***** Delray Marketplace *****

Posted on February 26th, 2013 · Delray Beach Music/Events/Other


***** Delray Marketplace *****

Finally, Delray Marketplace a 258,000 square foot “center” opened in Delray Beach at the intersection of West Atlantic Avenue and Lyons Road.

Check for a list of stores/businesses that includes Publix, Frank Theatres CineBowl & Grille, Chico’s, White House/Black Market, Jos. A Bank and Burt & Max’s Grille.

Here’s a “call” for you guys…the Delray Marketplace will prove to be an absolute “white elephant” and a financial disaster for most of the tenants that took leases.

Just for starters- stop and think for a second…
Do we really need another Jos. A Bank men’s clothing store peddling–buy 1 suit and get 3 suits and 9 ties for free?
Do we really need an upscale candy store named IT’SUGAR where candy sells for “an arm and a leg?”
Do we really need another White House/Black Market a women’s chain which literally has stores in every major American shopping mall?
Do we really need another Chico’s a women’s chain which literally has stores in every major American shopping mall?

Look! Jeff Eats could go on and on–telling you that Delray Marketplace is just like that movie “Groundhog Day”—but I won’t.

Real simple…America’s retail-space is OVERBUILT. In this particular case, Delray Beach–doesn’t need any new retail businesses. Trust me, every one of its residents has seen it-done it.

I’m hearing that some “tenants” are paying 50 bucks a square foot…to be part of what will prove to be Armageddon.

Only time will tell, but my money says that most of Delray Marketplace’s tenants will dread the day that their lawyers said it was “ok” to sign their leases.

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  1. Cal H. says...

    What a freaking disaster.
    Was there on Saturday afternoon.
    It was hot as hell and there is no shade anywhere to be found.
    This place is going to be a ghost town during the summer.
    The stores are nothing special.
    Who the hell needs a candy store with $13 lb candy?
    Who needs some foto store making big pctures?
    Who needs a fancy boutique that fits only 20 year old women?
    Who needs a make your own olive oil store?
    This place is going to get ugly real soon.
    Big mistake.

  2. Conde Mas says...

    I got my eye on some really nice tables and chairs that I saw at the Italian restaurant that just opened. The tables and chairs are outside. I’ll pick them up as soon as this joint and many others in this mall go into receivership.
    This mall is a mess.

  3. Trish Weitz says...

    Tried to find “Delray Marketplace” about a month ago. The radio advertising they did was sad. There’s another shopping center on Atlantic and Military called and known as Delray Marketplace. Ask any local and they will send you to Atlantic and Military. So far its been a disappointment, expect it will continue to be so.

  4. Paul says...

    Have been monitoring goings-on at this place
    since February.
    Sad to say, am in agreement with most others
    making comments; it’s a bad dream.
    And the developers know it; they don’t return
    phone calls and multiple messages.
    Movie/bowling complex is worth a visit.
    They, however, need to learn how to run a restaurant. Uneven service most of the time.
    The eatery is a ghost town during the week,
    and on a recent weekend/evening visit not even 1/2 of the advertised 192 seats in the
    so-called Grille were occupied.
    There is no attempt on their part to encourage
    those of us from disparate backgrounds
    to come and pay a call. No outreach to singles, older teens, college kids, families,
    seniors…other than some lackluster p.r. sheets placed on racks that hug the walls of
    the concession area. $17 for popcorn, a soda
    and a candy bar…are you kidding?
    What are they going to do in the summertime,
    when they’ll be competition from 5 other restaurants?
    Where, by the way, will folks be parking?
    With fewer than 15 stores open for business,
    it’s tough to find a spot on a weekend.
    As for the present tenants…I feel sorry for them, except for the crooks at the candy store.
    $14/lb. for garbage? $49 for a 2lb. gummy bear?
    The photo store has managed to establish an
    outpost that may likely be its first and last attempt to be in the retail business.
    The EuroTrash boutique and coffee bar seems empty at all times. The yogurt store…
    good luck, you’ll have to peddle bucketsful of
    soft serve to cover your monthly nut.
    One tenant (Mangia Pizza) advertised for help
    back in the summer of 2012, conducted interviews long distance, announced its opening for November 2012 and then bailed.
    The clothing boutiques (if you can call them that, they’re in such great number all over the
    strip mall map) may have a hard time developing a customer base.
    A candle shop and someone peddling pricey
    olive oils…you jest!
    This white elephant might have been a mecca
    for those of us who (yes) don’t want to hassle
    with the Toy Town that is Downtown Delray,
    and/or don’t wish to haul it over to Glades Road.
    No planning regarding variety of goods and
    services available to the customers of this
    affluent community.
    Where is a Whole Foods or Fresh Market?
    Or a branch of beloved Boys’ Market with
    aisles of decent width?!
    And adding insult to injury, the foot dragging
    on the part of those responsible for widening
    Atlantic and permitting uninterrupted access
    along Lyons to points North?
    What a real shame…to paraphrase the late
    Mr. Brando “It coulda been a contender”…

