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* 2nd Annual Boca Burger Battle, A Grilling Affair! (Boca Raton)

Posted on June 19th, 2013 · American BBQ Boca Raton Fast Food Music/Events/Other


* 2nd Annual Boca Burger Battle, A Grilling Affair! (Boca Raton)

In 2012… the sponsors of the “Boca Burger Battle, A Grilling Affair!” (held on July 14, 2012 in Sanborn Square Park, Boca Raton) failed to issue requested press credentials to Jeff Eats to cover the event. Now, the same folks are back with the 2nd Annual Boca Burger Battle, A Grilling Affair! to be held on Saturday, July 13, 2013 in Sanborn Square Park, Boca Raton from 7pm-10pm.

Now, some of you guys may-be wondering…

Why is Jeff Eats even mentioning this event when last year he wasn’t invited to attend? Real simple, just because the event’s sponsors were “schmucks” when it came to Jeff Eats (one of them had the nerve to claim in a “comment” that all I was looking for was a free meal)–doesn’t mean that you guys shouldn’t know about an upcoming event which will probably be pretty-decent. Just so you know, Jeff Eats heard (from several judges and attendees), that last year’s Battle was a whole lot of fun, blah blah…

I will tell you that the guys running this event are real “cute”—note, that the pr piece indicates that the event is rain or shine. That means…once you buy a ticket the event’s promoters keep your money no matter what the weather is like-the day of the event.

Nothing for nothing, based on my knowledge of South Florida-weather, if I was buying a ticket I would do it as a walk-up the night of the event.

Anyway…printed below is a PR piece that Jeff Eats received with reference to the event.
Dates: Saturday, July 13, 2013
Where: Sanborn Square Park
Downtown Boca Raton
Tickets: $85 VIP ADMISSION
7 PM to 10 PM
6 PM to 10 PM
Purchase Tickets Online
2nd Annual Boca Burger Battle
A Grilling Affair!
Saturday, July 13th, 2013
Not only is the temperature rising, the bbq grills are getting ready and Chefs are creating secret recipes as preparations for the Boca Burger Battle, A Grilling Affair! returns again for the second year on Saturday, July 13th. More than 20 contenders from all over south Florida will create their grilling masterpieces and present them to a prestige table of Grill Master Judges which includes a few well known “burger conneseuirs” like Sef the Burger Beast, Jamie Frankel from Burgers by the Beach, Stephanie Miskew from the Glamorous Gourmet, and well known celebrity Chef Dean Max in hopes of winning the Golden Burger Trophy and hold the title of the Best Boca Burger. The sizzling summer street festival is held in Sanborn Square Park located in downtown Boca Raton near Palmetto Park Road and Federal Highway.
This community event with its “backyard bbq theme” not only showcases some of the best beef, turkey, fish, and vegetarian burgers that can be found, but also has an array of summer food tasting stations sampling gourmet French fries, onion rings, tropical salads, chicken wings by Tucci’s Fire N Coal Pizza, rum cakes, liquor infused ice cream and good old apple pie. Cockspur Rum and Iceberg Vodka will be making its debut at the battle to wet your whistle with Electric Lemonade and Rum Punch. You can also quench your thirst with a variety of Holy Mackerel craft beers, Madria Sangria, Moscato wine and GEM spring water just to mention a few of the Beer, Wine and Spirits selections served this year. Be sure to visit our new Wine Store on your way out and receive Special Discounts on wine by the bottle and by the case!
Boca Burger Battle’s Chief Grill Master this is year is Chef Wes Bonner who is Publix Aprons Resident Chef. Wes graduated Summa Cum Laude from Johnson and Wales and has a strong passion for the culinary arts. The Chief Grill Master will oversee all of the Battle’s Contenders, create the judging criteria and fiercely lead the Grill Master Judges on their path to burger nirvana. The judges will decide on Best of Show and Best Alternative Burger while the guests get to vote with their wooden chip where the “Peoples Choice” will determine the champion and hold the title for one year as the Best Boca Burger. Defending 2012 champion Rebel House, a “renegade” restaurant & bar in downtown Boca Raton will be back to defend their title. All spatulas down, The Rebel Burger took the Judges Pick and the People’s Choice awards for the inaugural event.
This year’s battle will introduce the ultimate cooking experience featuring the Big Green Egg, a ceramic kamando-style barbecue grill coming down from Atlanta Georgia. This is the most versatile outdoor cooking product on the market. An additional “eggstavaganza” at the Boca Burger Battle, is the Big Green Egg Cooking Academy will host the interactive Cooking Alley teaching guests all the tips and tricks to cooking pulled pork, brisket, ribs and chicken. And yes, there will be plenty of delicious samplings to go around for everyone.
Portion of proceeds from the Boca Burger Battle benefit PROPEL,, People Reaching Out to Provide Education and Leadership, a 501c3 Non Profit Organization located in Boca Raton. PROPEL’s goal is to address the needs of youth and be a catalyst for change, one life at a time. They offer weekly programming and special events in the areas of arts, education and recreation to best forward the future of our youth.
The Boca Burger Battle is presented by the Big Green Egg, JM Lexus, Madria Sangria and produced by local event production company & The BITES! Network, which also produces the Galt Mile, Deerfield Beach & Boca Raton Wine and Food Festivals. And, coming soon is their new project
General admission tickets are $55 per person and VIP tickets are $85 per person. All ticket holders receive unlimited food and drink tastings regardless of ticket type. Burger Battle VIP Guests will enjoy an early bird entrance (6 PM for VIP and 7 PM for General Admission), access to the Grill Master’s Lounge, and 2-4-1 cocktails at the sizzling summer after party hosted by the new Jazziz Nightlife where they can mingle with the Judges, Contenders and applaud the new Champion. This is a 21 + year old event from 6 pm to 10 pm, No Pets PLEASE. Event is Rain or Shine! You can purchase Tickets Online or call 561-338-7594. See you at A Grilling Affair!
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category:
Judge’s Pick for Best Grill Master went to:
1st place – Rebel House
2nd place – Gimme A Burger
3rd place – Big Joe’s Burgers & Wings
Judge’s Pick for Best Alternative Grill Master went to:
1st place – The English Tap & Beer Garden
2nd place – 4th Generation
3rd place – Irie Spice
People’s Choice for Best Boca Burger went to:
1st place – Rebel House
2nd place – Super Dave’s Diner
3rd place – Red’s Backwood BBQ

