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Bagels & A Whole Lot More (Coral Springs)

Posted on January 20th, 2013 · American Breakfast Coral Springs Delicatessen Fast Food


***** Bagels & A Whole Lot More, 10281 West Sample Road, Coral Springs, Florida 33065, (954) 575-8130.

Yesterday afternoon, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats “picked-up” some stuff at Bagels & A Whole Lot More in Coral Springs….tuna salad, low fat tuna salad, chicken salad, matzo ball soup, bagels (sesame, onion, everything, onion), flagels (everything, onion)…

The taste test:
Tuna and low fat tuna- excellent.
Chicken salad-lousy. As a matter of fact, after eating just one forkful, Jeff Eats dumped the entire 1 lb purchased in the garbage. Talk about bland! Think chalk and you’ll be on the page.
Matzo ball soup-very good.
Bagels which were boiled and then baked-okay but I’ve had better.
Flagels, like the bagels were okay-but Jeff Eats had to toast them-to achieve that “okay” status.

Bagels & A Whole Lot More…order at/pickup at the counter. Half-dozen tables inside–Half-dozen tables outside.

You can check menu/prices at www.bagelsandawholelotmore.

Bagels & A Whole Lot More is open Monday-Saturday 6am-4pm and Sunday 6am-4pm.

One final thought, I understand that Bagels & A Whole More’s owner is a native of Malverne, New York–where he owned/operated a bagel joint…now nothing for nothing, when “you” think New York Bagels–has the word Malverne ever entered your thought-process? As we say in the legal business, I rest my case.

10 Comments to “Bagels & A Whole Lot More (Coral Springs)”

  1. lenny G. says...

    Jeff, you hit this one right on the head. the bagels are so so. the tuna salads are pretty good. the coffee is very good. i like the setup and have spent a number of early mornings sitting outside enjoying my coffee and bagel.

  2. Janna P says...

    I live about 3 minutes away from Bagels &. I usually stop in there on my way to my office and takeout a bagel and coffee. You are right that the bagels are ok but not great. It’s a great looking restaurant and the help is as nice as can be.

  3. Susan W. says...

    Jeff. Decent enough bagels.
    The low fat tuna is excellent.

  4. Scott says...

    Bagels are good quality and the people are extremely nice. They are not Zingers, but no one else in South Florida is!

  5. Randy Gold says...

    I’ve eaten there and you have this one figured right. The bagels etc are ok, but nothing great. The setup inside and outside is pretty cool and I’ve sat outside a handful of times with a bagel etc and coffee.

  6. Tyrone says...

    Bagels are too doughy.
    Tuna salad is very good.

  7. Joey K. says...

    Malverne NY is the epicenter of the bagel world. Can’t believe you didn’t know that!

  8. Bobby C says...

    Jeff Eats:
    Got this one right. Tuna good.
    Chicken salad horrendous.
    Bagels doughy.
    Flagels got to toast them to get them straight.
    The restaurant has a nice indoor-outdoor setup, but the food is just so so.

  9. Linda K. says...

    The food is ok. Nothing great.
    They have the nicest people behind the counter.
    I pickup bagels etc there because its two minutes from my home. I do enjoy sitting outside sipping my coffee and eating my everything with a scmear.

  10. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    Bagels and a whole lot more has great New York style deli food. My meal was excellent. I give them a 5 Star excellent rating. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

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