    • Messer says...

      I agree with you.
      This center is going to prove to be a huge disaster for most of the tenants there.
      Like you, Jeff spotted this mess from the get go.
      How stupid is the Foto place? The owner has to be short a few French fries in his Happy Meal.

  5. Freddy E says...

    You will be so right on this disaster.
    Some of the dumbest businessmen alive must have opened here.
    The Polaroid guy should seek psychological help. How he came up with such a dumb concept is beyond belief.
    The Orange Leaf guy probably has to sell 250 yogurts a day at $4.25 just to pay his daily nut.
    The Olive Oil guy should just drown himself in his oil right now and save all the pain that’s coming.
    The candy guy should just run away because he has no chance.
    The list goes on and on.

  6. Walkerman says...

    To all stores that haven’t yet opened. Stop construction immediately and eat your loses and walk away. This out door mall is going to be a huge disaster.
    For those who already opened.
    Sorry! Your bagged big time!

  7. Paul A says...

    Finally got there today. At 3pm it was me, my wife, our dog Skip and apparently a whole load of ghosts because I didn’t see many people walking around or in the stores.

  8. NONOJOHN says...

    did this thing already die?
    no one in my delray community even mentions it.

  9. DelrayJoe says...

    Going to be like the Titanic.
    So eerily similar only difference is that the Titanic had a band.

  10. Paul says...

    Are they kidding?
    Happened back here yesterday (the new
    Publix is worth the trip) and strolled the area.
    Those schlemiels at the overpriced candy store
    still have their Easter Peeps display prominently
    featured in the window, bragging that they are
    now 25% Off. Yeah, and everything holiday
    (both Passover and Easter) is 50% off at Publix.
    The retail clothing boutiques appear to have more staff than visitors.Literally…between the
    five or so women’s shops open, there were fewer than 10 customers…combined.
    Burt and Max’s seems to be doing a healthy
    business, the new Italian place was crowded
    both outdoors and inside, although the crooner warbling Sinatra tunes with a tip jar
    atop a bus stand was a bit cheesy.
    What are these vendors going to do when summer hits?

    • LOP2121 says...

      I’m in real estate.
      Very familiar with the area and the project.
      Just between me, you and the bed bugs, a number of stores are already bitching that this center is a disaster.
      Don’t you just love the stupid mouse maze for cars in the front.
      Was up there yesterday to check things out around 2:45pm and dead would be the word.
      Did notice some Mexican families in their Sunday garb walking around.
      Not trying to sound bias or anything, but the migrant worker population in the area isn’t going to help draw the upscale Jewish crowd the stores figured they would get.
      This center is in big trouble and just think most of the stores haven’t even opened.
      Just look at the Promenade in Coconut Creek. This is a carbon copy in the problem department.

  11. ronnie r says...

    You definitely got this one right on the money.
    This mal is destined to failure.
    The tenant mix is absurd.
    There is no way that the area needs upscale women’s shops and fancy dancy candy stores.
    Maybe a Publix but that’s about it.

  12. Phyllis Podbielak says...

    Give this place a chance.
    The new Bridges development on Lyons will have a lot of people shopping in here.

    • 87ubethere says...

      wanna bet?
      I say not a chance.

