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Valentino’s Italian Cuisine (Pompano Beach)


***** Valentino’s Italian Cuisine, 427 South Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062, (954) 545-4881.

Got something really good for you guys, Valentino’s Italian Cuisine…a Pompano Beach- red sauce Italian “hole in the wall” wedged in-between a Starbucks and a Tijuana Flats.

Last night, Jeff Eats really didn’t do a head-count, but I’m thinking about 30 seats inside and 40 seats outside…the outdoor patio which faces Federal Highway is shared by all three restaurants -each restaurant has distinctively marked seating. As for Valentino’s inside d├ęcor…the obligatory Goodfellas’ posters, large standard pizza oven, large brass colored cappuccino machine, dark wood tones—no kidding around- a very cool looking joint.

Another no-kidding around- Valentino’s is owned and operated by a guy originally from the Bronx named Rudolph Valentino. For you “youngsters” out there, Rudolph Valentino (not the owner of this joint) was a famous movie actor back in the day–when motion pictures had no sound. Totally off topic, but did you guys know that Fred Astaire Dance Studios still has locations all over the United States? Amazingly, there is one in a second floor loft in east-Boca Raton…For those of you “not following” the Astaire commentary, Fred use to dance with Cyd Charise—but that’s whole nother story.

Anyway…Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and another couple “ordered” 16″ large plain pizza ($12.75), eggplant parmigiana (garlic rolls, soup or salad, pasta side–$9.85), chicken parmigiana sub ($7.50), lasagna bolognese (garlic rolls, soup or salad–$12.95)…and I gotta tell you-the food was absolutely delicious. Trust me on this–every item ordered, was as good as the stuff served by South Florida’s best “red sauce” players. The joint’s portions were large and dirt-cheap. For those of you who like garlic rolls, Valentino’s were dynamite—and a complimentary order of sauteed green-beans (not on the menu) received rave reviews from Mrs. Jeff Eats and her girlfriend Judy. While you guys are still here, let me briefly mention the pizza…From what I understand, there are 3 chefs in the back of the house–but all pizzas are made by Rudy Valentino right in front of the customers. As he explained…”I’ll make you whatever you want, but my signature pie is a thick crust with the rest of the pizza being very thin and crispy.” For what it’s worth, when the pie was delivered to our table it looked “amazing”…just as Rudy said—a thick crust (sort of like a deep dish look) with a fabulous sweet sauce/thin crispy “triangle.”

At this stage of the game, you can check for menu/prices.

For a little more “color”—Valentino’s has been open something like 4-months and in addition to pies- sells pizza by the slice. All of its desserts are made in-house. Some of you guys maybe wondering why Jeff Eats & Company didn’t “get” dessert…long story short, literally minutes before eating at Valentino’s we had picked up 2 dozen freshly baked donuts from The Dandee Donut Factory which is right around the corner from Valentino’s, blah blah, blah!

What Jeff Eats found particularly interesting, was that Valentino’s is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-midnight and Friday-Saturday 11am-2am…apparently, Mr. Valentino is looking to build a late night crowd.

Valentino’s is a real good one…do yourself a big favor and give it a shot. The bet here, is that you won’t be disappointed…

Jeff Eats does have one “bitch” about the joint…on both its menu and website, Valentino’s prominently features the saying “You’ve tried the rest…now try the Best!”- hey Rudy, for crying out loud-that saying is as worn as my 89 year old Aunt Joanie’s house dress…I know I ain’t got no skin in this game, but I’d lose the phrase. You got a spanking new -great looking joint with terrific food and YOU got me thinking about my Aunt Joanie’s house dress- capice!


For you tourists out there–your tee shirt/shorts/flip flop ensembles will work perfectly at Valentino’s Italian Cuisine.

19 Comments to “Valentino’s Italian Cuisine (Pompano Beach)”

  1. Ron D says...

    My wife and I have eaten there twice.
    Pizza is best around.

  2. Steve M says...

    Yelp and TripAdvisors have some very favorable writeups on this one.
    Jeff, how did you find this hole in the wall?
    Just curious.
    Steve M

    • JeffEats says...

      Steve M:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Real simple answer, our party of four had just picked up two dozen donuts at Dandee Donut which is right around the corner from Valentino’s. We made a right turn on Federal Highway and noticed Valentino’s sign. Like an old Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland movie we yelled Hey Let’s Try That Place!

      That’s the story.

      Thanks for reading…

  3. Stan Golden says...

    I live 2 minutes away.
    The space has had two previous restaurants in it. A Quiznos and I think a mederterranean one.
    Valentino’s gutted the whole place and built a nice looking cafe.
    I think they kept the outside cement tables and benches which are on the uncomfortable side as they have no backs.
    I’ve only had a few slices of pizza and they were very good. The deal was 5 bucks for 2 slices with a soda.
    Friends have had their cheese calzone and calamari and said they were delicious.
    The oner is a very out going guy and people friendly.

  4. MyrnaLlyod says...

    To All
    Only Jeff could work Rudolph Valentino, Fred Astaire and his Aunt Joanie into a review of a pizza joint.
    Jeff cracks me up.

  5. Lori G says...

    Tookout an x large pizza based on your say so.
    One of the best my husband and I have had in a very long time.
    One of your best finds.

    • Sal E. says...

      My wife and I ate Valentino’s. Nothing elaborate just a large pizza and it was delicious. Rudy the owner couldnt have been nicer. Looking forward to trying Valentino’s other dishes.

  6. Marion P says...

    My husband and I eat there last night. The pizza was the best I’ve ever had. All the ingredients was of the finest you can use. AMAZING. And the other dishes that came out I’m going back to try, my mouth was watering. Now the desserts don’t miss, have cappuccino with it. Finally found a restarant that doesn’t skimp on quality. Finally found a restarant that I’ll def. be visiting alot, and the owners are so friendly and nice

  7. Jon G says...

    Just went there this afternoon and the slice was excellent. Rudy told me about some specials that sounded delicious and will be going back to try them.

  8. Roland George says...

    Jeff, great pizza.
    good find. thks,

  9. Ned A says...

    What a great restaurant.
    The pizza is the best.

  10. Bobby G. says...

    One of the best pizzas in Florida.
    An absolute must try.

  11. Carl F. says...

    Small place with dynamite food. Great recommendation.

  12. VAP41 says...

    Great find.
    Pizza is delicious.
    Also followed your lead and did a dozen Dandee Donuts on the way home.

  13. Mike G. says...

    Pizza is amazing. Best in s Florida.

  14. TedGlenn says...

    Great pizza.
    Love this joint.

  15. Ron Dee says...

    Fabulous pizza.
    Everything they make is delicious.

  16. SteyrAUG says...

    Amazing pizza. Been a regular for months and haven’t had a bad meal yet.

  17. meg says...

    closest to ny pizza ive gotten in florida so far

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