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Jeff Eats got a real good one for you this morning…

Beatles tribute band–“Rain A Tribute To The Beatles” is suing its co-producer for bringing another Beatles tribute band “Let It Be” to Broadway this coming July. Here’s the beautiful part…Rain in its federal lawsuit claims that Let It Be infringes on Rain’s copyright which is the life’s work of musicians Mark Lewis, Joe Curatolo, Ralph Castelli and Joe Bithorn.

For what it’s worth, Jeff Eats has seen the Rain-show and all these 4 guys do is impersonate John, Paul, John and Ringo—singing, talking, dressing like The Beatles. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ORIGINAL GOING ON IN THEIR SHOW except the guy “playing” Paul is a righty and the real-Paul is a lefty. Trust me on this one, the guy trying to be Paul isn’t trying to be different he just can’t play the bass left handed.

FAKES vs. FAKES…is there no honesty among thieves?

Or as The Beatles once said…HELP!

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  1. cCRider says...

    Saw Rain on PBS and live in Broward Center. They make believe that they are The Beatles. As you say, nothing original at all.
    Apparently the producer dumped them out for 4 other wannabes.

    • Joker says...

      Sounds about right(.
      Producer must have had problems with the group.

  2. JamesTaylorII says...

    Rain is just like a 1000 other Beatles bands. Some are good and others are not so good. There is only one The Beatles.

  3. PeteBest says... are a great Beatles act. Its Paul is also a lefty.

  4. TA49 says...

    Jeff Eats:
    Paul is a southpaw. Rain’s bass player is a righty. The group for this alone misses by a mile. On stage the lineup of the players doesn’t look like the real Beatles because of the lefty righty difference.

  5. Kramden says...

    The best I’ve seen is The Fab Faux who don’t imitate. They just play the hits.
    The best impersonators were American English who I saw at the Duncan Theater in WPB.
    I saw Rain on tv and they are very good but American English was better.
    By the way Anthology is a terrific local Beatles party band. Have seen them at least 5 times and they are really good and loads of fun.

  6. TG231 says...

    So if I got this right one set of fake Beatles is suing another set of fake Beatles. Only in America folks, only in America!

  7. LA says...

    John would be laughing his ass off.

  8. Roland George says...

    Jeff, You do know that there is more to this story than you are letting on, don’t you?

    • JeffEats says...

      Roland George:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Yes! I know that there is more to this story that I am letting on.

      Thanks for reading…

  9. BeatlesRule says...

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