  13. Paul says...

    Yes, I, too noticed the migrants in their Sunday
    best. It’s heartbreaking to realize that about all
    they can afford is the clothing on their backs, but they dutifully made the rounds. And yes,
    as LOP2121 remarks…the mix of shops is
    absurd. There is no business. The mouse maze
    was a cute idea, but does not work. Those choice parking spots are taken first (wonder if
    the staffers are scooping them up) and one needs to park “out back”, which is a pain.
    As for the ethnic mix…look at those schlemiels
    with the candy store (if you can call it that,
    @$13.99/lb. for bulk product) who gave prominent display to Peeps…where was some
    (refrigerated) chocolate covered matzo?
    Their selection of novelty products includes
    jumbo size candy packs, going for $25+;
    and they’ve got prime placement, anchoring
    the wraparound portion of that side of the mall, or shopping center…or whatever it is.
    The movies and bowling lanes will be patronized, but a photo shop? And that pitiful
    olive oil vendor…he/she opened this past weekend, and the only activity I observed was
    one of the staff wiping down the olive oil decanters. There was literally no one in the store. Yet they have cards outside the store
    featuring exotic mixtures of oils and vinegars.
    How are those poor fools going to pay their rent? Such a place might have a hard time
    making it in the wine country of Sonoma; folks
    from Delray and surrounding areas have no
    knowledge (nor interest) of better quality olive oil. It’s like that old routine from SNL…
    The Scotch Tape Shop.
    And what’s with that ROC boutique, the one
    with the Lamborghini (?) parked out front?
    I have only seen salespeople inside. The nail
    place gave up the ghost early on Sunday;
    it was shuttered by 6PM.
    There was obviously no screening process
    regarding tenants and tenant mix; the developers got desperate and grabbed anyone foolish enough to commit to a lease.
    Maybe when one of the larger spaces goes
    bust they’ll come to their senses and offer an
    attractive lease to a Whole Foods or Fresh Market, as I alluded to earlier.
    The saddest thing about the enterprise is that it lacks any feeling of warmth or character.
    It’s a souless strip of real estate thrown up
    alongside a one lane highway. However, it
    is impressive from a distance…check it out
    if you’re coming from the East after dusk.

  14. Lanny T says...

    Read Jeff’s thoughts. Time will tell if he right or wrong.
    Was there yesterday and there is no question that many of the stores are in for a huge struggle. The one that really gets me is the olive oil store. What a ridiculous idea.

  15. Bob says...

    It’s noon, went to Publix and took a tour
    afterwards. There are so few people here
    that I was able to count them. 23. Literally.
    No customers in:
    candy store
    olive oil store
    photo store
    ROC store
    nail spa
    Apricot Lane
    and the big store at the far end of the mall,
    offering handbags and junk jewelry
    Exactly 2 customers at yogurt shop, outside
    at a table enjoying their sweets.
    Not one table occupied at the bowling alley,
    no customers at the Italian place, no traffic
    at Burt and Max’s, plenty of parking available
    outside every store and fewer than 10 cars
    in the Publix lot.
    Oh, and construction interruptions along
    Atlantic from the turnpike that took me almost
    15 minutes to go less than 1 mile.
    Between the shuttering of the gambling arcades, this disgrace of a so-called mall
    and the interminable traffic delays…how is it
    that residents are required to grin and bear it
    in an environment that was created specifically
    to allow those living here to indulge in the good life.
    Plainly put, it stinks.

  16. Fran C. says...

    Jeff Eats:
    Was there last night around 6:30pm to shop at Publix.
    Publix is quite a walk away from the heart of the center.
    Didn’t have time to walk around after shopping but did drive through the center.
    No fooling around, there was literally no one in the street.
    I can only imagine what this place is going to be like during the day when summer comes along.

  17. Jill says...

    Going to give this place a try on a Saturday.

  18. Jen G. says...

    was at the Publix last night around 6 pm. Rest of center was empty. This is going to get really ugly.

  19. william wilkens says...

    my bet is that either the polaroid or olive oil store will be the first of many to close its doors.
    two of the dumbest retail ideas ive ever ever ever seen.

