Vandy’s 5 Brothers Sports Bar and Italian Eatery (Marco Island)

Posted on March 13th, 2013 · American Italian Marco Island Pizza Subs/Salads


***** Vandy’s 5 Brother Sports Bar and Italian Eatery, 1089 North Collier Boulevard, Marco Island, Florida 34145, (239) 394-5100.

Let me start by saying…Jeff Eats absolutely loved Vandy’s 5 Brothers.

The best way to describe Vandy’s Brothers—sports bar meets red sauce “mom & pop” Italian joint.

You can check menu/prices at When you’re on the site, there is a short video which tells you the story of how a “so-so” sports bar acquired a “dynamite” pizza joint—you’ll also see what the joint looks like. One bit of “color” one of the owners was a first rate NFL place kicker…you’ll get details from the video.

Vandy’s has the requisite huge bar…flat screen tvs up the whazoo (every booth has one), young energetic wait-staff, bands, tribute shows (5 bucks a head), karaoke, Texas holdem poker.

The joint’s menu is loaded with appetizers, pizzas, pastas, burgers, wings, hot/cold subs, salads, wraps, meat/chicken/seafood entrees. Just so you know, although the emphasis is on Italian “stuff”—everyone in your party is gonna find what to eat.

Now for the biggie…Is the food any good?

A recent outing had Jeff Eats “sampling”— large Greek salad ($8.50), large plain pizza ($15.75), large chicken-parm sub ($9.50), large meatball-parm sub ($9.50), meat lasagna ($15.50), broiled grouper sub ($11.99), large sausage/peppers/onions sub ($9.50). Let me make this short and sweet, the food was really good—and was a whole lot better than what many South Florida sub shops and pizza joints turn-out.

Vandy’s 5 Brothers is a homerun or should I say field-goal!

I strongly recommend that you give this one a try.

Vandy’s 5 Brothers is open 11:30am-2am 7 days a week.

17 Comments to “Vandy’s 5 Brothers Sports Bar and Italian Eatery (Marco Island)”

  1. jon greenberg says...

    From: jon
    Subject: bbq

    Message Body:
    I just don’t understand you review a place that’s miles and miles away. That
    very few people will go to. When you have an absolutely delicious place right
    here in your own backyard which is Blue Willies bbq. You remember the place
    I’ve been telling you about for over a year now and you said you’ve been there
    but refuse to let anyone about it. You remember don’t you???

    • TEDDY D. says...

      What makes you think that Jeff doesn’t have a huge following in SW Florida?
      I live in Bonita Springs and just off the top of my head I can name at least 20 people here who follow Jeff Eats on a regular basis.

      • Jon g says...

        Not saying he doesn’t have followings all over the place just think the majority is in South Florida because that’s where
        Most of his reviews are

    • jon greenberg,
      I have eaten at Blue Willies.
      I didn’t care for it one bit.
      I found the ribs oversmoked, same for the chicken.
      The mac & cheese was watery.
      I also didn’t like that you have to sit outside.
      So there’s a review for you.

      • Jon g says...

        That’s funny if you look at the review on all other sites the worst it had gotten is 4 stars. To each his own!

        • Jon g
          I thought the food at Blue Willies sucked.
          I really couldn’t give a rat’s ass as to what you or other sites rate it.
          I wouldn’t give it even one star.

          • Jon g says...

            That just shows you don’t know good food so who cares what you think!!!

          • Wallace Cleaver says...

            Jon g, Ive eaten at loads of bbq places. Blue Willes is ok but that’s about it. Tom Jenkin’s is better. So stop getting into a hissy fit over Blue Willies. It really is nothing special.

          • Jon g says...

            Sorry I’ve been to Tom Jenkin’s and it just fair at best also service stinks. Jacks bbq off of Oakland Park Bl. is far better than Jenkin’s

  2. NTG says...

    hey jon,
    ive been reading jeff eats a very long time.
    I see that you have mentioned blue willies bbq a number of times. I also recall big apple deli as one of your favorites.
    why you keep bothering jeff eats with this blue willies is beyond me, unless you are one of its owners.
    ok, we get it, you like it, but why keep annoying jeff to write it up?
    if jeff wants to write it up I guess he will and if he doesn’t he wont.
    something very strange about your constantly pushing this one and that big apple one awhile back.
    by the way ive been to blue willies and its very good.

    • Rob Roberts says...

      I was thinking the same thing.
      This jon greenberg character sure doesn’t let up when he wants something reviewed. To his credit, Jeff publishes his comments. Why this fellow is so effusive about a bbq restaurant is beyond me. Very annoying.

    • Jon g says...

      Told Jeff about Big Apple and Gamaroffs he reviewed then and really liked both. I don’t own any restaurant anywhere just think people should know about good places to go to. Jeff told me on a email that he went to blue Willies and will tell all about it but that was a long time ago so I’m just reminding him that’s all.

  3. RRD says...

    Jeff, Great call here.
    My family loves Vandys 5.
    Great food and they have some great shows.

  4. Dean Arthur says...

    Vandy’s pizza is the best on the island.
    My wife and I recently saw two terrific shows, Brylcream’s doo wop and George Orr a tribute to Rod Stewart. Both performances were fun.
    I highly recommend Vandy’s. Good food, reasonable prices, good service. If you are into sports, it has tvs all over for you.

  5. Rosey T. says...

    Jeff good find here.
    We try and get to Vandy’s at least once a month.
    One of the best sports bars going.

  6. Ryan says...

    From: Ryan
    Subject: Restaurant to review

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff,

    I visit your site regularly to discover new restaurants in S. FL. I was
    surprised to not see a review for Taqueria Y Antojitos El Guanaco. I found them
    on and it seems like a real joint that is very highly rated.


  7. Jeffrey says...

    I follow Jeff’s reviews because I saw them a long time ago and I was also Brooklyn born and bred and I will follow to where the food is. As for Vandys… I lived on Marco Island for many years and it was the only good pizza around. Mark behind the bar tried his best to keep you happy. Vandy himself will sign anything as is a good soul. The rest of the food just aroused your Italian soul. It’s all good. No details. Just try your favorite stuff and let your decisions be made. Nothing fancy… casual as the island should be.

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