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***** Dunkin’ Donuts *****

Posted on February 7th, 2013 · American Breakfast Desserts Fast Food


***** Dunkin’ Donuts *****

Just curious, what do you guys think about national coffee/donut chain Dunkin’ Donuts?

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  1. MK says...

    I think that they have good coffee.
    Their donuts are okay but not great.
    Their bagels are lousy.
    That’s what I think.

  2. Sobe says...

    they are like the McDonald’s of donuts

  3. Lilly G. says...

    Dunkin’ is basically the only national chain in the s florida. Krispy is very small and a minor player.
    Dandee Donuts in Pompano, Deerfield and Hollywood runs circles donutwise around Dunkin’.
    As far as product, service etc goes, it all depends on where the store is.
    Ive been in stores where the donuts were terrific and others where they sold me almost stale ones.
    All and all they get a passing grade, but there is nothing outstanding going on at this chain.

  4. POPPYJOE says...

    Here’s a story for you.
    I live In Boca Raton.
    About 6 weeks ago around 6:30pm I went into a Dunkin’ store and bought a mixed dozen for $7.99. When I paid, the counterperson said “I took$1 off the bill.”
    Anyway, I walked out of the store with my 16 year old son and in less than 35 seconds he went back in to get some napkins. Low and behold at the counter was a “new” sign that had just been put out which said that if you bought 6 you got 6 for free.
    Now I ask you, am I going back to that store? HELL NO!!!!!

  5. Donutman says...

    Real simple, it’s the only real player in the segment.
    The donuts are fair.
    The coffee pretty decent.
    If there was another player I’d definitely give it a shot.

  6. This a real simple one.
    Dunkin is a public company.
    Dunkin is controlled by one particular hedge fund.
    The hedge fund’s goal is to get the stock up so it can make more money.
    Dunkin has centralized comissary operation so the donuts arent fresh baked in the store but rather are delivered during the day.
    Personally, I think that their coffee is pretty decent.
    My favorite donut is glazed and Dunkin’s taste like lard.
    The bagels they have are garbage.

  7. ok says...

    My family is very active in a local charity.
    Every month, something like 100 kids are treated to treats and a party.
    Sometimes its pizza and soda, sometimes its ice cream, sometimes it some sort of pastry.
    These parties have been going on for around 10 years.
    The women who volunteer pay for the treats out of their own pockets.
    Publix, local pizza places have always discounted items knowing that a well known worthy charity is involved.
    Suffice it to say, the Dunkin Donuts stores have not even once offered discounts.
    The women involved a few years back switched to publix baked goods and cupcakes to avoid DD.
    I wouldnt set foot in a crap chain like this.

  8. ED W says...

    DD use to have a much bigger donut selection. Most of the time they have very few donuts to choose from.

  9. RR says...

    You need to speak fluent Urdu when you go to Dunkin’ Donuts. Same when you call the corporate office.

  10. Ed W says...

    Ever since they did away with in store baking I’ve found the donuts to be not too good. They also make less varieties.

  11. EM says...

    Donuts and hot coffee are an American tradition that dates back years and years.
    The stores are in most part owned and operated by folks who have no idea as to how important this custom is.

  12. Sharon K. says...

    I stopped going there ever since they stopped making them in the store. I found the selection was downgraded and the quality not so hot.

  13. PLM33496 says...

    Donuts and coffee are fine.
    The stores aren’t exactly the cleanest and the help isn’t the fasteset bunch on the assembly line.

  14. robertw says...

    I think with Dunkin it depends ont he store you go to. The ones In coral springs, and coconut creek seem to me as always clean. The coffee if always at the perfect temperature and VERY consistant. I think they make a damn good cup In fact their coffee temperature wise is usually better than Starbucks which many times is too hot or not hot enough. Donuts are usually better early in the day. I think some varieties they have are better than others. Boston Kreme is usually good.

  15. robertw says...