  20. In satisfied customer says...

    Worst establishment I have been to in a long time. The staff was incredibly rude especially the owner. Ridiculously expensive and definitely not worth it for what you are getting. The toppings are uncovered and there were flies all over them.
    The bathrooms are incredibly dirty and it just leaves me wondering what it’s like behind the kitchen door if what we are able to see is in such condition and the place is brand new. Do not go!!!!!! You may get sick!!!! My family or sick the same night we went there… Coincidence? I think not! Will never be back and urge you all not to go! Seems nice from the outside and I honestly was so excited for it since I live in the area but after being there once I can say I will NEVER go there again’

    • JeffEats says...

      In satisfied customer:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      What restaurant are you complaining about?

      Thanks for reading…

  21. Jill says...

    I think this person is referring to the yogurt place.
    Paid a visit this weekend.
    The olive oil store was closed by 7PM (this,
    on a weekend) and the following day there was
    no one at the counter, only an open front door.
    As others have commented…what were they
    thinking? There is no crowd here for such a
    place. Hope they have plenty of disposable
    income backing them, as they’re going to lose
    every dime invested in this place.
    Maybe it’s because the roads to and from the
    Marketplace are under construction or Glades
    Road is more appealing, but this site seems
    headed towards oblivion.
    There’s some “special” event planned for
    this weekend. Let’s see what happens.

  22. Chris says...

    Was there yesterday (Friday) at about 7pm.
    There are only 14 stores open, so far.
    There was no parking. None.
    What sort of numbnuts threw up a space
    like this, so poorly planned and miserably

  23. New York Rules says...

    I must be an idiot, because I like the place. The fire, water, date palms, all look friggin awesome. I like having another choice of places to hang out. Yeah, so I am unemployed and can’t afford to shop in some of the stores, but it doesn’t make me bitter and hostile toward the place. I can afford the yogurt shop, the burger place that is opening soon, gifts for my girl from Charming Charlie and to get her nails done at the nail place. The movie theater is first class and costs the same as any other theater. They offered a free shuttle to pick me up at my car so I didn’t have to walk with my girl through the rain. I would rather have this than nothing. The majority of respondents need to stop thinking about why they are so overly critical of everything. If you got a problem with that let’s meet in person and discuss.

    • Jill says...

      Yes, you are an idiot.
      Unemployed and shopping for overpriced, sub-par quality gifts
      at Charming Charlie’s (a store that is bound to go under) and
      paying a premium price for a “name” burger and $4-$6 for
      a cup of yogurt.
      Maybe you need to devote more time to a job search, then come
      back and shop wherever you like, rather than trudging around
      the mall as a ragpicker!

  24. Johnny C says...

    Was there yesterday.
    Horrendous layout.
    Front roads are very narrow and like a mouse maze,.
    What a mess.

  25. Brook says...

    I also went to see that Delray Marketplace today. We were there about 6:30. Completely dead, not many places open to eat or to choose from, after much thought, we decided to check out that yogurt store. Not the friendliest group of people. Especially if you first want to try a flavor, they give you major attitude when you ask for a small sample.
    The place isn’t all that… I’ve had better yogurt at any one of many places around. The machines were leaky and unappetizing. I agree with the person that wrote about all the flies around the fruit znd toppings, what a turnoff! We left empty handed, and will not be back there. It also seemed that the guy that was there with the grey hair, could be the owner,
    Had no knowledge or class when it came to treating customers. This place is not gonna last with all their issues.

  26. Stedman says...

    Was there today around 3:30pm. A ghost town.

  27. Paul says...

    Drove over on Sunday.
    All but 11 parking spaces taken, no longer
    any sign for Valet parking outside movie
    Olive oil store empty again. Salesgal informs
    that the owner was “approached” by someone
    at CityPlace and suggested that they open
    a branch in Delray. Are they kidding?
    Photo store had 3 shoppers.
    Clothing stores already running 60% off sales.
    That handbag store at the far end has no
    foot traffic. Five visitors to yogurt shop.
    More staff than customers at candy store.
    Burt/Max’s somewhat busy, new Italian place
    draws a nice crowd, especially outdoors.
    Movie theater restaurant almost empty.
    And it was stifling hot yesterday.
    How is this mistake going to trudge through
    the hot and muggy summer?
    Kite Realty should be ashamed of itself!

