***** NII Holdings Inc. *****

Posted on March 14th, 2013 · Stocks

***** NII Holdings Inc. *****

Jeff Eats is gonna go out on a limb here…

I am recommending that you guys buy a wireless communications stock- NII Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: Bid-$4.46-Ask $4.47).

Please do you your own Due Diligence, but mine tells me that this South American Wireless Company’s business is in a lot better shape than major short players want shareholders to believe.

Once again do your own DUE DILIGENCE.

Jeff Eats thinks that the short players in this stock are gonna get killed very soon.

Update: April 10, 2013

This stock-literally in a few short days had a very nice Up run.

With that in mind, with the stock currently trading at $7.55-$7.56 I think I’d cash my chips in right about now.

It’s hard not to lock in such a nice profit in such a short period of time.

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  1. MKE says...

    Jeff, I see that this stock despite the MKT being strong is selling right near its yearly low. I also see that there is an enormous short position in the stock.
    I also see that last quarter was not good.
    I just bought shares.
    I think that you are right in that this business has a shot to turn itself around.
    We’ll see and thanks for the tip!

  2. Dave Lewis says...

    Risky pick here.
    It’s been going down for days in a huge bull mkt.
    I took a shot here and picked up some shares at $4.48.
    What caught my eye is that recent bond offering where the company took in almost double what it originally planned on issuing.
    Tells me, institutions may know more than the public.
    If any good news breaks here the shorts will get creamed.
    I’m with you on this one Jeff.

  3. Jeff Eats:
    I made some really nice money on your KKD and BH picks.
    I did some DD on NIHD and I agree with you that its business is worth a whole lot more than $4.47 a share.
    No question from what I read that the “shorts” have really done a number on this stock.
    I bought 2500 shares of stock at $4.5 a few minutes ago.
    It makes no sense if you are a short to now stay short.
    Unless I don’t understand, the lowest this stock can go is ZERO therefore a short has a further maximum gain of $4.50 a share. I seriously doubt BK is in the cards.
    Any type of positive news from the company is going to cause a short covering stampede.
    It appears that close to 1/3 of the stock is short.
    If and when good news hits it will be very painful to be short this stock because the up ride could be painfully swift.
    To shorts out there, is if I were you I would close out the short positions now.

    • Bill S. says...

      jeff, the thing ran up so fast that I sold out at 5.11 on Thursday.

  4. RKM says...

    jeff, I bought shares. sold them yesterday at 5.09. very volatile stock. moves up and down like crazy.
    made some nice money.

  5. donkeylevine says...

    jeff, stock is currently 5.38. great call here.
    thks, donkeylevine

  6. JHN says...

    I bought 1,000 shares at $4.41.
    Just sold them at $5.94.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  7. mark wolf says...

    i bought 25,000 shares at $4.62.
    am i a seller already?

  8. Dave L. says...


    I guess I used up my all my credibility…

    Hope you are not laughing too loudly at me now. I guess we don’t always agree…(I like smokey bones BBQ chicken too.) As a former NYer myself, what do we know about BBQ anyway?

    On another note, I really do enjoy your blog, and make it a point to seek out as many of your recommendations as possible. I ate at Dickies the other night, and I couldn’t wait to get home and tell you about it…it just seemed like your kind of place to me.

    …and while I have you, thanks for the heads up on NIHD.

    Thanks again for all you do,
    David Lehrman

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