    @unknown customer-do you think starbucks makes their pastries and such in store? Same for most chains. In NY I remember some places that made the donuts in the back. Whether a hedge fund owns them has nothing to do with the product itself. If the product is poor, they sell less product. BTW if you get a Dunkin receipt and do the survey online, you get a free donut with coffee the next time.

  16. robertw says...

    @Atitude Zingers is a deli. Dunkin Donuts is a coffee/donut shop. Not the same thing. I have also had the Black and White cookies at Zingers. I am an expert in BW cookies. They might not make those cookies there. If they do they are just fair. How does Zingers get mentioned in so many threads? Any of the owners here? What about Krispy Kreme. They taste good hot but when they sit around they are nothing special either.

  17. gary says...

    Some dunkin donuts are good and some not so good, all I get is a WW bagel not toasted w/ cream cheese and a coffee. The DD on federal by 5th av. is always consistent ,bagels are fresh, cream cheese is cold and fresh, and the coffee is not watered down (like others I’ve been to) Service is pretty decent as well.

  18. Jen K. says...

    Dunkin’ Donuts is like Subway, Blimpie and other mom and pop type food store chains. the folks who own them buy themselves a job.
    Eeven though this is a huge chain it’s not professional run.
    I find the store borderline filthy.
    The donuts are nothing great.
    The coffee is decent enough.
    Starbucks it will never be because it has no class or style.
    Think 7-11 and you got Dunkin’.

  19. robertw says...

    How did a donut discussion get complaints because they are a chain. They are not trying to be Starbucks. The stores around here are clean. There are not many donut shops out there anyway.

  20. KUP says...

    I had a problem at the local store level.
    I called Corporate HQ and to resolve the matter that sent me a $25 gift card and 5lbs of coffee.
    Why the local store gave me such a hard time is beyond me.
    HQ agreed with me and solved the problem literally in 2 seconds.
    I wont go to the local store but will find another location to do business with.
    The owners of these franchises should better train their employees. These employees are ruining the business and the owners aren’t even aware of it.

  21. Doland says...

    Donuts are good but since they went to central baking selection is stores is very limited.

  22. Edelman says...

    Their donuts are garbage.
    Oily and often stale.
    Just a waste of money and calories.

  23. Vic D. says...

    Got 2 glazed from Yamato Rd and 441 store with black coffee.
    Had a bad stomach all day right after eating the donuts.
    Will never eat DD again.
    Something wrong with the product.

  24. TURNER says...

    I love their coffee. Donuts are ok, but I’ve had better.

  25. GH says...

    Donuts have an oily after taste to me.
    Their coffee is good but the donuts stink.

  26. waldomarine says...

    dd donuts suck.
    they are greasy.
    the coffee is ok but the donuts have an aftertaste.

  27. PEDGHT says...

    in my area, Deerfield Beach the owners of these stores have no idea what real good donuts are all about. I also find the stores borderline dirty.

  28. Sid L. Turner says...

    Don’t like their donuts. Have an oily aftertaste.
    Their coffee is very good.

  29. zelman says...

    good coffee.
    donuts just passable.

  30. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Coffee is better than starbucks.
    Donuts are always fresh.
    Excellent selection. Their bagels are also excellent.

  31. TA says...

    Had a glazed donut and cake crueler. Ok but not the best.

  32. ed g says...

    i find all of their donuts to have an oily aftertaste.

  33. Mike F. says...

    Pure garbage for donuts.

  34. Ted Gleason says...

    Its donuts are pure crap.
    Don’t waste your money on this garbage.

  35. FTW says...

    Good coffee.
    Horrendous donuts.

  36. FreddyFender says...

    Donuts are lousy.

  37. SidRidesABike says...

    Coffee and donuts are always good.
    Great selection of donuts and bagels.

  38. GTO says...

    Great coffee and garbage donuts.

  39. Harry G says...

    Terrific coffee and lousy donuts.

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