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Spadini’s Pizzeria (Boca Raton)

Posted on May 15th, 2013 · Boca Raton Deals Fast Food Italian Pizza Subs/Salads


***** Spadini’s Pizzeria (Boca Raton)

Early this morning, Jeff Eats told you guys about Spadini’s Pizzeria, 134 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (561) 826-7420. The jist of that “article” was that Jeff Eats had heard terrific things about this relatively -new pizza joint (it opened in February 2013) and had “plans” to give it a shot in the near future. That original article is down below.

To make a long story short…

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats decided to take food out tonight.

Items ordered… chopped salad (large $9.50), 16″ plain pizza (Wednesday Night Special $8), chicken parmigiana hero ($9.95), sausage & peppers hero ($8.95), penne alla vodka ($11.95)…and I gotta tell you, everything we had was delicious. A special shoutout to the pizza—let’s just say, that Spadini’s knows how to make a real New York Slice—thin crust, delicious sweet sauce, great tasting mozzarella. By the way, the heroes were big enough to feed two people–and featured a really tasty-lightly toasted bread.

Spadini’s Pizzeria is an absolute “hole in the wall”—a few tables inside and even fewer outside. You order at the counter/you pickup at the counter.

Based on the food that Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats “had”—Spadini’s is right up there with the best “mom & pop” red sauce joints in sunny South Florida.

You can check menu/prices at

Finally, Spadini’s has a whole bunch of “specials”—like $8- 16″ pizzas on Wednesday and buy 2 heroes and get 1 free on Monday…so “ASK” what “deals” are on the table-before you order…Capice!


Nothing for nothing…

Jeff Eats is hearing amazingly-fabulous-incredible “things” about a relatively new Boca Raton pizza joint…Spadini’s Pizzeria.

Just so we are straight with each other, Jeff Eats hasn’t gotten to the joint yet, but at least 7-maybe 11 or maybe it was 13 people (who have eaten there) told me that this “hole-in-the wall” turns out some of the best New York Style pizza/subs/other stuff that they have had- since migrating down here from Brooklyn, New York– Montclair, New Jersey–Hartford, Connecticut– Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania– Cortland, New York–Chicago, Illinois.

Being a top notch “reporter”- this morning Jeff Eats called Spadini’s Pizzeria and spoke to its owner 31 year old Thomas Sellick. Sellick told me that he has lived in South Florida for about a year and prior to coming down- he learned his “craft” working in his family’s Northport, New York (for those who don’t know, that’s part of Long Island) pizza joints. He told me that he opened for business on February 7, 2013—just so you know, Sellick bought out Mizner Plaza Pizza (reviewed 11/28/12), 134 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Boca Raton… did a drop of cosmetic surgery—and with new recipes and menus in hand re-opened as Spadini’s Pizzeria. Sellick told me that he has the same seating as Mizner Plaza had-that being a handful of tables inside and a handful outside. He also said-the joint works on an “order at the counter/pickup at the counter” system–but if you “want” he or one of his “guys” will bring the food over to your table.


Like I said, Jeff Eats is hearing terrific things about Spadini’s Pizzeria. If you get there before I do, I’d apprecaite hearing your thoughts.

You can check Spadini’s website for menu/prices/photos/other stuff.

Spadini’s Pizzeria, 134 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (561) 826-7123—is open Monday-Saturday 11am-11pm, Sunday noon-9pm.

The 64,000 Dollar Question:
Are the opinions of the folks from Montclair, Hartford, Pittsburgh, Cortland and Chicago-to be trusted on what consitutes top-notch New York Style pizza? We “know” that the Brooklyn folks are qualified, but-the others?—Jeff Eats is just asking!

