***** Just Because You Are A Billionaire! *****

Posted on March 12th, 2013 · Music/Events/Other

***** Just Because You Are A Billionaire! *****

Back on May 31, 2012 Jeff Eats did a “story”…”Time For New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg To Retire.”

To make a long story short…

Back then, Mayor Bloomberg was trying to “pass” a law- which in essence “limited” the container size of certain beverages sold in New York City. Jeff Eats thought that the proposed law was absolutely absurd. Despite “guys” like me, the law was passed and was to go into effect this morning at midnight. Yesterday morning-the New York State Supreme Court “saw” what Jeff Eats saw—and declared the law unconstitutional and stopped it from being enforced.

Below is the original Jeff Eats story…and all I can say- is that because you are a billionaire doesn’t mean that you aren’t an idiot. Time for Bloomberg who incidentally was going to hold the New York Marathon a few days after the Super Storm Sandy Disaster (public out-cry stopped him) call it a day and just leave NYC alone. I’ll bet the people of NYC can’t wait to elect a new mayor come this November.

********** Time For New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg To Retire *****

Do a quick Google-Search… you’ll find a ton of stories about Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s latest “idea” to pass a NYC law that prohibits the sale of sugary soft drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces. For the sake of fairness- there are “various” exceptions built into the proposed law which is intended to help fight obesity.

Is Bloomberg nuts or what?

I don’t know about you, but Jeff Eats is perfectly capable of deciding for himself how much Coca Cola or Pepsi or Sunkist Orange Soda I can “handle” at any given time.

Talk about the Government “getting” into your daily life. The next thing you know this guy Bloomberg will be looking to limit NYC residents to only 6 Lay’s Potato Chips a day and require them to take 10-minute showers/4-times a day.

No question in my mind…time for Bloomberg to call it a day–and retire to one of those 11 homes that he owns.

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  1. John C. says...

    Jeff, you were so right. amazing that it took the court so long to over turn this idiotic law.
    also amazing that you got readers who actually sent you comments saying that Bloomberg’s idea was terrific. keep up the great blog.

  2. Fred F. says...

    Mayor Bloomberg is a freaking moron.
    I live in both Manhattan and Miami Beach.
    This fool is so out of touch with reality that it’s really scary.
    The soda was absurd and lucky for NYC the Court stopped him.
    When he wanted to run the Marathon despite devestation all around the 5 boroughs that was another example of how this fool’s head isn’t screwed on to tight.
    The term limit law of two terms he got changed so he could wreck the city another 4 years.
    The people of NYC cant waint for this clown to leave.

  3. MKA (W.P. B.) says...

    Jeff, read the comments of original story and can’t believe that there are readers who actually thought that Bloomberg’s idea made sense. I guess that’s why Obama is in for a 2nd term. Stupid people who think that Big Government knows best.
    It’s really great that folks like you with a pulpit can express ideas that make sense.
    Really enjoy your blog and your take on different things is very refreshing and enjoyable.

  4. ED KOCH III says...

    How Bloomberg made so much money has always been a mystery to me.
    I live full time in Boca Raton.
    Moved out of Manhattan some 20 years ago long before this dope became mayor.
    From a far have watched this dope make some of the biggest mistakes known to mankind.
    His latest two this soda fiasco and the marathon are just two examples how this dope is a rich man who has no connection to everyday working man or woman.
    Lucky for the people that some judge stopped this latest round of government takeover your everyday life insanity. Too bad this Bloomberg clown will now waste the city’s money appealing this latest ruling against his nonsense.
    On the marathon, the city was devastated and this jack ass was going to have the marathon run. The people of Ny got on his ass real fast and he cancelled the race. This is another example of this man’s insensitivity to the common people.
    NY has been stuck with him for almost 12 years. He started off good after 911 but has been horrendous the last 5-6 years.
    Bloomberg is out of touch.
    Like you wrote time for him to go to one of those 11 homes that he has and leave the people alone.
    Just maybe the people will get a good mayor in November. Right now the field is a mish mosh so we’ll have to see how it shakes out.
    All I know is that BIG GOVT politicians like Bloomberg aren’t what America needs.

  5. STEVE KRAMER says...

    Jeff, right on the money.

  6. XHITS33496 says...

    Short men have Napoleonatic complexes.
    Bloomberg proves the theory.
    The man is one sick dude.
    Got to go, the sodaman is making a home delivery of some 32ouncers for me.

  7. Neil G. says...

    The folks who read Jeff Eats and actually thought that Bloomberg’s idea made good sense should be ashamed of yourselves.
    This law was so unconstitutional that it wasn’t even funny.
    You same people must belive that ObamCare is good for the average worker. If you do, you are nuts.
    Stop putting your faith in big government.

