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***** Shula Burger *****


***** Shula Burger *****

Let’s do this one together…
In recent months- Jeff Eats has been “watching” Shula Burger being built at the Delray Marketplace in Delray Beach….this burger chain is “fronted” by Don Shula who was the Miami Dolphins’ quarterback in 1970-1973…strike that, Bob Griese and Earl Morrall were the quarterbacks and Shula was the head coach.
This guy Shula- who incidentally was born on Januray 30, 1930 currently has his name on a “ton” of different restaurants here in South Florida and around the USA. In addition to the aforementioned (the lawyer in me) Shula Burger, Shula is involved with Shula’s Steak House, Shula’s 2, Shula’s 347 Grill, Shula’s Bar & Grill and Shula’s On The Beach. For the researchers out there, you can check for details/menus/locations about the Shula restaurant empire.
Now back to Shula Burger which currently has 4 locations…Tampa, Kendall- Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Islamorada-Florida Keys…and a new location scheduled to open on June 10, 2013 in the Delray Marketplace, Delray Beach, Florida..
Now nothing for nothing…although Shula Burger has 4 locations, Jeff Eats has never eaten in one, nor met anyone who has eaten in one, nor met anyone who has talked about plans to eat in one.
Now to the point…
This afternoon, I stopped by the Delray Marketplace and took a close look at the physical layout of the almost finished restaurant. It’s– a you order at the counter/they bring it to the table deal. The store looks absolutely dynamite with inside and outdoor patio seating. The menu features burgers with all kinds of toppings, fries, hot dogs, salads, shakes, beer & wine. Take a look at for menu/prices/locations/photos–this way you’ll know what Jeff Eats considers a dynamite-look, because you may not—different strokes for different folks!
Anyway…here’s the plan.
1. For those of you who have already eaten in a Shula Burger, please give Jeff Eats the skinny on it (before June 10, 2013 would be nice).
2. Jeff Eats is gonna try #5 right after it opens.
3. For those of you who haven’t eaten at a Shula Burger, either eat at one of the first-4 or try #5 right after it opens on June 10, 2013.
4. We all meet back here on June 15, 2013 to compare notes.
And…should you be captured, Jeff Eats will deny any knowledge of this mission.
One final note…since Coach Shula will soon be celebrating his 84th birthday to give you some perspective, I thought you guys would like to know that the first White Castle opened in 1921, the first MacDonald’s opened in 1940, the first Burger King opened in 1954, the first Sonic Drive-In opened in 1953, the first In-N-Out opened in 1948 and the first Wendy’s opened in 1969…and you thought that Jeff Eats was just another pretty face.

***** Update-June 14, 2013 *****

The new Shula Burger in the Delray Marketplace opened for business on June 10, 2013. Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats gave it a “shot” last night (6/13/13).

As Jeff Eats’ “original” article indicated- the joint is a very handsome-modern looking fast-food restaurant…there is both inside and outdoor patio seating. You order at the counter/servers bring the food to your table.

Shula’s menu is loaded with burgers/toppings, a couple of sandwiches, a hot dog, a handful of salads, shakes, a handful of sides, beer/wine. You can check menu/prices at

The skinny—Jeff Eats had a Shula Burger ($6.49-American cheese/shaved lettuce/tomato/pickle)—Mrs. Jeff Eats had a turkey burger ($7.99-turkey patty/baby greens/tomato/red onion/herb mayo)…we shared an order of French fries ($2.49), sweet potato tots ($3.99), onion rings ($4.29)…every item was real good/timely-delivered/hot.

Let me wrap this one up for you this way…

Shula Burger can definitely hold its own against most of South Florida’s fast-food burger players (not going to list them, but you guys know who they are). For sure, Jeff Eats thought that $4.29 for 3 onion rings was a bit to pricey–but then again-Shula’s French fries ran circles around the crinkle cut fries that Jeff Eats recently had at Shake Shack’s Boca Raton outpost. Look! I could sit here all-day and nit-pick things about every player in this space…suffice it to say, I would definitely eat at Shula Burger in the Delray Marketplace-again.

Nothing for nothing…

Since this is a Jeff Eats “story” you do “know” that my inner-self is saying…”Hey Jeff Eats, the Delray Marketplace is going to be a fiasco-white elephant, can Shula Burger really make-it there? To my inner-self… For right now, let’s leave it- that if things are based solely on food, Shula Burger should be just fine!

