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***** Best Chicken Wings In South Florida *****

Posted on February 4th, 2013 · American Fast Food Music/Events/Other

***** Best Chicken Wings In South Florida *****

Kill some time for me–while I get a “new” restaurant story together for you guys…

What are your best CHICKEN WINGS picks?

Jeff Eats

21 Comments to “***** Best Chicken Wings In South Florida *****”

  1. RGF2232 says...

    I love chicken wings.
    The best that I’ve had in Florida are the fried ones that Super Dave’s Diner in Boca makes. They are in a sweet sauce bbq sauce which has a drop of kick to it and they are absolutely amazing. Big meaty wings lightly breaded.

  2. John K. says...

    Bru’s Room makes really good wings. All of the flavors are terrific. There are a handful of locations.
    By the way, Hurricane Wings stinks. No meat on them and the flavors are dull and bland.

  3. Personally my favorite is the fried wings drenched in butter at Hooters. I usually go to the one down by the Hard Rock Casino but there are stores all over the area. The wings are really terrific.
    I also like Bru’s wings for grilled type wings.
    I don’t like Hurrican and I also don’t like Buffalo Wild Wings.
    For coal oven wings, I really like Anthony’s wings.

  4. Joey G. says...

    Chicks N Wings in Cutler Bay. AWESOME!!!

  5. Anne Belvin says...

    Wing Shack, Orlando.
    Lemon pepper wings.

  6. VGF says...

    My favorite type of wings are coal oven.
    I like Anthony’s.
    I like Tucci’s.

  7. Don Dee says...

    Pubgril in Cutler Bay. Great wings.

  8. Scotty says...

    Anyone remember Lord Of The Wings?? RIP……. HUGE and AWESOME!!

  9. roger f says...

    wilton wings, ft laud.

  10. johnny xman5454 says...

    billy’s tavern it’s in davie. super wings.

  11. frankw says...

    I like Super Daves and Gary Woo’s express but strangely enough the best for me are the wings at the Fish Shack in Pompano. For Thai wings Chow Thai in Sandelfoot is the best.

  12. Ed Klein says...

    Good wings are one of my favorite things to chow down on. I like Hooters breaded wings. For some reason I find their buttery sauce amazing.
    I also like Super Dave’s fried wings. The sauce he uses is delicious.
    I stay away from Hurricane and Buffalo because they use inferior wings that have no meat on the bone.

  13. robertw says...

    Wings Plus in Coral Springs has always been a favorite of mine. Brus also has great wings

  14. Joe K. says...

    Yesterday I read your writeup on Super Dave’s Diner and the comments of several readers and bought the wings.
    A must try.
    Thanks to all,
    Joe K.

  15. The Chowfather says...


    Sparky’s Roadside
    Kings County Pizza

  16. Rudy L. says...

    Uncle Al’s Sports CafĂ© in Weston has phenomenal wings.

  17. Stu Robinson says...

    Hooters at the Hard Rock is my favorite place for wings.

  18. TR says...

    Gary Woo Express wings are delicious.

  19. Lucy Kramer says...

    I love the wings at Tucci’s in Boca.

  20. EDF Boca says...

    Jeff, I tried the Gary Woo wings and they were delicious.

  21. Willow Greene says...

    I picked up wings at Super Dave’s Diner yesterday.
    Can’t recall having better fried wings.

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