Tiki Bar. I think that this is the group’s first appearance at a large established Florida country club. I have seen them a couple of times but they were in public venues like Tiki in Pompano and Bobby Rubino’s.

  14. JHR says...

    I saw MWM last Saturday night with a substitute lead singer. This is the second time that I had seen the group and this version was okay but not even close to being as good as when the regular lead is up front.

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