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* Trying To Buy Jeff Eats

Posted on June 26th, 2013 · American Delray Beach Fast Food Music/Events/Other


* Trying To Buy Jeff Eats

In the course of any given week, Jeff Eats literally receives countless PR PIECES about and INVITES to try various restaurants here-in South Florida.

Below, I’ve “attached” an e-mail that I received yesterday afternoon from a PR firm that apparently represents the Shula Burger franchise which recently opened a restaurant in the Delray Marketplace in Delray Beach.

You’re smart guys…Read the email—Would you use a PR FIRM that would send “that” email to a total stranger?

Love to hear your thoughts…

From: Elizabeth Smith
Subject: invitation for event on July 10th for you and your fabulous readers!
Message Body:
I came across your Jeff Eats blog and wanted to invite you and your fabulous
readers to a fun event on Wednesday, July 10th that seems right up your alley.

Shula Burger just opened a new location in Delray Beach, so to celebrate the
Grand Opening, they are giving away free burgers for a year to 50 lucky winners
who stop by the store on July 10th.

We noticed you have already reviewed our new Shula Burger location. Thanks for
the kind words! If you want to add a follow up we can guarantee one of your
readers will be one of the 50 winners. Simply let your readers know to mention
you when they enter to win the free burgers!

Here are the details:
Wednesday, July 10th over at 14917 Lyons Road, Suite 114 in Delray Beach.

Legendary coach Don Shula and former Miami Dolphins players will be in the store
to sign autographs and share stories. Fun, right?!

Plus, a portion of proceeds on July 10th will be donated to the Achievement
Centers for Children and Families, which helps local children in need obtain
adequate childcare.

We’d love for you to come out and try our gourmet burgers (again!) while you mix
and mingle with some football legends. You can also get ½ of wine and beer as
well as free fries with the purchase of a burger from 3-5pm.

Let me know if you have any questions and if this sounds like something you’d be
interested in!

Hope to see you there,
Elizabeth and the Shula Burger Team

29 Comments to “* Trying To Buy Jeff Eats”

  1. KSR says...

    Well at least Shula is going to give you a ff with a paid burger. By the way they have been giving out free ff with a burger purchase coupon for the past week, so this offer isn’t even special.
    This pr email is very sad.
    Hope Coach Shula didn’t run the Dolphins with the same ethics.

  2. MK says...

    So, they are going to rig the give a-way contest if you write them up again.
    And they are doing you the big favor of giving you a free ff with every burger that you pay for.
    Sounds like a moron sent you this.

  3. BurgermanSmith says...

    Jeff, the most insulting part of the e-mail imho is that she wants you to buy a hamburger so you can get free ff. this lady sounds like a real rookie.

  4. EDC says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Can you make sure I win the free year of burgers?
    This is some disturbing email.

  5. Nicky C. says...

    The firm that sent you that e-mail is one dumb firm.
    To me the most insulting part of the e-mail is where they tell you that you can get free French fries if you buy a burger.
    I also think that asking you to write an additional review and in return they would have one of your readers win the contest is a real bad attempt at getting you to push this restaurant.
    The pr firm from the email sounds like a real scuzzy operation.
    I also caught a spelling error in that e-mail, real professional!

  6. Johnny D208 says...

    Sounds damn good to me. Buy an overpriced burger and they’ll give you ff.
    Some terrific promotion, yeah right!!!!!
    The contest thing isn’t a bad idea as long as i’m the winner.

  7. FreddyGreen9812 says...

    That email is mind boggling.
    Bet you that Shula and his son know nothing about the offer contained in that email.

  8. Arnie B says...

    If I’m reading this PR correctly, they wanted you to do an update and in return they would have one of your readers win one of the contest prizes. They also told you to come to the event and with the purchase of a burger you would get free fries.
    This is one absurd email.

  9. Vince V says...

    I’ll bet you anything that Don Shula hasn’t got the foggiest idea as to what’s going on with any of the Shula brands. His son uses his name to build a chain.
    Shula is like 100 years old.
    Who really gives a good crap if he comes to an event or not? He hasn’t done anything in sports in at least 40 years.
    The email is a joke.
    A real embarrassment.
    The Shula chain should be ashamed of itself for letting someone in a pr firm put their name to a thing like that.

  10. Cal97 says...

    I sure hope the CEO of Shula Burger reads this column.

  11. gary says...

    I’m going for the half OF wine or beer with a burger purchase

    • Sheldon Y says...

      I saw that error. Imagine a professional pr person sending out something like that.
      I cant believe what they sent Jeff.
      Fixing a contest.
      Then having the nerve to tell him that if he buys a burger they will give him free ff.
      I got a feeling that the franchisee and parent co. know nothing about this nonsense that the pr people sent out.

    • lk0-09 says...

      me too.
      hope I win the contest.
      cant wait to get my free ff when I buy a burger.

  12. Klerer says...

    Who’s going for the free fries?

  13. Gino Albanese says...

    If they are trying tio get u there they sure didnt try too hard. Offering you free ff with a burger purchase is ridiculous.

  14. TYER says...

    Dumb pr person, really that simple.

  15. gary says...

    Elizabeth—-defend yourself, many PR firms are hired for damage control…..defend the damage you have done!!!!

    • Syken says...

      What a screw up.
      Shula’s CEO should contact Jeff.

      • NanaRob says...

        not a chance on the ceo contacting jeff. guys like this just wait things out and they usually go away.

    • ClownieJohn says...

      how is she going to defend this? no way, so there will be silence.

  16. RFW says...

    Sun Sentinel wrote Shula Burger in Delray up today. Looks like they took the bait.

  17. Cropper says...

    Pitiful attempt to buy Jeff.
    Should have thrown a free burger in with the free ff.

  18. Randi Greene says...

    This is one of the most inept pr offers that I have ever seen.
    This lady wants jeff to write up the shula burger in delray and in return one of his readers will win some conest and if jeff buys a burger at the event he’ll get free ff.
    Holy moly. what a joke.

  19. Qestor says...

    The PR firm that sent you the pr should be fired.

  20. TrF says...

    What a joke of an Email.

  21. mike the greek says...

    Tried the Shula burger the other day. Way too much seasoning; They should not season the burgers and dump a ton of salt on fries. Also tell them:” no butter on the bun and lightly toasted” I believe they use quality products and the place looks clean but the college kids cooking need direction. The price was fine and free soda refills. Be specific on the above suggestions .its a burger not indian food

  22. ClownieJohn says...

    Can’t believe that their PR firm would send such an absurd email.
    I. To fix a contest. 2. To buy you off with French fries.

    Looks like a real bozo crowd running this franchise.

  23. Rory C says...

    The pr people are so inept that the event was actually held on 7/9 and not 7/10,. They didnt even know when the event was.

  24. Jeff In Boca says...

    great story. amazing how dumb some people are.

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