21 Comments to “* 2nd Annual Boca Burger Battle, A Grilling Affair! (Boca Raton)”

  1. Xman says...

    you must be going soft in the head.
    I wouldn’t give these guys the right time based on last year.

  2. RORK says...

    jeff eats I went last year and it was a fun bash. why they didn’t have you there is a mystery to me. maybe they should invite you to come this year.

  3. Jane K says...

    my husband and I got a huge discount from groupon. check groupon for a discount it was like 1/2 off.

  4. GBGB34 says...

    we were a vendor.
    it was very poorly run.
    they have to get their act together.

  5. Tadmention says...

    If you want to go just sit tight and wait for tkts to go on Groupon and other discount sites. They sold them like that last year and will do it again this year.

  6. RAQ says...

    As the event gets closer these guys start selling tkts at a discount.

  7. Bike Green says...

    I just read the comment from one of the sponsors on original thread that you were just looking for a free meal.
    The guy is a freaking moron.

    • GinoR says...

      I’m lmfa at that guy.
      Just look at Jeff’s background, he needed that guy’s free $20 burger meal for free like I need liver cancer. What a fool.

  8. Dulce says...

    I was one of the contestants last year. First and last for me.
    I’ll say no more.

  9. kLOWNBOY says...

    This is a copy of Jeff Eats’ comment to me last year when I questioned the sponsors of this event not giving him press passes.
    Read Jeff’s words and I think you’ll find that he is one level headed guy.

    By the way, for Jeff Not to be at this year’s event proves to me at least that the sponsors aren’t very smart business people.
    JeffEats says…

    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    I appreciate the kind words.

    As I’m sure you know, anyone can “describe” what a particular slice of pizza or hamburger tasted like. From the beginning, Jeff Eats set out to be different from all other food blogs. There is no real rating system. A restaurant either gets 5 stars or no stars. Really easy, 5 stars Jeff Eats would go back, no stars Jeff Eats wouldn’t go back. Jeff Eats’ columns try to entertain, are grammatically incorrect and do their best to get readers thinking about various stuff. Jeff Eats isn’t trying to cure cancer or change the world, just trying to make what should be a boring old food review something fresh and enjoyable to read.

    Just so you know, Jeff Eats could really care less about being at the Boca Burger Battle. Having been born in 1949, I’ve been to my fair share of “events” and Boca Burger Battle on paper doesn’t sound like any new ground is going to be broken there…try the food, drink the drinks, listen to the band. Like I said, nothing earth shattering here. What does concern me, although “concern” maybe too strong of a word, is that the sponsors may actually think they are curing cancer or really do have an earth shattering event. Trust me, they aren’t and don’t!

    Just so you know, in order for a comment to be published it has to be approved by me. Unless something is totally off the wall and offensive beyond belief it gets posted. Jeff Eats has read every comment and the ones that touch on sexual orientation just made me smile.

    Anyway, for those who go to Boca Burger Battle, I hope you guys have a great time.

    I’m sure that if I had been there, the next day’s review would have rated the event …2 snaps, a twist and a kiss.

    Thanks for reading…

    On July 13, 2012 at 8:48 am · #

    • Johnnie C. says...

      Jeff, your response last year is great. you really have this thing figured out right. most reviewers and bloggers take things too seriously.
      personally I wouldn’t give these guys the right time. they should invite you this year.

  10. Carls says...

    You have the right attitude Jeff! Why not give assholes a second or third chance. This might turn into a good event.

  11. Stevie B says...

    The boys running this thing don’t like Chik fil a.
    If you get my drift.

  12. Sy G says...

    Wait to that day. If weather is ok buy tkts. If not dont buy. This is a rain or shine thing.

  13. Ted A says...

    1:50pm day of event and its pouring here in east Boca.

  14. Gooper says...

    People showed up in the rain.
    Guess they had already paid so they made the best of things.
    I work right there and it was a huge wet mess. But people did show up.

  15. LODI says...

    what a freaking mess this event was,
    it rained like crazy.
    people who bought tkts showed up but got soaked.

  16. Jeff Eats,
    The boys went to the well once too many times.
    Last Saturday’s Number #3 Batlle wasn’t very good.
    Very few people.
    Vendors were short on food.
    My guess is that there won’t be a #4 nor should there be one!

  17. TeddyRabbit says...

    Burger Battle #3 was a hopeless disaster.
    I went and got so ripped off.
    The sponsors ran out of beer and food during the event. Very low attendance.
    Some of the vendors were dismantling their booths even before the outing was close to ending.
    Just a waste of time.

  18. Joey S says...

    Battle #3 was a total fiasco.
    Maybe 200 people.
    Vendors ran out of food.
    Beer ran out.
    Betcha there won’t be a #4.

  19. Anna W says...

    What a crock of sheet this number 3 thing was. Beer ran out. Food ran out. It sucked.
    Definitely won’t be a fourth.

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