Sonny’s Famous Steak Hogies (Hollywood)

Posted on May 30th, 2013 · American Hollywood Italian Pizza Subs/Salads


***** Sonny’s Famous Steak Hogies, 1857 North 66th Avenue, Hollywood, Florida 33024, (954) 989-0561.

Last Sunday night, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats were at the Hard Rock to see The Rascals in concert. Sitting next to us, were Lynee and Lou Cantor the owners of the “32 East” restaurant in Delray Beach…chit chat, chit chat—and Lou tells me, that if I want to eat great steak subs..then, I gotta try Sonny’s Famous Steak Hogies in Hollywood. Real fast, The Rascals killed it, absolutely fabulous concert…and plans are being set for Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats to check-out 32 East, which if the reviews in Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable and various newspapers, magazines and publications are legit– is a terrific American Style joint (by the way, last night- Jeff Eats’ pal Eben–raved about 32 East’s hamburger, but then again Eben thinks that Ted Williams was better than Joe D. so his opinion maybe suspect-here).

To make a long story short…Lou really knows his stuff.

Jeff Eats got down to Sonny’s yesterday and “tried”– steak hogie, chicken parm hogie, tuna salad hogie, meatball hogie…and I gotta to tell you, this joint’s subs aren’t just good, they are amazing-good…right up there with the best that I’ve ever eaten…and you guys know that Jeff Eats has “done” his fair share of subs. Point of interest, Sonny’s bread is baked fresh every day—it alone is worth the trip…and we’re just talking about a sub roll here!





Just a drop of color…

Sonny’s has been in the same location since 1958. In addition to hot/cold subs, its got salads, pastas, pizzas—there is waitstaff service. Back in 2009, Guy Fieri did his tv show Diner, Drive-Ins & Dives there…so, this isn’t a hidden jewel discovered by Jeff Eats…yesterday at 1pm Sonny’s was jammed.

Just so we are straight, this guy-Guy Fieri as far as Jeff Eats is concerned, isn’t the be -all and end -all when it comes to knowing what great joint- food is all about. Nothing for nothing, but I honestly believe that huge-tv money/and other factors that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with food- “slant” Fiere’s opinions. Take this for what it’s worth…Jeff Eats has been to a number of Fieri’s “picks” and much of the food that he raved about was mediocre at best…While I’m on the “subject”–Jeff Eats for years has questioned the various “reviews” that appear in South Florida’s newspapers and other publications. You guys are smart enough to know, that you gotta-check joints out for yourselves. On the most basic level, what Jeff Eats likes, you may not like and vice versa.

Anyway- Guy made a good call on Sonny’s in that- its subs are definitely dynamite.

Real simple…whether you call them subs, hoagies, grinders or whatever your regional preference is—you will absolutely love and I do mean L O V E Sonny’s Famous Steak Hogies…and no, Jeff Eats didn’t -spell hoagies wrong, that’s what Sonny’s calls the sandwiches.

You can check menu/prices/video of Guy Fieri at

The joint is open Monday-Saturday 11:30am-9:30pm, Sunday 11:30am-8:30pm.

Finally…Jeff Eats always says, a solid given deserves a solid in return…or something like that–anyway, since Lou gave me the heads up on Sonny’s–why don’t you guys check-out 32 East at and “see” if it’s a joint that might be of interest to you…solid returned!

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  1. TheGeeter says...

    I’m originally from Philly.
    Sonny’s steak hoagies can matchup with any of my hometown players.

  2. Rfe says...

    I never heard of the word hogie. Hoagie yes, hogie no!

    • poplane says...

      maybe sonny didnt know how to spell,
      never saw that word.

    • tedskillman says...

      What the hell is a hogie?
      Hoagie yes, hogie know.

  3. ken w says...

    32 East is great . Changes menu everyday . The pasta appetizer is amazing.

  4. JXTREME says...

    Jeff, your bud Eben is right about that $18 burger it’s delicious. They use to have one for 28 and it was twice as good, one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten.
    The joint is a bit pricey but the food is terrific.

  5. Arnie G. says...

    Jeff Eats:
    Been eating at Sonny’s for years. The philly cheese steak they make is the best that I have ever eaten. Glad to see that you finally found it.
    By the way, looked at 32 East’s site. Nice looking place and the menu looks super if a touch on the hi-side. When you go to the site, Curtis Mayfield’s song It’s Alright starts to play sung by The Impressions, real cool.

    • Joey T says...

      You think they are paying royalties to Curtis and The Impressions.

  6. The Gourmet Realtor says...

    sonnys is amazing and I will also say that 32 east is a landmark restaurant that basically made the avenue..

    Chef Nick is a great leader, he taught me a lot…

  7. Jon G says...

    Been going to sonnys for years…great hogies. Try the cheeseburger hogie it’s fantastic and you get a fee soda with it too.

  8. RA29 says...

    I’ll bet you most of Fieri’s picks are FIXED.
    When big tv money and exposure is at stake, things happen for a reason.