54 Comments to “Spadini’s Pizzeria (Boca Raton)”

  1. Aimee says...

    From: Aimee Adler
    Subject: Spadini’s Mizner Pizzeria

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff! My boyfriend, Tom Sellick, owner of Spadini’s, told me you were coming in to try it out.. Excited you will be writing it up finally! My name is Aimee and I also do PR and Marketing for Spadini’s so if you need any information or just some generic information about the place let me know! Just a heads up that we still have some of the old specials/deals from Mizner Plaza Pizza (like the Wednesday $8 pizza pie all day and night long) but we just launched a “Kids Eat Free on Tuesday Nights” special for the Summer. The details: Every Tuesday, from 5pm – 9pm, for the rest of the Summer, kids under 12 will receive a free slice of Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza when Mom or Dad (or an adult) orders any dinner entree off the menu!

    Some differences from the old place to the new Spadini’s is that there is a different menu with different prices. Spadini’s are on the menu too along with pinwheels and stromboli. The Italian heroes are all now made with Boars Head cold cuts. There are usually different specialty desserts including zeppole’s, deep fried cheescake, deep fried Oreos, strawberry zeppole’s… etc etc.. The list goes on!

    I hope you enjoy it and if you need any info after you leave feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email.


  2. Xman says...

    I think this is the 4th pizza guy in this spot.
    The last one Mizner had pretty decent food.
    The spot isnt great.
    It’s stuck in a corner and isn’t too visible from the street.
    Hope this time it’s successful.
    We need a good pizza slice joint in the area.
    Sometimes I have trouble bringing website up from Jeff Eats. So Here’s this one.

  3. Swenson says...

    To All,
    Here’s Jeff’s writeup on Mizner Pizza from 11/28/12

    Got a real good, “mom & pop” red sauce” Italian joint for you…Mizner Plaza Pizza in Boca Raton.

    If you wanna talk “hole in the wall”…talk, Mizner Plaza Pizza. The joint is located in a strip center-right across the street from Mizner Park—maybe the joint has 6 tables inside and 4 tables outside. For a bit of color—I think this crap location had two other pizza joints before Mizner Plaza decided to test its luck in the spot.

    At this stage of the game–you can check menu/prices at

    Let’s talk food…

    The other night- Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and another couple tried Mizner Plaza Pizza out for dinner. We ordered a chopped salad, large plain pizza, veal parm sub, meat lasagna, sausage/peppers/onion sub—everything was right on the money. I will tell you, that the pizza which was thin/crisp/sweet sauce was absolutely delicious.

    Just so we are straight with each other, Mizner Plaza Pizza is a “pizza joint.”…Nothing fancy going on here—so your shorts/tee shirt ensemble is the dress of the day.

    Let me wrap this one up for you, Jeff Eats really enjoyed Mizner Plaza Pizza. The food was very good. The prices were neighborhood pizza joint prices. The no frills atmosphere was cool.

    Mizner Plaza Pizza is open Monday-Thursday 11am-9:30pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10:30pm, Sunday noon-8:30pm.

  4. IHR says...

    Jeff, Ive had their pizza and its great. Definitely one of the best slices in south Florida.

  5. JRT says...

    They have a lunch special 2 slices and a 20oz soda for $5.50. If you work in the area they also take off 10%. Great deal. The slices are delicious.

  6. JANE K says...

    Not sure how Spadini’s did it but I got a YELP email about the restaurant and I see stories in several newspapers. That’s fast for a relatively new place.
    Have been there yet but my curiosity will get me there.

  7. BN33496 says...

    I have lived in Boca Raton for 22 years. The best slices of pizza in Boca. No particular order
    . Brooklyn Boys
    . Nino’s
    . Think N Thin
    . Pizza Time
    . Jerry’s
    . Dominick’s 2
    . Dominick’s 1

    Just tried Spadini’s and you can now add it to the list. Pizza slice was very good.

  8. Nick J says...

    I had one of their chicken parm heroes for lunch.
    Huge sandwich.
    They slice up a chicken breast and its lightly fried.
    Loads of sauce and mozzarella.
    The whole hero is baked in the pizza oven so the hero bread has a very nice crisp taste.
    Loved the sandwich.
    Going to try the pizza on the next lunch hour.

  9. Thanks for all the support and great comments guys! We really appreciate it! It’s customers like you that really get us excited about the food that we make!!

