* JAY AND THE AMERICANS (Mardi Gras Casino, Hallandale Beach)

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* JAY & THE AMERICANS (Mardi Gras Casino, Hallandale Beach)

Just wanted to give you 1960’s Rock N Roll aficionados a heads up…on Tuesday Night, October 15, 2013 one of Rock’s legendary groups -Jay And The Americans will be in concert at the Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach. Don’t have ticket pricing-yet, but if the Mardi Gras Casino “prices” tickets like it did for its recent -The Lovin’ Spoonful and The Grass Roots’ concerts—don’t worry, you won’t have to get a second job to pay for your seats. By the way, Jeff Eats attended both of those concerts (which were held outdoors in the Grandstand area) and the bands and the casino put on fabulous shows…you just gotta pray for good weather!

Just a drop of history…

JAY AND THE AMERICANS with hits such as “She Cried”–“This Magic Moment”–“Cara Mia”–“Come A Little Bit Closer”-“Walking In The Rain”–“Some Enchanted Evening”–“Only In America” has had three lead singers…John Traynor, Jay Black and Jay Reincke. For what it’s worth, way back when—in 1975 Jay Traynor’s mother was Jeff Eats’ legal secretary when he worked for D’Amato, Costello & Shea in New York City. Now catch this one, Mrs. Jeff Eats when she was 13 years old, baby-sat for Jay Black’s son when Jay lived in Brooklyn, New York. Mrs. Jeff Eats and Jay Black (his real name is David Blatt, but don’t tell anyone) lived in the same apartment building -The Phillip Howard on Flatbush Avenue…and no I can’t tell you what year it was- because Mrs. Jeff Eats would kill me if I did. Sorry, no “history” with Jay Reincke the newest of the bunch -as he is originally from Chicago and Jeff Eats only connection to that City is that his cousin Bobby -a major-heavyweight SEC attorney has lived there since 1975.

Anyway…keep an eye on for details.

One final note…check-out Jay And The Americans at The site has a real-interesting “biography” on the group and its lead singers.

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  1. harvey f says...

    saw them at fau on july 4, 2013 and they were terrific. my tkts cost 50 bucks. bet the casino is much cheaper.

  2. RocknrollBob says...

    Jay Traynor the original lead singer is now a member of The Tokens.
    Jay Black has his own band.
    Jay & The Americans has 3 originals plus new lead Reincke.
    Kenny Vance another original has his own group Kenny Vance & The Planotones.
    I’ve seen the current Jay & The Americns and they are very entertaining.

  3. Carls says...

    I also suspect Jay Black (David Blatt) will not be appearing. He is on a fairly recent PBS special and his vocal range is still incredible. At about age 65 he was hitting the same notes as when younger, singing Cara Mia

    • JeffEats says...


      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      If you go to you will find a detailed history of the group and in particular its lead singers.

      Just so you know, the first lead singer was Jay Traynor who was lead on “She Cried”…Jay Black then followed with all of the other hits. After the hits ended, the group disbanded with Jay Black keeping the “band” alive with new players. Jay Black lost the name Jay & the Americans in a bankruptcy filing and original member Sandy Yaguda bought the name and was joined by two other original members. Kenny Vance another original didn’t join the band. The three originals then added Jay Reincke as their new lead singer.

      There is no question that Jay Black is the “voice” best associated with the group Jay & The Americans. Jay Black still works all over the United States as Jay Black former lead singer of Jay & The Americans. Jay Black is probably close to 75 and can still “sing” but not at the level that he did when he was in his 20s or at the level that you saw on PBS.

      Jeff Eats has seen the “new” lead singer in action and he does a very good job of recreating the Jay & The Americans’ sound. The current act, is good and puts on a very good show.

      When you check the group’s website you will find updated versions of the group’s hits. Take a listen and I think you’ll find that Jay Reincke was a great choice for the lead singer spot.

      Thanks for reading…

      • Ed Posner says...

        Carls, I saw Jay Black about a year ago and he is washed up. He can barely hit the notes. He is an old man well past his singing prime. He gets by on dirty jokes and his fame but his singing his dismal.
        He was a great one but no more.

  4. Rose S says...

    I saw them about a year ago at the Isles and they were terrific. They put on a great show.