  28. Pat says...

    Well outside of a few openings that I too cannot understand why they are there, oil, photo, etc. I do have high hopes for this place..I really do. I guess time will tell..restaurants will probably do well..the parking is a disaster though if and when they get a big crowd. No planning on this that’s for sure…Have my fingers crossed.

  29. loser76 says...

    what in the world could the olive oil guy been thinking?

    • Ron G. says...

      Couldn’t have been thinking at all. What a dumb idea.
      The foto guy also is a dumb idea.

  30. RocknRollJoe says...

    the store mix is as dumb as they come.

  31. Jeff In Boca says...

    foto is a real dumb one but not as dumb as the olive oil one and not as dumb as that fancy boutique. what a disaster awaits many stores in this center.

  32. R45DE says...

    This place is a mess.
    Crappy stores and crappy parking

  33. Jill says...

    This latest “event” being thrown by the
    Burt/Max’s honchos is a joke. A bad one.
    Charging up to 100 bucks to sit on a blanket(?)
    or a lawn chair and hear some 5th rate tribute
    band, with a couple of drinks and tidbits thrown
    in…are you kidding?
    Has anyone seen the size of the Promenade?
    Passing through yesterday I stopped to take
    a closer look and I doubt that the grass in front
    of the band shell can accommodate more than 200 people, max.
    It would serve these weasels well if a group
    of “concertgoers” headed over to the nearby
    Publix, grabbed a brew and a sandwich and
    caught the action from any of the sidewalks
    or parking spaces adjacent to the band shell.
    Has anyone noticed that the Marketplace
    is about 30% unleased, and if you look closer
    you’ll note that of the stores announced to be
    opening, there are no construction crews working inside at least 50% of those leased
    If there was more parking available, this
    future ghost town might be a great site
    for an outlet mall…bit of trivia: does anyone
    know that Sawgrass Mills is the 2nd most visited tourist spot in the state of Florida?!

  34. Ellen G. says...

    I was in City Place yesterday afternoon. Talk about a ghost town.
    Same thing is going to happen here.
    They don’t have anything that anyone needs.

  35. Sally R. says...

    Went by there last night just to see what it looked like.
    Not very impressive.
    Tons of empty stores.
    Tenants aren’t the best combination.
    Found a parking spot right in front as the center was virtually empty.
    Not going to be a good situation for most of the stores.

    • Susan says...

      I was one of the people at the event with the umbrella!!! Parking here is ridiculous. I really don’t like valet…Never did. And…please I would really have loved A Whole Foods or Fresh Market….So sad.

  36. Paul says...

    Dropped over to the “charity” event
    @Burt/Max’s last Saturday.
    For the price of a soft drink I had a comfy
    seat by the fire pit (really unneccesary, as it
    was about 90 degrees) and was subjected
    to one of the most pitifully lame excuses for
    an emcee, in the person of some local DJ
    who told jokes so bad that they were cringe-worthy.
    An equally lackluster group (4th Dimension?)
    opened; the fake Beach Boys came onstage
    at 7:46; the rains came at 7:48.
    Security collapsed.
    Those not seeking shelter under the eaves
    opened umbrellas. There were 29 poor souls
    sitting on folding chairs, comprising the audience. Another 50-75 huddled outside
    the restaurant.
    Security having sought shelter, there was universal access to the food vendors and bar.
    Some schlemiels paid $30-100 for the privilege of attending; others enjoyed food
    (and possibly drink) free of charge.
    The grass was rain-soaked, the sod had not been properly tamped down, the musicians
    were fifth rate, yet the owner, decked out in
    a spiffy orange silk shirt greeted friends and
    family and kinda/sorta jerked himself around
    to the music.
    On the positive side: all staff of the restaurant
    were extremely courteous, especially the
    petite blonde who was in charge of marketing
    the event, as well as a striking, statuesque
    younger blonde girl who gave out promotional
    materials and disseminated information about
    their Rewards program…which by the way,
    to be fair…sounds real good.
    This was an event that never should have happened.
    They are lucky to have a loyal following, as
    the place is probably the most-visited of any
    of the retail locations in this poorly planned
    public waste of space.

