***** THE FIX IS IN *****

Posted on April 4th, 2013 · Music/Events/Other

***** THE FIX IS IN *****

Nothing for nothing…in recent days I’ve been watching the LA LAKERS play and I am willing to bet that the League has placed pressure on the refs–to make sure that the LA LAKERS make the 2013 NBA playoffs.
There is no way, that a group of refs could make so many “bad” calls all favoring the LAKERS unless something was cooking. For what it’s worth, the LEAGUE needs the LAKERS in the playoffs to insure tv viewership. No LAKERS and “you” lose a ton of viewers. Capice!

Nothing for nothing…Jeff Eats has been watching 2013’s American Idol’s tv show. No question in my mind that the producers of the show want a female winner this year. Just a hunch, but the judges seemed to have loaded the show with a ton of no-talent males to make the “game” easier for the females to compete. The reason Jeff Eats says this, the past five years MALE WINNERS namely David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty McCreery and Phillip Phillips haven’t exactly become household names…in fact none of the male winners which include Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks “did” anything…while the female winners like Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood and Jordan Sparks have all done quite well with Clarkson and Underwood actually killing it. People are tired of lousy men singers winning because some 13 year old female in Iowa votes and votes and votes for a handsome young guy.

So here’s the prediction…The Lakers make the playoffs and a female wins American Idol.

And for you out there who don’t think that the fix is in, better think again!!!

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  1. RKS says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Watched the Lakers the other night and was thinking the same thing. They got every call their way. Im with you, the league wants them in the play offs.
    On American Idol, the boys who made the final round stink while most of the girls are terrific. I think you are onto something here.

  2. John Holmes says...

    Can you bet this by teasing Idol and taking the points?

  3. Joe Kramer says...

    saw the lakers beat the mavs the other night. no question about it the refs were calling everything for the lakers. you are right. the league needs lakers in the playoffs.
    on the idol call I also have to agree 100% the males have done nothing and 5 years in a row with no woman winner isn’t good. the producers are definitely loading this thing up for a girl winner.

  4. NONOJOHN says...

    I agree 100%.
    Based on the last few Lakers’ games, officials are bending over backwards to give this team the edge. Makes sense that the league wants them in playoffs they have a huge following.
    The American Idol show is definitely loaded towards women this year. The men are the worse group probably in the history of the show. The producers seem to want to make sure that a woman wins.

  5. frenchman says...

    I think that idols been fixed for as long as it has been on.
    they didn’t want a gay adam lambert to win so he didn’t.
    they didn’t want gay clay akin to win so he didn’t.
    the list goes on and on.

  6. donkeylevine says...

    let me see, another guy got knocked off last night leaving 5 girls and 1 guy in the idol running.
    jeff, you hit this one on the head. its fixed and has been since the show started this year.
    on the lakers, they’ll be in the playoff because of needed tv ratings. good call here also.

  7. ronniegold says...

    IDOL was definitely fixed this year.
    I like the VOICE better.

  8. Blue says...

    There is no reality in reality TV

  9. RAQ says...

    Idol is a rigged show.
    From the start they wanted a female winner.

  10. SSAW says...

    The fix was in against Adam Lambert.
    Stopped watching Idol after that fix.

  11. gary says...

    I can understand the judges picking contestants with an objective but then it’s up to the public to vote. Isn’t it the public that chooses the winner of Idol?

    • EdStevens says...

      Do you really think that the vote count is legit? I don’t.

  12. CC Rider says...

    only girls left. you called it.
    really fixed.

  13. Pl34 says...

    Jeff called it.
    Idol got a female winner.

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