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***** Papaya King & Gray’s Papaya *****

Posted on April 18th, 2013 · American Fast Food Music/Events/Other


***** Papaya King & Gray’s Papaya *****

In recent days-Jeff Eats has received a number of e-mails concerning his “thoughts” on what fast-food concept “he” would bring to South Florida.

Jeff Eats aims to please, so here goes…

Now nothing for nothing, I think that Papaya King and Gray’s Papaya would kill-it down here in South Florida.

For the non-New Yorkers here…both Papaya King and Grey’s Papaya are “famous” NYC hot-dog stands that sell hot dogs and a “health” drink called papaya. Check their respective websites for menu/prices and loads of photos.

For what it’s worth, neither Papaya King or Gray’s Papaya have expanded in any meaningful way from their original locations.

Now nothing for nothing, in the right location—Jeff Eats thinks that either concept would be a homerun. For example I’m thinking South Beach…

Jeff Eats hasn’t really studied the “franchising” possibilities for either brand…What I do know, is that if “licensing” the name is too expensive, a VARIATION ON THE NAME/THEME is a real possibility…something like Queen Papaya, NYC Papaya, Papaya Joe, Papaya Dogs…I’m sure you guys get the picture here.

So there you have it, Jeff Eats’ brainchild…one caveat, this thing only works where there is tremendous amount of foot traffic.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

19 Comments to “***** Papaya King & Gray’s Papaya *****”

  1. Sheldon G. says...

    jeff, very familiar with both businesses.
    when I lived in ny I use to hit one or the other once or twice a month. back them a dog cost 50 cents.
    I think you are right. one in s beach would work. I think i’d open it at 11am and keep it open to 5am. late night crowd would love it.
    you are also right that a variation on the name would be a good way to go for expenses.

    • Carl B. says...

      I lived on East 61 Street in Manhattan for 30 years. Papaya King was 2 minutes from my apartment. Can’t begin to tell you how many dogs and drinks I had over the years, but it was huge. The dogs and papaya combo was great.
      No doubt in my mind that South Beach could handle this concept. I also think a number of college areas would work.
      As jeff points out you need a lot of people in the area to make this concept work.

  2. Jon G says...

    Go to wikipedia papaya king and read the history it’s very interesting.

  3. Jon G says...

    Also checkout Gary’s Papaya and Papaya Dog on wikipedia

  4. Jon G says...

    Sorry papaya dog not on wikipedia but there are plenty of reviews.

  5. Gino H. says...

    This is as you say a HOMERUN.
    I know the concept being a New Yorker.
    In the right location, HOMERUN.

  6. Benny Berliner says...

    Imagine Papaya King at American Airlines Arena during a Heat-Celtic game.

    Great idea to bring to Florida.

  7. Ed Kaufman says...

    Jeff in the early 1990s I use to work on John Street in NYC. A guy copied the idea and opened on Broadway and John Street. He had a goldmine. I moved to Wellington in 1996 so I don’t know what happened to the business but for the few years I was there it was jammed every day at lunch time. Dogs were going for $.50 back then.

  8. idonot878 says...

    Ive been to both gray’s and king and both are terrific. they make delicious thin grilled hot dogs that really are delicious. not the healthiest of things to eat but I seriously doubt that 2 of them now and then will hurt anybody.
    great idea to open one in south beach.
    I also think that college kids would go for this, so area around big colleges maybe good spots.

  9. LULUCohen says...

    Jeff, It’s such a great idea, why hasn’t someone already done it?

  10. gary says...

    Open a Papaya King right next to the Shake Shack, Miami, Boca, etc.

  11. robertw says...

    I love Papaya King. Sweet, tasty and cheap. Not sure if it would work down here. Don’t think Papaya King is for the Boca crowd. Check out their website. Its pretty cool and gives you an idea of the vibe of the place.

    I also like White Castle

  12. Blue says...

    The smoothies would work, but South Florida is not a great fast food market. If you look at the McDonald’s numbers verses the rest of the country; the actual profit margins in the Sunshine State are much lower than in most other states. I am unsure if hotdogs would work here……ever eat at Bistro Mezzaluna in Ft Lauderdale?

  13. Carls says...

    I have something even better but in the same vein as Jeff proposes. You buy and setup a mobile hot dog truck and park it at a busy gas station. I know a great place for this.

    But you don’t just sell hotdogs.
    You also sell fresh cut french fries. Just to prove my concept here is a man with a plan who is making zillions in San Fran area with meat and potatoes. Meat+starch is addictive don’t we all know. Cheese+starch is addictive so we have a pizza explosion. this dude seems to have at least 3 food trucks and he came here from Switzerland, scanned the terrain and proceeded to make a few million and ongoing. What you need to know is people are mostly idiots (today) as far as good home cooking. People are rootless and adrift. But they still want that homey comforting vibe. If you can provide it you will win in the restaurant business

  14. Carls says...

    One more thing. Since we live in the mango capital of America I would also serve mango ice cream year round but during mango season made with our superior dead ripe Florida mangoes. Hmmmm…. just happen to have a few trees in my backyard that will have ripe fruit in 10 days.

    So this makes three items on my mobile. Hotdogs, fresh cut fries and mango ice cream instead of papaya drinks.

  15. CharlieDelray says...

    This is a winning idea. Along the line of the copycat White Castles.. but this is even simpler.

    There’s one in (I believe) the new JFK JetBlue terminal – when I go to NYC and can’t make it to Gray’s in the city… I have one last chance at the airport!

    (My dining plan in NYC usually involves: Fine dining at Le Bernardin, Gramercy Tavern, Jean Georges etc at lunch. Pizza or hot dogs for dinner. It is a great plan if I do say so myself.)

    Someone knockoff Grays in SoFla.

  16. Fisherman65 says...

    I love the idea.
    Either name works or even a knockoff name.
    You have a great idea.

  17. Sid L. Turner says...

    sometimes you really come up with some great ideas.
    I am very familiar with both of these nyc papya places. they both are terrific. ive eaten at both numerous times.
    I think that this concept would work in very high traffic florida malls.
    in our area I think Aventura mall and sawgrass would be perfect.
    once again great idea.

  18. mark says...


    Just got back from a layover in NYC. Thanks for the heads up on Papaya King. When i saw they were near the Met i checked them out. I dont know how they do it but they made a hot dog taste better. Even my picky partner said they were good.

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