64 Comments to “***** Shula Burger *****”

  1. Tom Kennedy says...

    Hey Historian Jeff:
    What was the first fast food restaurant in America?

    • JeffEats says...

      Tom Kennedy:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Depends on what Internet Site you go to.

      I’m gonna go with A&W but Horn & Hardat’s Automat could be what Final Jeopardy is looking for.

      Thanks for reading…

      • Jon G says...

        Actually Horn and Hardart was the first. In 1902 the 1st place was opened in Philly and then in 1912 the one in New York City opened. A & W opened in 1919. Do you remember the A & W in North Miami on 27th Ave and about 119 St. Used to go all the time there root beer in the frozen mug was the best.

  2. SenecaJohn says...

    I love Shula’s Steak House in Miami Lakes. Been eating there for 20 years. Ate at Shula Burger in For Lauderdale and thought that it was on par with Five Guys and BurgerFi. One thing that Shula does better is that it has many more burger toppings than the other two have. Check the list of toppings

  3. Ganga2 says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Is this a franchise?
    What do you think of location on store #5?

  4. John Horner says...

    I’m with you.
    I’m going to give the new Delray loc. a try.
    Just looked at YELP and there are a ton of reviews for the existing stores. Looks like a mix bag on this one.

  5. Larry T says...

    Very tough location.
    Wish them good luck.
    Definietly going to try it.
    I live in Mizner Country Club 5 minutes away.

  6. Jeff, I ate in the ft laud store and thought that the burger and ff were very good.

  7. Ilivelife says...

    You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind…….

    • Don2138 says...

      Not negative my friend, just a sensible seasoned business mind.

      • Pink says...

        Some people see the beauty of our world other seek hate and resentment; you are the latter….. Congratulations!

  8. Robin Glass says...

    The store looks great. Hopefully the food is good. Not so sure about the location. You really need a sheet load of people to make a fast food burger successful.

  9. Carl E says...

    To the owner:
    I really wish you a lot of luck.
    I heard that this is a franchised store.
    Shula should be ashamed letting you open there of course it’s only in this for royalties while you will work your ass off trying to get people in the store.
    The location stinks.
    I’ve been in the fast food business for over 34 years and I’m telling you that the location and rent are going to be a huge problem for you.
    As I said I really hope you do we’ll, but 34 years in fast food tells me it’s going to be rough sledding,
    Good luck,Carl E

  10. Johnston says...

    Stage Deli passed.
    Too Jay’s passed.
    Five Guys passed.
    BurgerFi passed.
    And Shula went for it.
    Dumb dumb dumb move.

    • Johnston,
      Have to agree with you, dumb dumb dumb move.

    • HQ says...

      The woman who bought this franchise is an amateur.

  11. Len Cohen says...

    Do you think this one has a chance of making it?

  12. TQ says...

    Whoever owns this Shula Burger shouldn’t even bother to open the doors.
    Horrendous location.
    The population doesn’t exist for this type of restaurant.

    • Pink says...

      Yes, better to take no risk in life and stay home on your parents computer and write complaints on a food blog site! Congratulations!

  13. RF says...

    On 3/613
    Sun Sentinel raved about Shula Burger’s food.
    Gave it 3 1/2 stars

  14. Dello says...

    Here’s the shula review. It’s awesome.,0,1610282.story

    Sent from my iPad=

    • Ron Klein says...

      I have been reading this Sun Sentinel guy for years. I don’t believe anything he ever writes. You can take two guesses why?
      I’ll try Shula Burger on my own.
      The Sun Seninel also has a guy named Sanchez doing reviews. Awhile back he gave Italian Red Sauce 4 Stars. Jeff said in his review that the guy was nuts. Go and look at Jeff’s writeup. Go and read YELP and TRIPADVISOR and you’ll find that Jeff was so right that it wasn’t even funny. To boot, this 4 STAR joint has already changed hands and has a new menu.
      Don’t ever believe what you read in Sun Sentinel reviews. Always remember they need ADS to stay in business, so just maybe things are conveniently overlooked when reviews are written.

      • gary says...

        100% correct, most newspapers will do a write up on a business in exchange for an advertising agreement.
        Not only that but many times they ask the owner to supply the rough draft.

        • Ron Klein says...

