* The Grass Roots At The Mardi Gras Casino *

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* The Grass Roots At The Mardi Gras Casino *

For those of you guys “into” 60’s Rock N Roll…Tuesday Night June 18, 2013 at 8pm The Grass Roots will be in concert at the Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach.

Jeff Eats has seen The Grass Roots a number of times and they are absolutely terrific. By the way, Jeff Eats’ friend-Mark Dawson is the band’s lead singer, so if you see him at the “Meet & Greet” tell him I said–HELLO! For what it’s worth…in Jeff Eats’ humble opinion, The Grass Roots were one of the top bands back in the 60’s and are definitely right up there with the best 60’s bands currently working the “oldies” circuit. By the way, if you speak to Mark do Jeff Eats a big favor and -don’t mention the word “oldies” to him…kinda touchy, if you know what I mean? Terms like “classic,” “revolutionary,” “inspiring” & “ground breaking” will get you better photos and more legible autographs from Mark and the other Grass Roots.

Tickets just went on sale at Mardi Gras Casino’s website Tickets are $10, $15, $25—and based on the setup that Jeff Eats saw at the casino’s- The Lovin’ Spoonful concert…every seat in the house works.

Like I said 3 seconds ago, you can buy tickets at The site also has some nice “history” on the band and special player/meal deals which maybe of interest to some of you guys.

Finally, Jeff Eats is gonna try and make this show…it all depends on how Mrs. Jeff Eats’ 5:30pm dentist appointment goes…

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  1. DR Laub says...

    They also have a $10.95 buffet promotion tied into the concert.

  2. Sheldon D says...

    Saw them a couple of years ago with The Turtles and Gary Puckett and The Grass Roots were the stars of the show.

  3. Dan Y. says...

    Just look at Casino’s site. Didn’t realize how many huge hits The Grass Roots had. Going to check this band out on 6/18. Going to see The Rascals at HR tonight.

  4. Roland George says...

    Saw The Lovin’ Spoonful.
    Terrific concert and great weather.
    $15 seats were perfect.
    Looking to do for the same from the Grass Roots.

  5. Tom P. says...

    Jeff Eats: Read the writeup. Since you are a friend of the lead singer can you give us any info that isn’t in the Casino’s bio on the group?
    Hope you make the show, me and my wife will be there.

  6. JeffEats says...

    Tom P.:

    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    The casino’s “bio” pretty much covers The Grass Roots.

    I will tell you, that there were actually 3 sets of Grass Roots. The first set was the songwriters of the hit Where Were You When I Need You, the next set was a group led by a guy named Fulton (they had no hits) and the last set was the Grill set who had all of the hits other than the first one.

    The group is best known for Rob Grill who was The Grass Roots lead singer on all of the hits except the first one. Rob passed away a few years…during his illness and after his death Mark Dawson became the lead singer.

    For what’s worth and it’s just Jeff Eats’ opinion…the current lineup is as good as any lineup that The Grass Roots has ever had.

    Come to the concert and see if I’m wrong on that. The band puts on an absolutely great show and sounds just like it does on its hit records.

    Thanks for reading…

    • Tom P. says...

      Jeff Eats:
      Was there.
      One of the best concerts Ive seen on the Oldies Circuit.
      Mark Dawson the lead singer is great.

  7. Autumn says...

    Enter to win a pair of tickets from Mardi Gras Casino to The Grass Roots Concert on June 18th! Text “CONCERT” to 59769 from your mobile phone today!

    Visit our website for more details:

  8. Just took a look at You Tube on the group and the current lineup is terrific. Got the songs exactly like the recordings and the group has terrific energy and personality.

  9. Jay B says...

    Go and see The Grass Roots I guarantee that you will love them.
    I have seen Mark Dawson as lead singer 3 times and the show is great.
    I also saw The Grass Roots years ago at Gulfstream with Rob Grill on lead and they were also terrific.
    The band had a load of hits and every time Ive seen them the crowd really gets into the show singing along with the band.
    1234 sha lala lala
    See you there!

