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Jeff Eats is gonna assume that all of you guys know who The Monkees are…Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith, Mickey Dolenz.

For years, Mike Nesmith “refused” to tour with the other three Monkees…not sure why, but Jeff Eats thinks that Nesmith whose mother invented Liquid Paper—may have thought he was “better” than the rest of the guys…but that’s just a guess.

Last year, Davy Jones who lived in Florida unexpectedly passed away–suffered a massive heart-attack.

NOW! Nesmith agrees to tour with Dolenz and Tork.

Look for- The Monkees at Mizner Park in Boca Raton on July 27, 2013.

For what it’s worth, Jeff Eats from the very beginning has been a huge fan of The Monkees…The “media” never fully appreciated how good they were—and yes, they did play their own instruments in concert.

Just so you appreciate where Jeff Eats is going with this…there are certain things in the music-business that have to go together. For example… Sonny & Cher, John-Paul-George-Ringo, Bill Medley & Bobby Hatfled…just think of Sonny with “another” Cher, or The Beatles without Ringo, or The Righteous Brothers-Bill Medley without Bobby Hatfield. The Monkees are/were just like the examples cited…inseperable. Together they were magic, piecemeal they were a curiousity oldies band.

If you don’t believe–that what I just said is true…

The Rascals (all four originals) are currently selling out venues all over the United States…but when different configurations of the group worked-they literally couldn’t get themselves “arrested.” The same thing happened when Bill Medley replaced Bobby Hatfield with “another” Righteous Brother.

Mike Nesmith:
The Monkees were Jones, Tork, Nesmith and Dolenz.
Your agreeing to rejoin The Monkees is Too Little Too Late.
Jeff Eats

12 Comments to “***** TOO LITTLE TOO LATE *****”

  1. QUEST says...

    Hey Jeff,
    agree with you here.
    by the way, jones and dolenz were the stars and Nesmith and tork just there.
    Nesmith is in video business. His mother also invesnted Liquid paper so I guess he didn’t need the touring money.

  2. Star332 says...

    Check for all kinds of stuff on the group.

  3. Carls says...

    Quest is right about his mother and the millions he inherited. He did not tour because he had the millions to “be above that” despite the fans wanting to see him

  4. gusto0989 says...

    Years ago long after their prime I saw all 4 Monkees reunited at Jones Beach in NY. After that, Nesmith dropped out of playing with them. Over the years Ive also seen the other 3 go out as The Monkees. They were terrific but Nesmith’s not being there left a hole in the act.

  5. KR33496 says...

    They were a great group.

  6. gary says...

    You’re probably right regarding the Monkees BUT
    Roger Waters, 3rd highest grossing concert tour of 2012, 6th highest grossing of all time $377MM without Pink Floyd.
    My favorite group became much more successful after 2 of the original members left, $129MM in 2007
    Paul McCartney $126MM in 2002.
    Bruce Spingsteen $194MM w/o Clarence Clemons 2012-2013.

    • Jammin'sammi says...

      The Beatles
      The Monkees
      The Righteous Brothers
      Sonny & Cher
      The Smothers Brothers
      Martin & Lewis
      The Rascals
      Frazier v Ali
      Peanut Butter & Jelly
      Frick & Frack

      There are certain things that only work when you have all the parts.

      • Louie P says...

        I agree
        Some things just have to be together to work.
        Can’t even picture The Beatles without Ringo on drums.

  7. LincolnAbe says...

    Pleasant Valley Sunday
    I’m a Believer

    Two of the greatest rock songs ever.

  8. DJ says...

    Jeff good call here.

  9. CVF says...

    Too bad all 4 isn’t possible. They were a great band.

  10. StanThe Man says...

    You need all 4 to be The Monkees.
    Without Davy they aren’t The Monkees.

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