          If you read what Sanchez wrote about Italian Red Sauce you’ swear the fix was in.
          I ate there right after his review and this joint was a total disaster.
          Look at the Shula Burger review probably another fix.

    • ForReal says...

      Bought and Paid For.

  15. Clownie says...

    I think you are being a drop too low here.
    1500 sq feet at $50 is $75,000
    gm $50,000
    mgr $25,000
    2 employees $50,000
    elc $12,000
    phone $1,000
    ins $7,500
    royalty 6%
    food cost 30%

    This place has no drive thru, and no breakfast business. There are no offices to drive lunch business. It’s not visible from the road. It’s in a center that is in the middle of nowhere.

  16. DonutJim says...

    I think that $700,000 is more realistic as a break even number.
    The huge problem here, there is not going to be any real lunch business.
    This franchisee in Delray Beach is in for the fight of its life.
    The franchisee couldn’t have picked a worse location.

  17. gary says...

    2 employees a day; are you for real?

  18. Ralph G says...

    6 months, maybe if they are lucky.

    • Arlin says...

      The Shula Burger in Florida Keys is excellent if a bit pricey.
      It may just catch on in Delray because there are no other upscale burger places in the area.

  19. ZEEDOP says...

    Ate in Ft Lauderdale store today.
    Burger and ff were fine.
    Would I go back, sure.

  20. tg67 says...

    I have eaten at another Shula Burger. The food was terrific.
    I give the Delray location maybe 6 months before it busts out.

  21. JupiterJoe says...

    Liked the burgers and fries in Fort Lauderdale.
    Will try new store in Delray.

    • Joan 342 says...

      Better try it real fast because based on location it won’t last 1 year.

  22. Lou Sandler says...

    been to ft laud. basic cheeseburger and ff were very good, good looking store. very competent crew. is it better than some of the other players like burgerfi and five guys? not really but its just as good. it is definitely better than cg burger and shake shack. I work in ft laud but live in boca raton. my home is 10 minutes away from the delray mktplace so if I wanted to I could run right up to the new shula’s. I will definitely try it after it opens but as you and others here have discussed on jeff eats the delray mktplace really hasn’t got too much going for it so its not really an out door mall that I think too much about.

  23. CARL says...

    Is this Shula’s having some type of Grand Opening special? I know it’s opening on June 10, 2013.

    • JeffEats says...


      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Jeff Eats has absolutely no idea whatsoever if Shula Burger is planning anything special for its opening.

      I will tell you, that about three weeks ago, I visited the store which at that time was still under construction and spoke with a woman who identified herself as the GM. I gave her a Jeff Eats’ card and asked her to up date me on “family & friends” and grand opening plans…To date, Jeff Eats hasn’t heard from her, the owner or anyone else connected with this Shula franchise.

      Thanks for reading…

  24. Ihr says...

    I don’t care how good the food is or isn’t.
    The Delray location is bad news. Won’t last long there.

  25. mjh23 says...

    i’ll go on record right now and say that shula in the delray mktplace has absolutely no chance whatsoever of making it. i will also tell you that most of the other stores have no chance of making it.
    to the shula franchisee:
    the location is a disaster.
    there is no population whatsoever to support this business during the day. shula franchise operations should be ASHAMED for what they have done to you. they obviously wanted that 30,000-35000 franchise fee so badly that they couldnt care that they let you open in a spot that is just bad news.

  26. Xbt21 says...

    How come the franchisee didnt see all the problems that you claim to see?

    • Willy F says...

      The franchisee must be blind. That’s the only plausible answer!

  27. Carl Wilderman says...

    Makes no sense whatsoever for Jeff Eats not to have been invited to preopen run.
    All you get at those things is a bunch of freeloaders.
    Jeff has a huge audience that he may have alerted to the opening etc.
    Foolish owner.

  28. Gh33496 says...

    Tried the one in the Keys.
    Had an onion burger, ff, onion rings and really enjoyed everything.
    I live in Boca at Yamato and Lyons and I’m looking forward to trying the new Delray restaurant.

  29. Annie B 338 says...

    We’ll just have to wait and see how it does. You never know until you open the doors.

  30. KWP says...

    The Ft Lauderdale Shula Burger is pretty good.
    Ive only eaten there once but it was as good as 5 Guys and BurgerFi.
    I live in Aventura so I seriously doubt that I’ll be getting up to the new one in Delray Beach anytime soon.

