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Jodi’s Cupcakes & More (Boca Raton)

Posted on February 24th, 2013 · American Boca Raton Desserts Fast Food


***** Jodi’s Cupcakes & More, 129 Northwest 13th Street, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (561) 416-5559.

A real short story for you guys…

Jeff Eats recently attended a big charity event…the kind, where on the day of the event- you play Zelig and hope that your tuxedo fits!

Anyway… for dessert, the event’s-sponsors had an enormous buffet of cakes, pastries, ice creams, pies—and 10 different types of cupcakes.

Being the public servant that he is, Jeff Eats “sampled” all 10—chocolate cheesecake, chocolate mint, pecan pie, espresso, banana cake, almond cake, triple chocolate, vanilla, strawberry cake, lemon cake…and I gotta tell you, these mini-cupcakes were sensationally delicious.

After the event, I learned that a small-hole-in-wall bakery, Jodi’s Cupcakes & More was the responsible party that had Jeff Eats dieting the next day.

Look, I’m no expert on cupcakes…with that in mind, what I do know—is that this joint turned-out some of the most novel-delicious flavored cupcakes that Jeff Eats has ever eaten.

You can check flavors at

Jodi’s is open Tuesday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, closed on Sunday-Monday.

2 Comments to “Jodi’s Cupcakes & More (Boca Raton)”

  1. Shelley G says...

    They make awesome cupcakes.

  2. Linda G says...

    Had fabulous mini cupcakes today at a Kids event in Boca.
    All kinds of flavors and as fresh as could be.

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