  5. Rhonda Lynn says...

    Jay Black was a great singer.
    No more.
    He hasn’t been able to hit those high notes for years.
    He is quite a character and its his personality that draws people.
    I have seen Jay Black in his prime and 3 years ago at my CC in Florida and he has really lost it.
    I saw the new Jay & the Americans in 2008 in Deerfield Beach. They were good. Reincke is no Jay Black but pretty close.
    Go see the new act. You will enjoy them and they do some really good versions of their hits records.

  6. EDFR says...

    Go see Jay & The Americans.
    My wife and I saw this group at FAU on July 4th and they put on a great show.
    The cheapest ticket was something like 40 bucks. We bought $75 tickets which included a bbq after the show. It was a terrific evening.
    I saw The Grass Roots at Mardi Gras. Terrific venue for a concert and for 10 bucks the tickets were great.
    Go see Jay & the Americans. You’ll love the show.

  7. Saw Jay & The Americans at The Villages last year.
    They put on a terrific show. Reincke does a great job as the lead singer.
    Very entertaining group.
    They have a ton of big hits and sound close to the records.

  8. Lee Dorsey says...

    Saw them in Deerfield Beach in 2008. They had just regrouped with Reincke on lead. They were ok but nothing great.
    Saw them again this past July 4th at FAU and they really now have it altogether. They put a great show on.
    I love their songs.
    I’m planning on seeing them at the Mardi Gras in October.

  9. Fabian F says...

    All 3 of the lead singers got the job done.
    It’s a great band.

  10. Goldie Riggins says...

    Ive seen Jay & the Americans maybe 5 times.
    Jay Black was a great lead singer, but his voice is now SHOT and don’t let anyone tell you differently.
    Jay Reincke who is the new lead singer sounds close to Jay Black. Not as good as when Black was in his prime but pretty close
    I never saw Jay Traynor with the group, but did see him recently as part of The tokens. He still has a good voice.
    The fun part of Jay & The Americans are the songs. They take you back in time.
    Go and see Jay & the Americans at the Mardi Gras. You’ll have a great time.

  11. FGR1218 says...

    I saw Jay & The Americans with Jay Reincke twice. Once in 2008 and last week at FAU. They are good.
    I also saw Jay Traynor with The Tokens and his voice is still good.
    Saw Jay Black a couple of years ago and his voice isn’t very good. he puts on a good show but can’t sing like he use.

  12. Kia Newman says...

    The group was at The Villages last season.
    They put on a great show.

  13. Rona W says...

    The band is good.
    You will enjoy them.

  14. Jeff, Definitely one of my favorite rock n roll bands of all time. Love Cara Mia.
    Definitely going to see them at the Mardi Gras.

  15. TheRubinFamily says...

    My husband and I saw Jay & the Americans at the Barry Kaye Theatre at FAU on July 4th. The group put on a great show. We enjoyed the show so much that we are planning on seeing them again at Mardi Gras. We are also going to get a whole bunch of other couples to join us there and do the buffet dinner as well.

  16. Dan D says...

    jeff, I grew up with the original members of jay & the americans. over the years ive seen all of the lead singers in action and the current one, jay reincke does a nice job. nobody can ever replace jay black, but what is, is.

  17. Flasman says...

    Go see this group!
    Caught them at FAU and they killed it.
    Don’t miss this concert.

  18. FranLee says...

    This show is going to be packed.

  19. Kevin R says...

    Love their songs.
    Going on the 15th.

  20. Ed Hanlon says...

    Just because they could buy the Jay and the Americans name, doesn’t make them Jay and the Anericans.

  21. LeoJones says...

    Three of the four are original Americans.

    • ZEBRALAD says...

      Only 2 of the 4 are originals.
      Marty and Jay Black joined the group after Jay Traynor left having had the hit She Cried. So Marty has been on all of the hits but that one.

  22. 098UHJ says...

    Saw them at FAU this past July 4th. They put on a tremendous show. Don’t miss them.

  23. ZAS says...

    I’ve seen this version of the band twice. They are very entertaining. If you can, go see them. You will have a great time.

  24. Jeff In Boca says...

    Saw them at FAU on July 4, 2013. Great show. Don’t miss them.

  25. BGT1949 says...

    jeff, really pumped to see Jay & The Americans. Have been a huge fan of theirs for years. I saw them years ago with lead singer Jay Black and they put on a great show. Looking forward to seeing the new lead singer. Based on videos that I’ve seen he can really sing and catches the sound of the original recordings.

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