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Posted on May 28th, 2013 · American BBQ Deals Pompano Beach


***** Bobby Rubino’s, 2501 North Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, Florida 33064, (954) 781-7550.

Haven’t really got the time or inclination to tell you Bobby Rubino’s story…suffice it to say, Bobby Rubino use to work for Tony Roma’s which was a South Florida bbq ribs/chicken chain, then Bobby Rubino in 1978 opened his own bbq ribs/chicken joint naming it Bobby Rubino’s—over the years Bobby and Tony were huge competitors each with loads of South Florida locations…not sure on Tony Roma’s dimished numbers—but today, there is only one Bobby Rubino’s location left and it’s-in Pompano Beach, Florida.


For whatever it’s worth, for something like 30 years—old Jeff Eats has been a huge Bobby Rubino’s fan…delicious sweet sauced ribs/chicken, french fries, onion rings, corn—never empty soda glasses.

Real simple…loads of food at really reasonable prices. If your looking for upscale-gourmet-fancy schmancy this joint ain’t for you. Just so we are straight, the last outpost is kinda on the dated 1970’s looking side–so like Jeff Eats said 2 seconds ago, fancy schmancy is a definite no-no here.


If Bobby Rubino’s sounds like something that might interest you, do yourself a GIGANTIC FAVOR and go to its website—you’ll find menu/prices, you’ll also find a bunch of coupons that will allow you to literally eat like a pig for virtually nothing.

In all fairness to you guys, Jeff Eats in recent years had lost “contact” with Bobby Rubino’s—and it was Rubino’s recent advertisement/coupons in the Sun Sentinel that reunited “us.”

To wrap this one up…my favorite coupon:

DINNER FOR 2 -$20 plus 1 beverage purchase.
1 appetizer–onion loaf
2 entrees–full rack babyback ribs or rib/chicken combo
2 sides
1 dessert

Bobby Rubino’s is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

17 Comments to “Bobby Rubino’s (Pompano Beach)”

  1. Hector T says...

    Great meal deal.
    Used the coupon about a month ago and the portions were full size, no skimping.
    The food was delicious.
    I used the one in the Sun Sentinel.
    There are 3 different coupon offers at

    • Emma says...

      I ordered a $18.99 Beef B-B-Que Ribs but all I got was mostly fat and very little meat. Then the waitress tried to overcharge me for these “bones” by $2.00 and then called me a lair when I corrected her. My husband drink was almost $10 & hardly any alcohol in it. Then the baked potatos was dry and had rotten parts that never should have been served in the first place
      We will never go back. It was a $40 ripoff and the manager wouldn’t talk to us to get our check reduced. Better off eating at home.

  2. Jeff says...

    Used to be a regular visitor “back in the day”.
    Now, since they are down to only one restaurant locally, the opportunity to visit is rare.
    Especially since the last visit, when I decided to change things up and go for the bbq’d chicken.
    After getting violently ill later that evening….and i mean like never before….I think if I go back…and that’s a big “if”….I’ll stick with the ribs.

  3. Jeff,
    Funny I got the same type story as you.
    Moved to Fl in 92 after visting for over 20 years,
    Use to love Tony’s and Bobby’s.
    They had places all over the place.
    Slowly but surely they all seemed to close up and I hadn’t been in either one in over at least 10 years.
    Over the years must have passed the Bobby’s in Pompano 500 times but never gave it a second thought.
    Two months ago a neighbor mentioned the Sun Sentinel coupons to my wife and the next thing you know we tried the restaurant. the food was delicious and priced right.
    Since then have been back 3x more and have used either a Sun Sentinel coupon or one from the website.
    The only sad part of the story is that we missed out on really good bbq for those 10 years.
    I guess there is some truth to that old saying “Out of sight out of mind.”
    To all of Bobby’s old fans, get over there. The food is really good.

  4. Madison says...

    Jeff Eats, the coupons on the website work like a charm. With sodas, taxes and tip my wife and I are in out for 32 bucks. The food is good, service is good and you’ll have left overs for the dog, wink wink wink!

  5. Casey B says...

    Hey Jeff,
    On tuesday nights from 5:30pm-8:30pm that got live music by Ronnie Davis. Sings doo wop all kinds of oldies.
    For 30 bucks how can you go wrong with this deal.
    The food is as good as P&A BBQ, Shorty’s and most of the other rib joints in the area.

  6. Jane Kimmel says...

    Hadnt been to a BR in years.
    Ate there last night and the food was excellent.
    Those coupons sure get the job done.

  7. Smoothasglass says...

    Are you guys kidding? I have been there once, and like the other reviewer, I got extremely sick! The place is old, outdated, and most importantly FILTHY. I don’t mind if a place is a dive but when you stick to the floors and it smells like mold it’s a pretty good sign that the kitchen looks even worse.

    • Tom says...

      Read a load of reviews.
      Not even one mentioned getting sick.
      Maybe you got sick from something else.
      I ate there about a month ago with my wife and two other couples.
      We all liked the food.
      None of us got sick.
      So if you had eaten with us you would have been the only one who got sick.
      Think about it.
      Maybe you’re just sickly.

  8. Elaine says...

    I read your review.
    I then read YELP reviews.
    I then read Trip Advisor reviews.
    All in all, most people loved the food with a complaint every so often about the restaurant being on the worn side.
    With that under my belt I tried it and the food was delicious
    Yes, the restaurant has seen better days in the decor department but no biggie there as far as Im concerned.

  9. Jeff Eats, ribs and chicken were delicious, same for the onion loaf and ff. no question the joint could use a good overhaul and remodel. Weighing everything I think for the same money I’d rather eat in PA or Shorty’s which have just as good food. Thank you for the recommendation but one time for me and the mrs. was enough.

  10. Sid L. Turner says...

    terrific ribs and chicken.
    great prices.
    big portions.

  11. Dutch Shultz says...

    Bobby Rubino’s is a known mafia business.

    Bobby Rubino was a Manager years ago, they left the name.

    Google Bobby Rubino’s and Mob before you eat, and don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!!

    • LegsDiamond says...

      Hey Dutch,
      now I know why the ribs are such a bargain, I mean a steal.

  12. Wet my Beak says...

    Yep, its bona fide.

    Rubino’s was (is?) part of the Gambino operation.

    Also check out the ownership of “Big Louies” and don’t mention who told ya!

  13. tommy c. says...

    will definitely give it a try.

  14. Judy G says...

    That $20 coupon is now $25.
    Used it last night.
    Food was excellent.
    Still a great deal.

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