Otentic Restaurant (Miami Beach)

Posted on June 5th, 2013 · American Breakfast Desserts French Miami Beach


***** Otentic Restaurant, 710 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139, (305) 531-1464.

Every so often Jeff Eats gets a Roseanne Roseannadanna kinda e-mail that goes something like this…”Hey Mr. Jeff Eats, what do you got against French restaurants?” To which Jeff Eats always replies, “Hey______(named filled in) Jeff Eats got nothing against French restaurants.” To prove the point, Jeff Eats recently had dinner at a terrific Miami Beach “hole in the wall” French restaurant named Otentic Resaurant. Just so you know, Jeff Eats didn’t count the tables/booths/bar seating- but I’m thinking maybe 20 people at a time–thus the hole-in-the-wall designation.

At this stage of the dialogue you can check for menu/prices/video tour.

Before I tell you what was consummed, Otentic does breakfast, lunch and dinner…

Otentic is open Sunday-Thursday 9am-1am and Friday-Saturday 9am-5am—so, you now know where you can satisy your late night cravings for duck pate and chicken/ham crepes.

Like Jeff Eats said about 11 seconds ago—dinner was absolutely terrific. The French onion soup ($8.50) was one of the best that I’ve ever had—the filet mignon ($15.40) that I had and the roasted chicken ($13.50) ordered by Mrs. Jeff Eats were also delicious. A side of Otentic Linguini ($12.95–bacon/ham/mushrooms/heavy cream/egg yolk/grated cheese) was totally off-the chart–and for all these years, Jeff Eats had thought linguini was an Italian pasta—silly me, live and learn! The chocolate mousee dessert ($8.50) was magnifique (didn’t know Jeff Eats was tri-lingual, did you?)

French Schmench!…

Otentic Restaurant is a dynamite restaurant…

The joint’s got plenty of breakfast stuff, sandwiches, crepes, appetizers, meat/chicken/seafood even if you still believe that linguini is an “Italian” pasta- you’ll find what to eat.

Jeff Eats loved Otentic and by the way—your tee shirt/shorts ensemble will definitely work there.

Bon Appetite!

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    Hi Jeff

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    • jOE c. says...

      very cute video.

    • Matt Clark,
      Very clever video.
      I read Yelp all the time.
      I also read Trip Advisor.
      The problem with all of these reviews is that the reader really doesn’t know who the writer is, so many of the reviews can be phony pro or con.

      • Matt Clark says...

        Thanks for checking out our video, and the warm reviews, Joe and James. I appreciate you including my email as a comment, Jeff!

  2. Lee Beatrice says...

    Jeff, Otentic has amazingly good yelp reviews. place looks great. a definite must try.

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