Mrs. Smokeys Real Pit Bar-B-Q (Lake Park)

Posted on June 17th, 2013 · American BBQ Lake Park


***** Mrs. Smokeys Real Pit Bar-B-Q, 1460 10th Street, Lake Park, Florida 33403, (561) 318-5137.

This past Saturday afternoon…Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats “attended” the PGA National Resort & Spa Second Annual Craft Beer Festival & Burger Bash…2,000 people/all kinds of burgers-specialty sandwiches/all kinds of beer/rock n roll band/great weather/outstanding PGA staff coordinating things—and I gotta tell you, we had an absolute blast. Do yourself a favor, plan on attending the Third Annual Craft Beer Festival & Burger Bash next year.

As I said 3 seconds ago, there were all kinds of burgers-specialty sandwiches…not to go into the “gory” details, but both Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats really pigged-out. Just so you know, I personally made it my business to “try” every food item that was served-up—for sure there were one or two clinkers in the batch, but all-in-all the food was dynamite. Based on this outing, I now have a list of joints that I -plan on checking out… and down the road you’ll get the reports.


I just wanted to tell you guys that one of the vendors—Mrs. Smokeys a Lake Park “mom & pop” bbq joint blew both Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats away with its beef brisket sandwich (beef brisket/coleslaw/bbq sauce/toasted biscuit)…no fooling around here, one of the most delicious brisket sandwiches we have ever eaten. The sandwich was so good, that Jeff Eats had 2 -Mrs. Jeff Eats had 2 and she took 2 home…Hey! I told you that we pigged-out, didn’t I? By the way, the sandwich I’m raving about- won the “Best Alternative Burger” category at the Bash.

To wrap this up…

You guys do know that Jeff Eats is a “shy guy” who talks to anyone who is still breathing. Just guessing here, but I must have spoken to at least 20 “locals” who told me that Mrs. Smokeys restaurant was an absolute must try…they told me that- if I thought that its brisket was terrific–I would go nuts for “her” bbq ribs, bbq chicken, pulled pork, mac n’ cheese and home made apple pie. For you fancy-schmancy types, (from what I heard) Mrs. Smokeys probably won’t work for you…order at the counter/delivered to your table—something like 20 seats inside and 14 outside, drive-thru-window…and tee shirt/shorts ensembles “almost” mandatory dress.

Now, Jeff Eats might be going out on a limb here, but based on that beef brisket sandwich alone– I think that you guys should definitely give Mrs. Smokeys a try…

You can check Mrs. Smokeys menu/prices/photos at The joint is open Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm, closed on Sunday.

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  1. The Reynolds says...

    My wife and daughter really enjoyed meeting you and your wife. You are so right, it was a great day out there. A drop on the hot side and parking wasn’t the easiest to find but all in all a load of fun. The resort is beautiful looking and the air conditioned hotel bar/lobby provided the perfect relief from the heat.
    As you know we live about 5 miles away from PGA,
    We have been to Mrs. Smokeys a number of times and the food is fabulous. Its a real family business with wife, husband and kids running the whole show.
    Your readers will love it.
    Nice meeting you and say hello to Mrs. Jeff Eats for us.

  2. Sal P. says...

    You hit this one right on the head.
    My wife and I were at the Festival and there were two booths that we thought killed it. Namely Chuck Burger and Mrs. Smokeys. There was a ton of great food but these two had amazing food.
    We also noticed that other than plain water for sale the only other item for sale was Sparkling Ice the water that you wrote about a few weeks ago.

    • JeffEats says...

      Sal P.:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Thought I’d reprint for you Jeff Eats’ 9/30/11 Chuck Burger review.

      By the way, Chuck Burgers’ burgers were delicious at the Festival.

      Thanks for reading…

      ***** Chuck Burger Joint, 4665 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418, (561) 629-5191.

      Got a really-good “upscale” fast-food burger joint for you to try…Chuck Burger Joint in Palm Beach Gardens. A shout-out to HerbK who alerted me to this one…hadn’t heard about this one until he emailed with details. You can check menu/prices at

      As mentioned in previous reviews, this “upscale” fast food hamburger thing- has literally taken America by storm. It seems like every day or so, another joint opens–for business. Suffice it to say, J. Wellington Wimpy would be in all his glory based on this development.

      Now let’s discuss Chuck Burger Joint…

      If as suggested, you check the joint’s website, you’ll find a-couple of photos of this ultra-modern really cool looking restaurant. Though it’s a matter of taste, I thought that the decor was right-up there with the best that I’ve seen in the burger-fast food segment. On the menu front…burgers, hot dogs, crinkle cut fries, sandwiches, custard, draft/bottled beer, wine. Price-wise…nothing that would kill anyone- the “sampled” stuff ran as follow, double cheeseburger–$6.75, french fries–$2.70, Hebrew National hot dog with mustard/sauerkraut–$3.45, chocolate milkshake–$5.15. Like J. Wellington Wimpy, I’ve never really met a hamburger/fries that I didn’t like and I’m glad to report that Chuck’s burger/fries and other items were right on the money. I’m not gonna bore you and try to “rate” Chuck Burger’s offerings with let’s say 5 Guys, BurgerFi, Shake Shack, Best Damn Burger, CG Burgers, Between The Bun, Smashburger, Charm City…I’d get dizzy trying to figure it all out—suffice it to say, I really enjoyed Chuck Burger Joint and definitely would eat there again–as I would all of the joints that I justed listed.

      One of these days, the upscale fast food burger industry is gonna witness a massive “there are too many players” shakeup…with that said, there is absolutely no reason why you and I can’t stuff our faces with delicious fast food until the day of reckoning comes.

      Chuck Burger Joint is open 7 days a week 11am-10pm.

  3. Tom Harrison says...

    You got to get up to Mrs. Smokey and try her ribs and chicken. One of the best bbqs in s Fla.

  4. Jimmy D says...

    My gf and I go to loads of these type festivals. This weekend’s was really good. Great selection of food and beer. No skimping on servings. The band was ok nothing great. It was definitely hot out there but the hotel lobby had plenty of ac going to cool people down.
    Definitely one of the best bashes.
    Our favorites were Mrs Smokey, Chuck Burger and Burger Heaven.

  5. freakerdude says...

    Mrs. Smokeys is the best bbq in Palm Beach Gardens/Lake Park area. I’ve been to them all. The bbq pork sandwich is great and the ribs are good but not the best. A pink smoke ring and a dark crusted ‘bark’ exterior are proof that the meat is smoked properly. Collards and mac n cheese are excellent. Just beware that her sauces are overly hot. Mild is medium, medium is hot, and hot is blazing hot. You have been warned. It’s a very small place and you order at the counter and grab a seat.

    • Paul Wood says...

      I read you all the time on Chowhound. Good reviews! Keep up the educated eating. I tried to go to Food Shack & Leftovers a couple of weeks ago & my GPS sent me on a wild goose chase for both places. Strange. . I’ll have to try again soon. Which place do you prefer? I thought Chowhound was your only venue. Where else do you write? Ciao (Italian fo Chow?) lol

  6. ZED says...

    They now also have a Jupiter location.
    Food is great at both restaurants.

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