  10. frankw says...

    Best pizza I’ve had in Florida and as good as any “up there”.

    • TW176 says...

      You are right, delicious slice.
      Can’t recall a better one in Fla.
      A real NY slice.
      Great sauce and crisp foldable crust.. It also got the obligatory oil drip.

      • That’s our favorite too! The oil drip! Just a little though not too much!

        • AL R says...

          I’ve been around the pizza block once or twice in my day. I still remember those 15 cent slices me and pals at Midwood HS in Brooklyn use to gobble down in 1965. I also remember those large 8 slice pies being a buck.
          I think I know my pizza and your pizza is just like those great Brooklyn slices. Nice fold and the required oil drip. I had 2 slices yesterday and will definitely be back for many more.
          Best of luck to you guys.

  11. Rob K. says...

    tried it yesterday. one of the best slices I’ve had in fla.
    hope the guy does well here.

  12. jimmy f says...

    top notch slice.

  13. CVX202 says...

    Took out a large pie.
    Pizza is great.

  14. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    Great Pizza at a great price. I loved my food. I give them a 5 star excellent rating. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

  15. Walt Kohn says...

    No question about it, one of the best slices in S Fla.

  16. TGW says...

    You guys got to try the meat lasagna and garlic knots. DELICIOUS!!!

  17. E.K.J. 1963 says...

    Jeff, have had the pizza and chicken parm and the food is very good. definitely a little hole in the wall with a few tables inside/outside. this has to be one of your best picks. by the way to other readers if you aren’t looking for Spadini’s you won’t even see it because it’s stuck in the corner of a long strip center with really no exposure to the road or even the rest of the strip center.

  18. DinoM says...

    5/30 /13 loved the pizza and garlic knots. Gave them 7 out of 8 slices.

    • RA65 says...

      The site is a bit nutty.
      Talking nonsense about pizza, bubbles and all kinds of crazy things.
      What counts is if the pizza tastes good.

  19. SLEDGEMAN says...

    Had the pizza. one of the best NY Style slices. Nice fold and little drop of oil drips out.
    Very good find here.

  20. Roger says...

    Jeff Eats:
    Spadini’s pizza is delicious.

  21. Mr. Cortelyou says...

    This is as close to a Brooklyn pizza joint that I have found here in Florida. Ive been here for over 10 years.
    Order at the counter, real simple.
    I had their regular slices and they are great.
    I also had the lasagna and garlic knots and they were also delicious.
    For all the native NYers out there, this is a real slice (pun intended) of home.

  22. ROADRUNNER says...

    Best slice hands down.
    Really that simple.
    If you are originally from one of the 5 boroughs. This is the real deal.
    Just try Spadini’s once and you’ll be hooked.

  23. Solano says...

    They make good subs.
    Their stuffed meat pizza is outrageously delicious.
    This is a real hole in the wall
    You’d never ever just walk into it by accident.
    This is a must try.
    Read Jeff and

  24. jasd says...

    I know good ny pizza. they got the best ny pizza around. their garlic rolls are also awesome.

  25. Dimaggio says...

    Great find here.
    Pizza is best going.

  26. Al C says...

    Haven’t had pizza this good in Fla since I moved to Boca from Brooklyn 17 years ago.

  27. Last night my wife and I picked up a large pizza, lasagna and a chopped salad.
    No fooling around here, the food was outstanding.
    The pizza was one of the best NY Style pizzas we have had in Florida.
    This restaurant which is a must try for everyone.

  28. T1251 says...

    The pizza is good but far from great like you and others here are screaming.

  29. Jeff s says...

    They make a terrific pizza.

  30. Johnny G says...

    Took out a large pizza and lasagna. Both were delicious. The pizza is real NY pizza.

  31. TED says...

    Best pizza, just that simple.

  32. BTO says...

    I live in West Boca. I travel a good 15 minutes by car to pickup pizza and other dishes from Spadini’s. The pizza is the best NY style pizza Ive had in Florida since moving here from Woodmere, NY in 1992.

