***** TASTE OF CORAL SPRINGS 2013 *****

Posted on January 11th, 2013 · American Coral Springs Music/Events/Other

***** TASTE OF CORAL SPRINGS 2013 *****

Got a terrific “charity event” for you guys to attend-TASTE OF CORAL SPRINGS 2013.
Great food, great music/entertainment, worthy charitable organizations.
Past “Tastes” have been extremely well attended.
Trust Jeff Eats on this one—based on the restaurants and bands participating—you will have an absolutely fabulous time.
Just so you know, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats are planning on “being there.”
Event Details:

Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2013- 6:30 to 9 p.m.
Title: Taste of Coral Springs
Tickets: $40-$75.
Please note this a 21+ event.
Purchase your tickets online at

Don’t miss your chance to spend a spectacular evening with 750 of your closest friends and bring some Rock N Roll excitement to life with fabulous cuisine from local restaurants and caterers, 75+ wines and spirits, silent auctions, featured entertainment and 60’s themed décor. Fabulous open-air layout with a huge dance floor.

Previous Taste of Coral Springs events have contributed over $323,000 to worthwhile charities including Junior Achievement of South Florida, YMCA of North Broward and the Coral Springs Cadet Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol.

Coral Springs Center for the Arts 2855 Coral Springs Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065
For more information contact:
Taste of Coral Springs Committee at 954-341-7191

15 Comments to “***** TASTE OF CORAL SPRINGS 2013 *****”

  1. KIT KARSON says...

    Hadn’t heard about this one.
    Checked the website and it looks like a fun night.
    The tickets are also priced right.
    I and my wife and another couple bought tickets.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Steve Edelman says...

    My wife and I will also be there.
    We have seen all three bands set to play and they are outstanding.
    This will be a great night.

  3. Yolanda D says...

    Good one.
    Definitely going to go.

  4. Bob F. says...

    Bought 6 tkts.
    Going to be fun.
    Love the Orange Sunshine Band.

    • Larry F. says...

      I’m a big fan of Orange Sunshine.
      A group of us are going.

  5. DopeyJohn says...

    Definitely going to this one.
    I love 60s Rock N Roll and the bands listed are all right on the money.


    Called the phone number on site, no one ever called back. Not very responsive to callers.

  7. John C. says...

    See that you will be attending. Is there a way that my wife and I can meet you at the event. Would love to personally chat with you for a few minutes.
    Thanks in advance,
    John C.

  8. Ralph says...

    Did you enjoy this event?
    Couldn’t make it.

    • JeffEats says...


      Just had a chance to read your comment.

      Unfortunately Jeff Eats didn’t get to this one.

      The woman “running” the pr—turned down my request for 2 press passes. She offered 1 pass but wanted me to attend the event without Mrs. Jeff Eats.

      To be perfectly honest with you, Jeff Eats appreciates “space limitations”—that said, when an event like this one is held OUTSIDE the space limitations’ argument makes no sense whatsoever.

      To wrap it up for you, sorry, I couldn’t comment on the food, music, etc. because Jeff Eats wasn’t there.

      Thanks for reading…

      • vb says...

        Jeff, the woman running pr must be a certified idiot. I was at the event and it was terrific. great food and music. there were so many people there that if mrs. jeff eats had come it wouldn’t have matter one bit. I think that this lady must be a real amateur. the goal of the bands and the food vendors is to get pr by being at the event. other than those attending no one knows anything about their being there. if on the other hand a blog like jeff eats mentions the event and does reviews or comments on bands and food vendors they would get exposure to thousanads of people who weren’t there. by your not doing those reviews this lady has performed a huge disservice to the bands and food vendors.
        by the way in googling this event Jeff Eats pops right up near the top about the event. shows you the following you have.
        boy was that lady stupid.
        oh well.

        • JeffEats says...


          Just had a chance to read your comments.

          In all honesty I can’t disagree with you. That said, the “lady” made her call and that was that.

          Just a quick comment, Jeff Eats literally receives 3-5 restaurant and charity/entertainment invites per week. Very-rarely are these accepted. Actually, in the 7 years that Jeff Eats has “existed” you probably can count the number of invitations accepted on one hand. When as in this case Jeff Eats requested press passes—it would be safe to assume that I really wanted to attend and pro or con followed up with a “review” about the event.

          Like you said, the vendors there are hoping for “future” business to be generated from their appearance. No question about it, Jeff Eats can’t “review” vendors at an event that he didn’t attend.

          This one is passed.

          Thanks for reading…

          • Sid L. Turner says...

            for Mrs. Jeff Eats not to be invited makes no sense whatsoever. you have one of the most influential blogs in all of south florida. this was an outdoor event so there is no question in my mind that there was plenty of room for you folks. based on the vendor list including bands etc. the pr people at this thing did them a terrible horrendous disservice by not having you there. I have followed many of you recommendations and you come up with some top things to do etc. once again super bad move by the pr people.

      • Carly B says...

        Jeff Eats:
        I was one of the food vendors at the event. Terrific crowd and terrific night. What the people who run this event may not appreciate is that my real goal in participating is to get PR for my business. The crowd is large but is very small compared to the readership that you have. Its writers like you that WE NEED at this type of events. Very dumb move by the PR Dept. not to have given you another pass.

        • Danny R says...

          You summed this up perfectly.
          Vendors want pr and this event deprived them of that.

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