* Harlem Shake–Talk About Timing

Posted on June 12th, 2013 · American Music/Events/Other


* Harlem Shake–Talk About Timing

Talk about tremendous timing…a couple of weeks ago, a retro-50’s burger joint named Harlem Shake opened at 100 West 124th Street, New York, New York 10027. As a matter of fact its Grand Opening Party is scheduled for tomorrow June 13, 2013. You can check menu/photos at For those of you who aren’t into checking, think Johnny Rocket’s and you’ll know exactly what the joint looks like.


From what Jeff Eats can tell, Harlem Shake was “well underway” construction-wise long before the current Harlem Shake internet dance craze hit the airways…

Talk about “lucky” timing and amazing free publicity…

Sometimes things just happen and that’s what “most” of life is all about.

3 Comments to “* Harlem Shake–Talk About Timing”

  1. Scott says...

    Great article jeff on the Harlem Shake burger joint, they should bring it down this way…. By the way, a friend and I ate at the Johnny rockets at the hard rock casino, and the food was great, it reminds me of the old tv show, Mel’s Diner. Johnny rockets also put on a fantastic 10 minute dance routine

  2. John C. says...

    The Harlem Shake in Harlem looks just a Johnny Rocket’s. The only difference it uses a sky blue color/silver scheme where Rocket’s is red/white. Ive eaten in Harlem Shake and its okay but nothing even close to being great. Amazingly overnight it’s famous because of its name. As you correctly point out the viral You Tube video of the Harlem Shake dance gave this hamburger joint incredible publicity for free.
    As you say sometimes things just happen and that’s what life is all about.

  3. Faberman says...

    Jeff Eats: As you know being in the right place at the right time is usually the difference between success and failure Harlem Shake is in the right place and the timing of the dance craze couldn’t be more perfect.
    That’s how life works.

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