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This morning, Jeff Eats read this “story” in the ‘New York Post’ and saw the same “story” on several South Florida/National tv news programs…

In part from the New York Post:

“Fort Lauderdale, Fla.–This former NFL wide receiver just couldn’t keep his hands to himself. A furious judge tossed former Pro Bowler Chad Johnson in jail for 30 days yesterday because he slapped his lawyer’s behind during a court hearing. The one-time Cincinnati Bengal is also known as Chad Ochocinco…He was in court for violating his probation–he head-butted his reality-TV-star wife Evelyn Lozada, last August–and had arranged a no-jail with prosecutors that included community service and counseling. But that all crumbled when Broward County Circuit Judge Kathleen McHugh asked Johnson if he was satisfied with his lawyer Adam Swickle. Johnson, 35, responded by giving the lawyer a light swat on the rear–as football players routinely do to each on the field…”I don’t know that you’re taking this seriously…”

Talk about something being absurd…

A defendant who is a pro athlete pats his lawyer’s rear (by the way the lawyer is a “he”) and the female judge throws out a deal worked out by defendant’s counsel/prosecutor of “no jail time” and gives the guy 30 days.

Are you kidding me!!!!

Football players, basketball players, baseball players all pat each other on the behind. Don’t believe me?..just go and watch any pro football/basketball/baseball game. Hey, I’ll even go one step further, go and watch any little league game, college game or street pickup game…

All this guy Johnson did, was what he has done his whole life. Jeff Eats would go as far- as to call a “tush-pat” as a “reflex” action.

There is something very-very wrong with this JUDGE.

Now- for the tie in with Jeff Eats which is basically a food blog…some South Florida county now in theory-has to feed this guy for 30 days. That’s the tie in.

Finally, didn’t this Judge ever hear about “wasting the taxpayers’ money” or “prison over-crowding”…I guess not!


Now nothing for nothing, Jeff Eats’ money says that later today this REAL ROOKIE JUDGE reverses her ruling on this 30 day-sentence. All I know is that if I was the judge, I wouldn’t want to be the laughing-stock of the legal profession.

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  1. Kope K. says...

    Jeff, caught the video of this on Fox & Friends.
    Dumb is being kind to this judge.
    The tv commenators were laughing their asses off watching the video. They also have tweets on the screen and most people couldn’t believe what the judge had done.
    Betcha she reverses herself later today.

  2. DCR says...

    Just watched it on You Tube. Also read a couple of articles. Throw in that the guy desperately tried to apology and this judge wouldn’t even listen. Something wrong with judge.
    Just make sure Lebron doesn’t pat wade’s behind tonight.
    Also imagine what this judge would do to a pro basketball players who slap each others hands even when they miss a foul shot.
    Something very wrong with this judge.

  3. Joe Kramer says...

    This story is all over tv and the internet.
    What an over reaction by the judge.
    Cant believe that the state now has to feed this guy for 30 days.
    Imagine if this judge had a real case in front of her.
    What a joke.
    By the way, Jeff love the blog.

  4. TYP87 says...

    Just imagine what this judge would do to George Zimmerman.

  5. It’s judges like this who prove that nothing beats having a jury system. At least with a jury you have to convince 6-12 people one way or the other. When you got a judge alone you are at the mercy of some one who may not be all there.
    just imagine wasting the people’s money by putting this guy in jail for 30 days for doing what really amounts to nothing.

  6. Orange says...

    Just read the judge is legally bling (!) just how could she have seen this butt slap if she is truly blind?? Can you say liar??

  7. Zed12 says...

    this story is all over the news. all this guy is do what every pro athlete does out of reflex. there has to be something very wrong with this judge.
    wonder if he’ll send jeff eats some food reviews on the prison meals?

  8. maye says...

    this 30 day sentence goes deeper than a butt slap. this judge must have in for this guy and she just came up with something to punish about. the court’s behavior is disgusting here. a deal is a deal and a little butt slap shouldn void it.

  9. YOUTR says...

    This is the crap that we call judges.
    This lady should be in jail.

    Chad Johnson Twist: Judge Who Saw Butt Slap is Legally Blind!

    Posted by Gossip Extra Staff , June 10, 2013 Print

    Chad Johnson in a Dolphins uniform
    Chad Johnson, who played one pre-season game with the Miami Dolphins before being cut (

    flag-exclusiveThe Broward County judge who sent ex-Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson to jail for 30 days after saying she saw him pat his lawyer on the butt this morning is nearly blind, Gossip Extra has learned exclusively.

    Katie McHugh
    Judge Kathleen McHugh: Legally blind? (Special to Gossip Extra)

    And you thought Chad’s world couldn’t get any crazier!

    Rookie judge Katie McHugh, who won her seat in November in an upset win over ethically-challenged former County Commish Ilene Lieberman, called herself “legally blind” during campaign appearances.

    McHugh, 44, said she suffers from Stargardt’s Disease, a rare genetic condition.

    – Why read your South Florida gossip in Los Angeles websites? Click here to register for the Gossip Extra alerts

    And her handicap made it impossible for her to obtain a driver’s license!

    Yet, on Monday morning, McHugh told Johnson: “I just saw you slap your attorney on the backside!” (Check out the video below)

    When reached this afternoon, Johnson attorney Adam Swickle declined comment on whether he would use the judge’s handicap in his defense of Johnson.

    “All I can say is that we’re going back before the judge soon to try to settle this,” Swickle said.

    Johnson and Swickle were before McHugh so that she could sign off on a piece-of-cake plea bargain agreement that would have kept Johnson out of jail in his violation of probation case.

    When she asked Johnson if he was satisfied with his attorney, the ball player said he was. For emphasis, he jokingly patted the shorter Swickle’s butt.

    After the courtroom erupted in laughter, McHugh refused to sign off on the plea deal and ordered Johnson taken to jail for 30 days.

    Gossip Extra asked McHugh how she could have seen Johnson if she is nearly blind, but she has yet to comment.

    When McHugh was elected, the state’s Division for Blind Services (DBS) saluted her arrival to the bench and identified McHugh as one of the agency’s clients.

    • KLOP says...

      I always knew that Justice was blind!.
      Look at the crap that serve as our judges.

  10. CD3 says...

    If I were the Chief Judge I would haul this woman’s ass to my chambers and read her the riot act. This 30 days sentence is ridiculous. It’s judges like this that make many people have no faith in our justice system. For absolutely nothing this hack threw a guy in jail for 30 days.

  11. QUESTIONMARK? says...

    Im with you Jeff, any minute now this judge is going reverse herself. Her decision is bizarre.

  12. JudgeLarry says...

    I watched the video and this guy didn’t really do a damn thing wrong. this judge is absolute jerk.
    no question in my mind that she had it in for him and this little thing just triggered her getting him. no room for judges like this one the bench. what a jerk.

  13. mark says...

    Perhaps she was against the plea bargin and used the slap to make Chad pay for beating his spouse. Just a thought. Jeff your the Lawyer here could that have anything to so with it?

    • JeffEats says...


      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      My guess, the Judge “was looking for an excuse” to not approve the “deal” and the butt slap was the excuse.

      Thanks for reading…

  14. zebralad says...

    something very wrong with this woman.

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