  37. FDC says...

    Any retailers who open there should have their head examined.
    the center is in the middle of nowhere.
    No matter how many new homes they build the population can’t support a center like this.
    The tenant mix is absurd.
    Fancy candy store, olive oil store, blowup photo store, high end boutique, they are absolutely nuts. maybe on 42nd Street and Broadway in NYC but not here.
    This center is going to be such a disaster.

  38. Zebralady says...

    Do you give any of the retailers there a chance of making it?
    Or are they all headed for disaster?

  39. Nick says...

    Shopped at Publix on Monday, store was
    basically empty. Cashiers talking with each other, no lines. Store personnel is very friendly,
    manager on duty was asked why his parking lot
    is full on the weekends and his store usually has
    fewer than 25 customers. He diplomatically
    alluded to the traffic overflow from the “mall”
    (or whatever it is) and says that “we’re addressing the issue.”
    Does that mean that someone in charge is going to build a 2nd level of parking?
    This hodge podge project is jinxed.
    Mostly by its developers, Kite Realty.
    What were they thinking?
    Combination of stores opened so far is lackluster at best. Place cries out for a gourmet grocery. Or maybe the olive oil store
    will get its act together and add smoked meats and cheeses to its huge selection of
    custom blended oils and vinegars (that nobody really craves) or a chain like Whole Foods can overcome resistance from Publix
    and take a space.
    With our Florida summer in full swing, it’s too
    damn hot to walk the pavements during the
    daytime, with the recent torrential downpours
    wandering anywhere there is out of the question.
    Movie/bowling complex is brilliantly conceived
    and realized. The Italian place draws a crowd,
    but their outdoor seating (which seems to be
    most of the restaurant) doesn’t exist when
    rain comes down in buckets.
    The Burt and Max’s attracts people of all ages
    and their service staff is attentive and friendly.
    Japango, haven’t visited.
    What’s going to be when these 4 food destinations are competing for dollars and another Italian place opens, as well as a beer
    joint, a Mexican place, a coffee lounge and
    Shula Burger?
    Either it’s going to draw crowds for miles or
    the competition will drive the weaker places
    As Jeff Eats observed, is there really a need
    for yet another Jos. A. Bank or Black/White
    or Chico’s?
    I say go for broke: 3 levels of parking and
    a slew of Outlet stores.

  40. Ted allen says...

    Heard that the Chico’s is doing great.
    I also heard that 3 men from Mars landed in NYC this morning and want to play for the Mets.

