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Your Pie (Lighthouse Point, Tampa, Fleming Island)

Posted on June 9th, 2013 · Fast Food Italian Lighthouse Point Pizza Tampa


***** Your Pie, 3650 Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, Florida 33064, (954) 532-1531.

If you guys do some checking, back on December 29, 2011 Jeff Eats did a story “Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint”…the jist of the story, that you should be on the lookout for a new fast food concept— “design your own” pizza joints.

Well- it (the concept) took awhile to get to South Florida—yesterday afternoon in Lighthouse Point Jeff Eats “saw-tried” Your Pie a franchise operation which currently has 11 in Georgia, 2 in South Carolina, 1 in Tennessee, 3 in Florida. The Light House joint has been open for something like 3 weeks.

This article isn’t going to dwell on the business feasability of the “design your own” pizza industry…personally, Jeff Eats thinks that wannabee players in this sector ought to think long and hard about how similar fast food concepts like —yogurt by the ounce, design your own hamburger are doing- before getting into this business.


Your Pie is the first fast food “design your own” pizza joint that Jeff Eats has actually eaten in.

At this stage of the discussion, take a look at—for menu/prices/photos.

The concept is real easy, think Subway and you’ll be on the right page. The customer picks the dough and toppings and the counter person “makes” a 10″ pizza which is baked in a brick oven. At Your Pie, you order at the counter and your pie is delivered to your table…mine took about 10 minutes to get to me—by the way there were 4 other people eating in the joint at the time. Your Pie’s basic cost is $7.49 with most of the toppings being thrown into the deal—certain ones cost an extra buck.

In addition to pizzas, Your Pie has bread bowl salads, panini and gelato.

The taste test– the plain margherita pizza I ordered–had a nice thin crust and a very tasty sweet sauce. Jeff Eats also had a pistachio gelato which was very good.

When you guys go to You Pie’s site, you’ll find a handful of pictures. For quick reference, a handful of booths all with flat screen tvs, handful of tables/chairs both inside and outside…and of course there is the counter where you order—and the showcase of toppings which you pick from.

Your Pie looks like a “small” neighborhood sports bar.

Your Pie is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm.

12 Comments to “Your Pie (Lighthouse Point, Tampa, Fleming Island)”

  1. DealmanErnie says...

    You don’t seem to thrilled with Your Pie.
    How come?

  2. Belky says...

    The concept isn’t strong.
    I was in this lighthouse pt store and wasnt impressed at all.
    The pizza is ok but no bargain at 8 bucks.
    The people opening this brand and others are going to lose their shirts.

  3. FDR26 says...

    Where is Fleming island?

    • mark says...

      Its near Jacksonville

  4. ZeBeat says...

    Had lunch there with a couple of friends.
    Not a very exciting place.
    You walk right in and right in your face is the toppings counter.
    Something is wrong with the setup as it looks very amateurish.
    The pizzas we had were pretty good but weren’t worth $7.49 plus a drink plus sales tax.
    I rather just go to a regular pizza place and buy 2 slices and a drink for 5 bucks.
    This concept based on the store that I was in isn’t going to gain much traction.

  5. Joey d230 says...

    Here’s Jeff’s Uncle Maddio’s writeup.
    Jeff, I think this a very short lived “fad”.
    I looked at the Your Pie toady in Lighthouse Point and was very unimpressed with the look of the place. After walking in, I just walked out as it didn’t seem all that appetizing to me.

    ‘You know that I like to keep you guys-up to date on all kinds of stuff related to food and the food industry.

    When you get a chance, check-out Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint

    Real simple pizza-franchise concept…make your own pizzas. You go to the joint, there is a “huge” selection of pizza toppings etc.—the guy/gal behind the counter puts the pizza “together” for you–and it gets delivered to your table within something like 6 minutes.

    Trust me on this one, you will soon see these “make your own” pizza joints popping up all over South Florida, not to mention all over the United States. They sort of remind me of the Yogurt by the ounce joints.

    Uncle Maddio’s is just one player in this “new” business segment. There are a number of guys-getting into this business, including publiclly traded Pizza Inn.

    For right now–as far as I know, there aren’t any Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joints in South Florida. Betcha a buck, that sometime within the next 6 months, a version-of-this-concept will be in your neighborhood.

    Just thought you guys would enjoy hearing about what the food industry is cooking up for you.’

  6. Pizzaman says...

    pizza was good.
    just don’t like the concept.

  7. LULUGREEN says...

    Jeff Eats:
    Took a good hard look at this pizza segment. DISASTER ON THE HORIZON.
    This is just a variation on Subway and Chipolte.
    Aint gonna fly.

  8. HookedOnYou says...

    Ate there last night.
    Pizza is decent enough.
    Cute place.
    Just don’t see the longevity to the concept.

  9. BobHal342 says...

    Jeff, strictly a novelty type of place. Cute one time, make your own pizza, but I seriously doubt it has any longevity. I tried it yesterday for lunch and pizza was fair.

  10. Ashley Brooke says...

    It is the best pizza I have eaten.

    I like being able to choose my own toppings and how much of each I want on.

    Each pie is big enough for 2 people.

    The wine isn’t bad and nicely priced.

    No grease. all very light..very healthy pie.

  11. Sid L. Turner says...

    hey jeff,
    just happen to be in this particular shopping center over the weekend. didn’t eat there but looked in and liked the look of the restaurant and the concept.
    could work!

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