  9. John V. says...

    Just wanted to start by saying that my wife and I and our 3 teenage kids love Jeff Eats.
    Unlike other blogs or for that matter reviewers you always seem to have a unique take of the food and restaturant that you are writing about.
    I don’t want to go into deatil, but Fieri reviewed a restaurant that I am a partner in. My partners and our entire families were there for the taping.
    On air Fiere appears to be this happy lucky going guy who loves everbody. Off camera he is a primodonna who wants nothing to do with anyone and is demanding on everyone around him. You’d swear that he thinks the world owes him a living.
    Like you I’ve been to a handful of restaurants that he has raved about and found the food to be average at best.
    Fieri is all about tv exposure, advertisers and ratings. You know that and your readers should never lose sight of that. Fieri can be shall we say be “swayed” by the right combination of things.
    By the way, I disagree with you on Sonny’s food. It’s good but far from being great. You have other sub shops on your site that run circles around it.
    Thanks for listening,
    John V.

  10. Carl G. says...

    Sonny’ meatball hero is delicious. I also love their chicken parm hero. You are right they bake a great hero roll. From what I understand they are baked fresh everyday.
    Sonny’s probably looks like it did 58 years ago when it first opened. Although its really a hero shop the table service makes it a drop different than your usual Subway type places.
    To those who haven’t tried Sonny’s go for it. I think you’ll like the food a lot.

  11. PS says...

    Jeff, I like Diners driveins and dives but accept it for what it is-pure entertainment value. I agree I have been to a few Guy Fieri picks that I have not liked. I have not tried Sonny’s, but Direct from Philly in Deerfield makes absolutely amazing cheesesteaks…check it!

  12. Aaron says...

    From: Aaron
    Subject: Recommendation

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff, it’s Aaron Fix from Boca Raton Fire Rescue station 5. Hope all is well, I see your website is looking good. I noticed you have not reviewed the Cuban Cafe or Caribbean Grill in Boca Raton. Both great places for Cuban food. Just a suggestion. Thank you, Aaron

  13. stuartglass says...

    Jeff: You got Fieri called right. The show is a big tv production nothing more. He is a big old faker play acting. I was in a couple fo his recommendations and they STUNK. he goes for colorful, old, and off center places for his stories. the food can stink but he still spins a good story, Glad you called him on that.
    The critics in the Sun Sentinel are also up to no good. Can’t prove it but there has to be deals for adv and other things going on there. They gave out 3-4 stars like water for real crap holes.
    These magazines that come out with reviews and then on the next page have an advertisement for the reviewee are bs beyond d belief. That’s totally play for pay deals.
    Your blog is right on the money. Irreverent and willing to take on anyone and anything.
    Keep it up you got a huge fan base.

    • Ted63 says...

      guy fieri is usually full of crap.
      every so often he picks a good winner but most of the time he is just making up a big old story for tv.
      on sonny’s the subs are good but not the best around. laspada is better. so is v& s and that’s just for starters.

  14. Yojoe says...

    Guy Fieri”s gig is easy to figure out.
    You can’t build a tv show going to Panera Breads and Burger Kings.
    Fieri’s staff finds 20-30-40-50- year old joints that are run down etc. He spins a story that involves decor and history and then food. It makes for interesting stories and film. He lets the food slide now and then as this is tv and he is telling a whole story.
    Jeff, you spotted him for the huckster that he is.
    the real problem is that there are some nuts out there who believe him and follow his picks. When they get to these places they are really disappointed.
    For the reocrd, Sonny’s steak sub is fair and that’s about it.

  15. Gene S says...

    I have met both Fieri and Man v Food host Adam Richman and Fieri is a NASTY MAN who doesn’t bother with anyone until he’s on camera. While Richman is a regular guy who enjoys hanging with people on and off camera.

  16. Elaine says...

    For what’s worth I heard Fieri is antisemetic and homophobic.

  17. DanteDan says...

    Don’t know how you do it but you do it. A review about Sonny’s subs starts a conversation about Guy Fieri being a bigot.
    Love it.

    • Meatman says...

      I just laughed at the same thing!! LOL

      • TQ says...

        Leave it to Jeff Eats to start a bash Guy Fieri discussion on a sub review’s comment board.

  18. Carl G. says...

    Man v. Food is a better show. Adam Richman the host sounds very sincere.
    Whenever Ive watched Guy Fieri he struck me as being a huge phony.

  19. Ronnie White says...

    Sonny’s steak subs are incredible.
    Get there and try them and decide for yourself.

  20. Cal J. says...

    Tell you guys a quick story.
    I live in Delray Beach. I also have a home in Tucson.
    About 5 years ago there was a little hamburger place called Lindy’s in Tucson.
    The food was lousy and it wasn’t doing much business.
    As a matter of fact, the partners who owned Lindy’s were desperately trying to sell it and were looking to get about $79,000 for the whole business.
    This place was such a mess, that they couldn’t even find one buyer.
    About 2 years ago, Man v Food showed up to do a tv show there.
    Since that day you can’t get in and there is always a line waiting to get in.
    The food is still lousy but that one little tv show made it a must go to place when in Tucson.
    That’s a true story for you guys.

  21. TS says...

    The food at 32 East is excellent.

  22. Orange says...

    Mr. M’s off Stirling in Hollywood is much better than Sonny‚Äôs Famous Steak Hogies……..

  23. Topnotch says...

    Guy Fieri’s NYC restaurant is terrible.

  24. GtR says...

    Love 32 east.

  25. Sid L. Turner says...

    steak sub is amazing.

  26. Belairshopper says...

    Sonny’s doesn’t look very clean to me … haven’t checked on their inspections but I have no interest in eating there. Still looking for a good sub…

  27. Belairshopper says...

    here is a recent review:

  28. Mike T. says...

    Great steak sub. One of your best picks.

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