  41. Buzz says...

    Wondering what anyone/everyone was thinking
    when they signed on to this location.
    For starters, if someone wants to look ’em up
    and makes the mistake of going to
    they are directed to two other venues, not this one.
    For another, there is little in the way of support
    offered by the (nominal) overseers, namely
    Kite Realty. Their local rep. ignores phone messages. Their two recent efforts to sponsor
    themed events were dismal failures.
    Note to Burt and Max’s: If you want to attract
    crowds to your new location, don’t dare think
    of gouging people $30-$100 to sit on a crummy
    plastic folding seat (in the rain, no less) and force these schlemiels to listen to a really lame
    version of an iconic rock group from the 60s.
    And while you’re at it, if you’re asking guests
    to pony up and offering small plates and mixed
    drinks on the lawn remember to install some
    interior lighting in the pop-up tents. After 8:30pm
    there was no illumination and you had to guess
    what it was you were about to sample.
    Back to the Marketplace…
    Burt and Max’s have a loyal following, as does
    Tierra Fiamma, but as someone pointed out the
    sole Italian place features (mostly) outdoor seating…which is pleasant enough but pointless
    in a downpour.
    The movie theater draws a crowd, but the service in the Grille can be lacking. And their ushers are WAY too friendly, insisting on
    physically connecting with the guests by means
    of ghetto high-fives and outrageous requests
    such as “Hey, can I have that?” to a moviegoer
    in front of me using his iPhone.
    Frank Theatres might do well to invite those
    travelling to the Marketplace in buses (have seen at least three different condo communities
    touring the area) to come in for a Seniors Matinee and a sandwich…they are way not busy
    during weekday afternoons.
    The candy store…beautifully designed, missing
    everything in the way of unique character that
    a typical candy store has…no personality.
    And the ratio of sales staff to actual customers
    making purchases is about 8:1…and that would
    be 8 teens floating around the store to1 actual
    The yogurt shop. I feel really bad for this guy.
    His rent must be at least $10,000/month and
    even during peak evening hours there’s not more than 10 patrons inside and outside the store.
    Olive oil…in Delray? Had an exchange with the
    knowledgeable gal behind the counter and she
    told me (with a straight face) that the reason they opened here is because there was a huge
    demand for another branch, based on feedback
    they had/have from their store in CityPlace.
    Photo shop? Again, nicely realized store
    build-out but where are the customers?
    The ROC whatever…and Charming Charlie’s…
    are these locations funnels for some shadier
    enterprise further south?!
    Latest poor souls to open is the candle shop…
    yup, when it’s 97 degrees and equally humid
    I race to a shop where I can find sources of
    heat-generating illumination…
    Nail spa?
    Chico’s and Black/White and Bank Clothiers…
    I’ll pass.
    Of the stores opened, I would guess that those
    who’ll survive during the next 12-18 months
    will be Frank Theatres, Chase Bank, Burt & Max’s, (maybe) Tierra Fiamma, the pizza by the
    slice shop, coffee shop, possibly Japango and
    if they can attract a younger crowd, the beer hall
    next to the movie theater and the Latin place
    across the road…and Publix.
    Kite Realty needs to aggressively court new
    tenants, like a gourmet market, a liquor/wine
    shop and possibly a bookstore.
    Otherwise, it’s curtains

  42. Mike says...

    About to leave muggy South Florida and
    head back to California for the summer.
    This Marketplace obsesses me; try as I may,
    can’t quite fathom it.
    As others have observed “What were they
    While the place has a nice look to it, it’s been
    beset by problems (some of their own making,
    others not) since its’ delayed opening this
    Roads to/from still a mess.
    Lack of parking is unbelievable; if the movies
    are doing decent business there is no self-parking to be had anytime after 1pm on
    Saturday or Sunday. What were the Kite
    people thinking when they pitched these
    storefronts to potential leasees?
    And how did the renters who commited manage to collectively go out to lunch before
    commiting to space, not realizing that fewer
    than 1,500 parking spaces would not meet
    the needs of potential shoppers and visitors
    at a 50+ series of stores?
    That’s about 30 spots for each store…really?
    And as someone also observed, how does
    a food business meet its monthly nut without
    benefit of a brisk breakfast or lunch business?
    Since I shop at Publix (always no waiting, very
    nice staff) about 3-4 times weekly I see that
    there is nothing going on between 11am-5pm
    on weekdays. As in no one open for lunch
    (except the CineBowl Grille) and no foot traffic
    in the blazing sun (or recent downpours)
    before Happy Hour commences at the movies
    and Burt’s and Terra Fiamma.
    The glitzy candystore usually has more
    sales help than customers, the guy who got
    suckered into opening the yogurt store is now
    in a perpetually bad mood (and the vibes are
    as intense as his Customers Only bathroom
    is filthy) has already partly given up the ghost
    by changing his open from 11am to noon.
    The brainiacs behind the photo shop can’t
    seem to draw flies (let alone customers) and
    the space vending delicious (but pricey)
    custom blended vinegars and olive oil is so
    down and out that they haven’t been able to
    scare up the scratch to fully fill in their shelves
    of pre-packaged product. A bad sign, for sure.
    No nearby offices clamoring for an alternative
    to fast food, no Seniors being offered anything
    in the way of a “try us out” promotion with
    a movie or game of bowling and a snack (and
    the Bowl Grille is more often than not empty
    anytime earlier than late afternoon) or some
    kind of Saturday breakfast/brunch from
    Burt & Max’s (one of them comes from an
    illustrious food family on the Lower East Side
    and should be ashamed for not offering
    traditional blintzes, lox/onions, matzo brei, etc.
    to an elderly prosperous crowd who grew up
    on these down home delicacies)…or anything…from anyone there that will draw
    guests to the locale.
    Because there is no anchor (other than the
    movie/bowling complex) there is no perpetual
    ebb and flow of foot traffic, which could sound
    the death knell for this overblown mistake.
    Maybe there’s hope: perhaps one of the
    head-up-the-keester honchos at Kite will
    realize that if this place is going to be anything
    other than a ghost town within 2 years that
    they plow some major bucks into building
    multi-level parking and attracting the likes
    of a Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s and a gourmet
    quality foodstore. Glades Road mall is over
    10 miles away, the Boynton Beach mall is
    borderline dangerous to visit and within a 5+
    mile radius you’ve got new condos and established condos where the median income
    has to be in the six figure range.
    It’d be nice to have an alternative to the
    beat up strip malls that line Atlantic.
    Will be mighty curious to see how this
    white elephant weathers the summer months.

