Tasty Wok BBQ & Noodle House (Orlando)

Posted on February 13th, 2013 · Chinese Orlando

***** Tasty Wok BBQ & Noodle House, 1246 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32803, (407) 896-8988.

This is a very simple Chinese food “story.”

Jeff Eats recently tried Tasty Wok BBQ & Noodle House in Orlando and it was absolutely dynamite.

Real simple…this is a bare bones “hole in the wall” joint—ducks hanging from the ceiling.

Tasty Wok’s menu will please you-guys who want “real” Chinese food (whatever REAL means?)–and also guys like me who are looking for Brooklyn-Jewish circa 1950’s Chinese food.

A recent outing had Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and a bunch of friends doing:
1. wonton soup,
2. egg rolls,
3. fried meat dumplings,
4. roast pork,
5. sweet and sour pork,
6. general tso’s chicken,
7. shrimp in lobster sauce,
8. pepper steak,
9. roast duck
10. shrimp fried rice

Like I said a few seconds ago…absolutely dynamite. No fooling around here, some of the best Chinese food Jeff Eats has eaten in Florida.

Nothing for nothing, food and decor-wise, Tasty Wok could successfully compete with most of NYC Chinatown’s players. To be perfectly honest with you, I’d match Tasty Wok’s roast duck and roast pork up against NYC Chinatown’s best joints–any day of the week. Those two “items” alone, were worth the price of admission.

You Orlandoians got a homerun going here.

Tasty Wok is open 7 days a week 10:30am-9:30pm..

Just a “suggestion”—check the YELP reviews on this one. There are something like 100 reviews and other than a small handful—most folks loved Tasty Wok. The comments should “give” you some more color about Tasty Wok.

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  1. Tony Questa says...

    So, you liked it!
    Me too.
    Best Regards,
    Tony Questa
    Entertainment Specialists LLC
    Orlando, Florida

  2. Carls says...

    “ducks hanging from the ceiling”

    Always a good sign because it takes time, effort, dedication and skills. Hong Kong BBQ City/on 441 has it in Broward for me. What others are there in Palm Beach-Boca? How about Dade and Broward?

    The new Asian large grocery store called NY Market at Nob Hill and Sunrise (Broward) has ducks and other roasted pork etc hanging. Right next to a Doris Mkt to make for some one stop shopping

  3. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    I think that Tasty Works BBQ is great. It has wonderful Asian cuisine. I give it 5 stars for great food and great service. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

  4. Chuck says...

    Tasty Wok…Been going here for at least 4 years. Being an ex-NY’er and eating more than 2500 Chinese meals in my lifetime, I can tell you this place rivals certain parts of offerings found in Chinatown..not all mind you, but for Orlando, it is a G-D send!

    Their cold roast pork appetizer is the equal of Bog Wong’s in Chinatown and that’s saying something. Great shrimp won tons but the broth leaves a bit to be desired. Any of their meats over rice are spot on. I like their version of Chow Fun…Try it with Shrimp and Black Bean Sauce.

    Fast efficient service in an atmosphere literally right out of NYC’s Chinatown. Enjoy!

  5. Chuck says...

    From: Chuc
    Subject: Chinese in Florida

    Message Body:
    Been to all the Canton’s (Honey Garlic Chicken – Hong Kong Steak) Christine Lee, China Dumpling, Silver Pond, Hong Kong City, Gary Woo’s, Uncle Thai’s, Tasty Wok (very good) Le Chaun Garden, etc.

    Just try Won Lee like I said and while your at it, also very good…Leahan’s in So. Daytona. Much higher end and very, very good $$$.

    Flatbush Diner, Richard Yee’s, San Pan, Nate and George, Ratchlick’s Bakery, THe Carolina’s, Crisci’s (Greenpoint) . Hey I could go on and on..My ex-wife was from Brooklyn. (: } ) ..We should have lunch one day. I live in Ormond Beach. I use to design restaurant kitchens in NY-NJ.

    This mail is sent via contact form on Jeff Eats

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