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Posted on June 7th, 2013 · Fast Food Music/Events/Other



Recently read the “below” article on internet site Dailymotion…

It seems that the Isareli government has created a spray called SKUNK SPRAY for use in crowd control. Since SKUNK SPRAY is “drinkable” and Jeff Eats after-all is a food-site, I thought you guys might like to know about SKUNK SPRAY!
“Israel has unveiled a new type of crowd control. Skunk Spray. This new “weapon” is fired from a water cannon type platform and will soak the target in an absolutely gut wrenching putrid smell. Non-toxic and harmless apparently you can even drink the fluid and it will cause you no harm, although reporters who have caught even a whiff of the smell say that it immediately makes you want to vomit. Although the Israeli / Palestinian conflict is nothing to admire, surely you cannot help but be impressed by such a device which allegedly will disperse a crowd in an instant with no physical harm done to the target.”

8 Comments to “* SKUNK SPRAY *”

  1. Glenn L. says...

    I know you’ll allow this comment.

    When the Israeli’s fire Skunk Spray on the Palestinian protestors, it’s like giving the protestors a bath!!!!!!!

  2. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    As a believer in the 1st Amendment Jeff Eats “of course” will allow your comment to be published.

    Thanks for reading…

  3. Carls says...

    The Jihad against Israel is just one of many Jihads worldwide. This skunk spray will work especially if it carries the scent of cooking bacon

  4. Blue and White says...

    Are skunks kosher?

  5. Carls says...

    Here is a you tube video with more on this skunk spray.!
    The Jews invent and discover thousands of things way out of proportion to their numbers. There are so many Jews who have received Nobel Prizes… Developing this skunk spray is a no brainer for them. There is an obvious need for it there, as obvious as the need for a good felafel/pita sandwich

    • Louis F. says...

      For all the anitsemites out there.
      If it wasn’t for a Jew named Dr. Jonas Salk, you’all would be sitting in wheelchairs right now with polio. So the next time you got something nasty to say about the Jews, think about that wheelchair.

  6. Tophatjoe says...

    I wonder what it tastes like?

    • Blue and White says...


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