  31. Kessler says...

    Had never heard about Shula Burger to Jeff mentioned it. Tried Fort Lauderdale location on Saturday and had a French onion Burger. Amazing same for the French fries.
    This is definitely one of the better gourmet fast food burger places in South Florida and Ive been to a load of them including 5 Guys, Shack Shack, CG, Smashburger and BurgerFi.

  32. WontonLouie says...

    Put me down for, I like it.
    Havent gotten to delray but did try shula ft laud the other afternoon.
    Basic cheeseburger/ff as good as the major players in the game.

  33. Hal23 says...

    Just came from Shula.
    Very busy at 7:30pm inside and outside.
    Burger is on the level of Five Guys same for the ff.
    Had onion rings but an order of 3 for $4 is absurd. They were good.
    Outside the gnats flying around made sitting outside very uncomfortable.

  34. Sportsmaster says...

    Family of 5 ate there this evening.
    Burgers and fries were good but nothing great going on here. Personally I think you get better food at 5 Guys for less.
    When we were there store was busy but they had a lot of help working.
    As others mentioned location isn’t the best.

  35. Fran D says...

    Ok burger, ff, onion rings, tater tots.
    On par with Five Guys.

  36. jasd says...

    tried it last night.
    passable food.
    wont see me again.
    the bugs outside were out of control.

  37. heller says...

    Jeff, my wife and I were there last night around 7pm. it was very busy but the food came out quickly. you order at the counter and they bring it to the table. we had burgers, ff and onion rings. everything was just fine and we enjoyed the food. the restaurant is nice looking and the staff was super pleasant.

  38. WasserTed says...

    My wife and I ate there last night.
    We are big fans of 5 Guys and BurgerFi.
    Shula’s burger and fries were decent but not as good as the ones we get at 5 Guys and BurgerFi.
    The store itself is very nice looking and the outdoor patio should work in cooler weather when there aren’t gnats flying all over the place.
    Not so sure about the location as the rest of the center was literally a ghost town. very few people at 7pm in the street and the stores looked almost totally empty.
    We live in Boca right off of Glades and Powlerline. The 5 Guys by Town center is a lot closer for us but we wanted to see what Shula was all about.
    One final thing, we tried the new Shake Shack on Glades and didn’t like it at all. The ff were frozen crinkle cut and the burgers were small nothings.
    Good luck to Shula Burger.

  39. mike says...

    Burger was rated a 6. Not as tasty or juicy like 5 guys, Shake shack.
    Fries were a 4.
    Service and place an 8. Food is brought to your table after ordering.
    $4.00 for 3 large onion rings. Good but prefer smaller and more.
    Outside full of bugs.
    Will not be back.
    Also mens bathroom has one toilet only. You would think they would put 2 stalls or even a urinal.
    Will have to sell a ton of burgers to pay the rent and overhead.
    Don’t see them making but good luck.

  40. DONTKNOWYOU says...

    stopped by last night.
    didn’t eat there.
    place was jammed around 6:30pm.
    store looks really cool.
    will try it when the flying bugs stop coming around.
    the mall itself was empty. did see a few people shopping in chico’s but that’s about it.
    wouldn’t bet on shula burger making it here.

  41. GTO says...

    Nothing really that great Food is ok, but BurgerFi, 5 Guys, Smashburger are better.

  42. BocaB says...

    Ate there last night. Very nice place. Had the Shula burger, fries and onion rings. The burger lacked flavor, fries were so so and the 3 onion rings were too big for my liking. I won’t go out of my way to go back when there are other places to get a decent burger. I prefer shake shack, thier burgers have better flavor and I happen to love crinkle cut fries (frozen or not).

  43. StuW says...

    Burgers are decent as are the fries.
    The restaurant has a cool modern look.

  44. HarryBurger says...

    Shula is ok.
    Think 5 Guys, Burgerfi, Smashburger, CG and they all sort of run together.
    If you are in the area of a Shula Burger its a good choice but not something to make a special trip for if other players are closer.

  45. Mike says...

    Place way too over priced. Walked out with a 25.00 bill for 2 burgers and drinks.

  46. Sipper says...

    Cheeseburger and turkey burger were very good as were sweet potato tots.

  47. SkipK says...

    i’ll stick with 5 guys. found the food at shula’s not so good. burger was over seasoned.

  48. Ricky R says...

    Love their onion burger.

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