  33. Jon G says...

    Went for the 1st time last night and I got to tell you I was very disappointed. Got a slice that just came out of the oven and a Sicilian slice. The Sicilian was good but the regular slice was so thin it was like eating sauce and cheese on a piece of soft cardboard. I also got the garlic knots and they must have been sitting around all day because these were hard to chew not very good. I’m from Long Island and I’ve been to a few really good places and this place was just not up to standards. They have a blackboard with the specials and one of them was canolis so I was going to take 2 to go but the guy said they where out of them since Friday but they are delicious and made on premises. Maybe take it off the board if you can’t find time in 3 days to make more. I got to tell you I think Steve’s Pizza in N. Miami is so much better than this place.

  34. TommyD says...

    Picked up pizza and eggplant parm and they were terrific.

  35. Lori Green says...

    Pizza is outstanding.

  36. zelman says...

    Jeff, tried the pizza yesterday. excellent.

  37. TG says...

    Had the meat pizza.
    Delicious pizza loaded with cheese, sauce, meatballs, sausage and pepperoni. Has a litte kick to it but is oh so good.

  38. Tony F says...

    Great recommendation.
    Pizza is just right.

  39. JJHN says...

    No question in my mind, Spadini’s makes an excellent NY Style pizza. Have had the plain pizza 4-5 times and each pie was delicious. Also had what they call a meat pizza, a bit spicy but also delicious. I highly recommend this pizza joint for people who are looking for good solid NYC pizza.

  40. Sid L. Turner says...

    Best ny slice in fl. No ifs or buts.

  41. Nicky G says...

    Picked up an x large pizza this pm. First time at Spadini’s and the pizza is as good as Jeff Eats said it was.

  42. mka says...

    best ny pizza. its lasagna and chicken parm sub are also amazing.

  43. Julius says...

    Maybe because it was late at night but the slices tasted old and stale.

  44. YT says...

    Terrific ny style pizza

  45. lizapizza says...

    terrific pizza. this is what a ny slice is all about.

  46. Klein says...

    Two of your best picks
    Brooklyn Boys Pizza
    Both are in Boca
    They make terrific pizza.

  47. jrjhs62 says...

    Had its football $29,99 special. 16inch pizza, 20wings 2 liter soda. delicious pizza and garlic wings.

  48. Chris Florea says...

    From: Chris Florea
    Subject: Best Ultra Thin Crust Pizza

    Message Body:
    Hey Jeff , met you tonight at Spadinis pizza in Boca Raton. You were taking out
    and I was with my girlfriend and kids. Have to tell you about Villa Rose and the
    incredible little gem of a pizza joint it is. Its right up your alley, trust me
    on this one. The place is located in Hollywood Florida on 441 ( SR7) just north
    of Hollywood Blvd. They have been in the same hole in the wall location for over
    50 years and I have been enjoying that pie for at least a third of that time
    whenever I am down that way! I have gone there for one thing and one thing
    only!! Their signature ultra thin crust pizza, which in my opinion is the best
    around! I havent found anything close to the quality of that pie! Especially
    for a conventional oven baked pizza. The pizzas come to the table round and cut
    in squares. The pie has a tangy/sweet delicious sauce and topped with quality
    mozzarella. I prefer cheese with green pepper, onion, and pepperoni ( never
    never and never soggy or wilting). The pie is
    just incredible, especially when partnered with an icy cold pepsi or coke. The
    plain pie is also delicious. I am not able to fill you in on the rest of the
    menu because the pizza is all I ever eat there. You HAVE to try this pie!!!
    Every single person I sent packing down to Hollywood to try this out has raved
    about it afterward. I hope you give a whirl and I look forward to reading your
    posts about it!! Happy Eating, Chris

  49. Richie E says...

    One of your best recommendations.
    Had 2 slices today and they were terrific.
    Definitely one of the best pizza joints In Florida.
    As good as any pizza I had when I lived in Staten Island in the 70s.

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