  43. JOE PIZZARELLO says...


  44. JupiterJoe says...

    This center is a DISASTER.
    Parking is terrible.
    The merchants stink.
    Going to go bust.

  45. YHT says...

    the sun sentinel yesterday had a very positive story on itsugar
    and how successful the chain is.
    what do you think?

  46. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    Like you I also read that article.

    Can’t comment on other locations, but if I was a betting man, my money would bet that the location in the Delray Marketplace proves to be a financial disaster.

    Thanks for reading…

  47. Jules86 says...

    This shopping center is a mess and it doesn’t even have its full tenant load in. Parking setup stinks.Store mix is horrendous. No one needs another Chico’s.

  48. TAS says...

    I think you are wrong.
    This center will do great.
    In particular the Polaroid store should be extra strong as its the first of its kind.

    • Qt121 says...

      If you want to see the future of the Delray Marketplace just go to The Promenade in Coconut Creek. Could have been built by the same developer based on looks a tenants. Go there any day and its a ghost town. Empty streets and empty stores. A total disaster.
      The Delray Marketplace will be exactly the same thing.
      I’ll bet you that at least 1/2 of the tenants who have already opened there already know that they made a huge mistake going into this center.
      On my list to be the first casualties, the foto guy, the candy guy, the olive oil guy, the roc boutique guy, the yogurt guy. They should be history within 6 months.
      think I’m wrong? Just watch and you’ll learn that you were on the wrong page on this one.

    • Gto34 says...

      Hey tas,
      Give this center 6 months and you’ll see you were dead wrong. This center is a big giant huge mess. As for your Polaroid store, he’ll be one of the first to bust out. The product is so limited that it actually makes no sense whatsoever.
      See you in 6 months if not sooner.

  49. Bob T says...

    Jeff, my wife and i were there around 2 pm yesterday.
    Literally no one in the street or stores.
    They should have put a Trader Joe’s there and other new concepts that South Floridians haven’t seen too much of.
    On that Polaroid store. Are you kidding me? Not a chance of making it.

    • Cal says...

      I was reading that the foto store is the first of a planned chain.
      Unless I’m missing something I see this concept as a total dud.
      I think we’ll know if we are right or wrong in about 6 months.
      Maybe in a high tourist area like Orlando but no way in Delray Beach on Lyons Rd.

      • Frank W says...

        It wouldn’t make it on the corner of 5th ave. and 42nd st.

      • TSB43 says...

        The foto store is almost as dumb of an idea as th olive oil business is.

        • vinny h says...

          This foto store doesn’t make sense. Maybe in a tourist area like Disneyland but delray beach fl, please!!!! just a matter of time to it closes. the owner is in all kinds of businesses, guaranteed this one is a failure for him.

  50. TR says...

    Was there today at 4pm
    Shula’s was busy.
    Candy store empty.
    Bella Amici is now opened.
    The Coffee Grind is now opened.
    Orange Leaf had one guy sitting outside.
    Foto had a couple of people.
    Nice sized crowd online for movie tkts.

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