  8. Al Koss says...

    lmao at Bloomberg. glad to see the judge kicked his ass. finally someone who told this little runt to scram.

  9. bigsodaman says...

    Bloomberg is a moron.
    Really just that simple

  10. WillowR. says...

    M. Bloomberg is so out of touch with the ordinary guy that it’s absolutely mind boggling.
    This clown got elected because of 9/11. If the attacks hadn’t happened he would have been annihilated in the General Election. It was Rudy G’s that got him elected.
    Bloomberg inherited Rudy G’s. operation. Over the years Bloomberg’s plans came into being and that’s when the City started to get worse.
    This sugar drink think is one of the most insane laws ever conceived. Talk about taking away individual rights?
    Bloomberg thinks that he knows better than everyone else.
    This foolish little man actually was going to hold the NY Marathon despite Sandy’s aftermath of devastation.
    He is a self centered know it all.
    Lucky for the people of NY that the Court threw the law out. Too bad this dope is probably going to appeal the ruling.
    Just think of all the money this dope Bloomberg cost people who were preparing for the new law set to go in today. This clown should be made to pay for all of those wasted costs.
    All I know is that as a New Yorker I cant wait to see this moron idiot out of office.
    We are really tired of his Nanny rules and trying to oversee every aspect of our lives.

    By the way, putting parking meters in Mizner Park is something Boca’s mayor and others better take another look at. Business before the meters was bad now having meters will destroy the area even more.

  11. The Duprees says...

    Jeff Eats:
    I and my wife have been reading you for years.
    In addition to some great restaurant picks we have always enjoyed your columns on other tops, like this Bloomberg one.
    We especially like how you let the readers comment away without sanitizing or limiting what they have to say.
    This is definitely one of the best blogs going and we look forward to hearing what you and the readers have to say.
    You spotted this Bloomberg soda thing way before others did. From the Court ruling you were right on the money.
    We also really enjoyed your handicap dog article and you were so right in pointing out for debate Citgo’s Chavez move.
    Keep the reviews coming and the controversy flowing.
    All our best,
    The Duprees

  12. scamster9 says...

    Bloomberg should be forced to pay for all of the costs and monies spent on defeating this ridiculous idea of his.
    It was folks like Bloomberg that the Founding Fathers were trying to protect us against.
    Good riddance to f’ing bum.

    • Will Sutton says...

      Bloomberg is a real loser.
      This sugary soda fiasco is his latest misstep.
      Cant wait to see what dopey idea he next comes up with.

  13. frankw says...

    Bloomberg has done some good things like “Stop and Frisk”, but this one is so over the top tha one has to wonder if he is losing it.

  14. Kenny K King says...

    Frank, jut who would want to frisk you? You are a nasty old bag……

    • RRRF says...

      I see mike hunt, you got another alias.

    • frankw says...

      Mike why don’t you get another hobby and stop anoying Jeff;s otherwise cordial readers with your nonsense. Cut the alias crap we all know who you are by your unique ignorant style.

  15. FGR says...

    Just heard on the news that Bloomberg is going to appeal the Judge’s ruling. This guy doesn’t know when to quit. This drink size law was absurd.

  16. KRAFTER says...

    Bloomberg is a dope.
    Plain and simple.

  17. Roger D. says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Just wanted to write you and tell you how much I enjoy Jeff Eats. Not only do you have some great restaurant picks but every so often your columns touch on other areas.
    I guess the Chavez story has a food component in that Citgo stations also have food convenience stores.
    I really enjoy the banter between your readers and appreciate that everyone has a different opinion on things.
    On Bloomberg I get it, soda is a food, so Jeff Eats likes the topic.
    As you correctly noted way back when, Mayor Bloomberg is infringing on every day life here. This latest soda law was dumb and should never have even gotten approved in the first place.
    Once again, thanks for the fun and informative blog.
    Roger D.

  18. ZZS2121 says...

    Now the clown wants to get a law on the books banning Styrofoam cups.
    This guy doesn’t stop.
    Bet the people of NYC can’t wait for his term to end.
    What a jerk.

  19. Eddie F. says...

    A few more months and Bloomberg is history.
    What a sissy.

  20. JG says...

    Bloomberg is a waste of time.

  21. TATAFORNOW says...

    Now the dope wants to make stores hide cigarettes so you cant see that they have them for sale in NYC.

  22. HerbK says...

    You have to give Bloomberg credit for getting the cigarette smoke out of NYC restaurants. At the time his detractors said it would kill the restaurant business but business picked up as soon as the smoking ban went into effect and has continued to stay strong. Now he wants cigarettes hidden from view in stores that sell them. Anything that can be done to prevent people from smoking can only be a good thing.

    The crime rate has been steadily dropping since he took office too.

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