    • Jay B says...

      One of the best concerts I’ve been to.
      Huge number of people wanted to meet the band after the show.
      Weather was perfect.

  10. X1212 R says...

    I know that the band was on the Happy Together tour.
    I just heard that they are planning a tour with The Buckinghams called American Pop. You hear anything on this?

  11. Steve Rush says...

    Just watched them on YouTube.
    Your friend Dawson is amazing.
    Looking forward to seeing them.

  12. GTO says...

    Why are they there on a Tuesday night?
    Friday or Saturday would be much better.

    • MH says...

      It’s Mardi Gras Casino, hence ‘Fat Tuesday’

  13. kkt says...

    Over the past few years Ive seen The Grass Roots in concert 4 times. I saw them twice with Grill on lead and twice with Dawson on lead. I know that Grill is on all the recordings but Dawson is every bit as good and each time Ive seen him the crowd loved him and the rest of the group.
    This group had loads of mega hits with famous lyrcis that every 60’s rocker knows.
    Make it your business to get to the Mardi Gras to see them.
    The tickets are reasonably priced, the outdoor grandstand is perfect for a concert.

  14. Maulder says...

    Hope you make this one.
    Will look for you at Meet & Greet after the show.

  15. Reeve W says...

    Caught your pal Dawson on lead on some You Tube footage. That boy can really sing.
    Looking forward to seeing him live at Mardi Gras.

    • JeffEats says...

      Reeve W:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Just so you know, Dawson took over on lead while original legendary lead singer Rob Grill was still fronting the group.

      Dawson and the other Roots who have been around for 25+ years have The Grass Roots’ recording sound/style down to a science.

      The Grass Roots that you will see at the Mardi Gras put on a great show.

      Catch you there…

      Thanks for reading…

  16. SY N says...

    Saw The Lovin’ Spoonful for $10. The Mardi Gras also gave me $10 free play. Great show. Looking forward to seeing The Grass Roots.

    • SY N says...

      Great show. Sounded just like their records.
      Met them after the show. Real nice group of guys.

  17. MJY says...

    Saw The Grass Roots as part of The Happy Together Tour a few years ago at Coconut Creek. They were on the bill with The Turtles and Gary Puckett. The Grass Roots opened and they were terrific. They were much better than the other two acts. As a matter of fact Puckett was horrendous and The Turtles were like a bunch of old men just clowing around on the stage. I know that The Grass Roots aren’t the original players on the records, but the current group faithfully covers the greatest hits and puts on quite a show. When I saw them, maybe they had 20 minutes so they really couldn’t cover everything. I am really looking forward to seeing that at Mardi Gras where they will have plenty of time to sing every song and really engage the audience. Hopefully the weather which has been terrible the last week or so will be good for this outdoor event.

  18. ED K says...

    TO ALL:
    I have seen The Grass Roots 3 times. Twice with Rob Grill on lead and once with Mark Dawson. All three times the group put on a great show. If the weather is good get out to Mardi Gras and see the group. I saw The Lovin’ Spoonful at Mardi Gras and they were very good. All of the seats are good and reasonably priced.

  19. GTO says...

    Saw them at Mardi Gras.
    They were terrific.

  20. FW says...

    You called it.
    Your friend Dawson is a great lead singer.
    Boy Oh Boy they put on some concert.

  21. TellerJoe says...

    Mardi Gras,
    Thanks for the great show.
    The Grass Roots were engaging with the audience and did great live versions of their hits.

  22. lionel says...

    loved the concert.
    meet and greet was also terrific.

  23. Joelinboca says...

    You were so right. They put on one hell of a show.

  24. JW 56 says...

    They were terrific.
    The grilled chicken sandwich and ff in the 2nd floor snackbar was delicious.
    Great venue for a concert with reasonably priced tkts and food.

  25. Wag goner says...

    Saw them at Disney a couple of week ago. They are terrific.

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