Triple Bar Bistro (Wellington)

Posted on April 10th, 2013 · American Wellington

***** Triple Bar Bistro, 3401 Equestrian Club Road, Wellington, Florida 33414, (561) 333-1150.

Every so often Jeff Eats gotta ditch the tee shirt/shorts’ ensemble and put on a pair of pants and a “nice” shirt…if you can handle that–then you might want to check-out Triple Bar Bistro a “semi-upscale” American-Style joint in Wellington.

At this stage of the conversation you might like to check Triple’s website for menu/prices…there are also a load of photographs that will give you some idea as to what the joint looks like. For those of you who don’t want to go-a-searching—think upscale woody steakhouse/full separate bar area/inside-outside patio seating.

Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and another couple gave Triple Bar Bistro a shot the other evening…

Let me start by saying, that the joint is really-cool looking. The menu isn’t tremendous, but it has enough appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches and meat/chicken/seafood entrees so you definitely will find what to eat. On the pricing front, reasonable- but that 20oz bone-in rib eye (2 sides) at 59 bucks seemed to be pushing its luck…can’t tell you if it’s any good, because we didn’t get it. The service is very competent and professional.

Our party of four-ordered… Caesar salad ($7), lobster crab cakes appetizer ($14), bbq grilled wings appetizer ($9), babyback ribs ($22), grilled swordfish ($27), fried chicken ($19), cheeseburger ($12)…

Now- nothing for nothing, Jeff Eats wouldn’t be sending you to Triple Bar Bistro if it wasn’t good…and trust me here, it was very good. Every item ordered was right on the money, with the fried chicken, lobster crab cakes, and the cheeseburger getting special mention–by the way, the mac & cheese that came with the fried chicken was terrific.

Like I said a few seconds ago, you’re gonna have to lose the tee shirt/shorts for this one.

If Triple Bar Bistro sounds like it might be for you…checkout the photos on its website. It’s a great looking place with a “horse” track and lake as background scenery…real cool

Triple Bar Bistro is open Monday-Sunday 3pm-11pm.

12 Comments to “Triple Bar Bistro (Wellington)”

  1. wanda s says...

    the other day you talked about a 2 /12 buck hot dog you had from a cart in front of brnadsmart and now you are discussing an upscale restaurant in wellington that has 59 dollar steaks. love your coverage and diversification.

  2. jerry h says...

    looked at website. place looks incredible. going to check it out this saturady night.
    thanks for the tip.
    jerry h

  3. HK2309 says...

    jeff, If I’m not mistaken this restaurant had two prior names and this is the third incarnation.
    Never ate in the other two.
    Your writeuo has got me interested.
    Definitely going to give in a shot in a week or so.
    Looks like a nice upscale outing.

  4. Jon g says...

    Jeff, why pay $59 for a 20 Oz bone-in rib eye steak if you can go to Gamaroffs and get a delicious 32 Oz bone-in prime rib for $27?

    • Classman68 says...

      One is a gorgeous restaurant ad the other is a run of the mill sports bar.
      A steak and prime rib are two totally different things.

      • Jon g says...

        $59 bucks for a 20oz steak is more than the finer steak places in the area. You can go to Shulas, Mortons, Ruths Chris or any place of that caliber and get a steak just as good or better for less.

        • Mark says...

          Jon i have to ask when did you have the steak at the Triple Bar Bistro?

          • Jon g says...

            Never did. Did you read my comment? All it says is you can get a equal or better steak for less st any of the finer steak places out there. I just got back from New York and had a steak at Peter Luger’s arguably the best steak house in New York they charge $95 for two people plus $12 a side that can be shared so $24 for two si

          • Jon g says...

            Pressed wrong button….for two sides that’s $118 for two same as subject. Jeff had been to Peter Luger’s ask him what’s better for the same price.

          • Jon g says...

            Oh forgot Peter Luger uses USDA PRIME AGED STEAKS. Does Triple Bar Bistro?

          • mark says...

            Jon i did see the triple includes the sides so they are about 20.00 cheaper so perhaps you should give then a try before you say the steaks are better some place else.

          • Jon g says...

            Look at what I wrote. It adds up to the same price. The place is way to far away from where I live to go check it out. Like I said I can go to any fine steak house and pay that price so why travel over an hour for one?

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