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Gary Woo Express (Boca Raton)

Posted on December 23rd, 2012 · Boca Raton Chinese Deals Fast Food Japanese


***** Gary Woo Express, 9874 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33434, (561)483-8889.

Got an absolutely terrific Chinese-takeout joint for you…Gary Woo Express in Boca Raton.

Just so you know, Jeff Eats originally “reviewed” this joint on August 19, 2009…suffice it to say, I loved its food back in 2009. Anyway, about 8 months ago new owners took over and to their credit, the food they are “banging-out” is even better than the original stuff. Trust me on this one, Gary Woo Express is right up there with the best Chinese restaurants that Jeff Eats has tried down here in South Florida.

When you check menu/prices at in addition to loads of Chinese stuff you will find a huge Japanese menu. For the record, Jeff Eats, didn’t try any of the Japanese items, but if the Japanese food is as good as the Chinese stuff was—Gary Woo Express will be a joint where you can get both-delicious Chinese and Japanese takeout. Just so you know, Gary Woo Express has a couple of tables inside and a handful outside—but this joint is basically a takeout.

Applying Jeff Eats’ 1950’s Brooklyn Jewish Taste Test…sampled items included— won ton soup, tomato egg drop soup, egg rolls, pan fried pork dumplings, bbq ribs, general tso’s chicken, sweet & sour pork, pepper steak, shrimp in lobster sauce, chicken lo mein, roast pork fried rice. The result…Gary Woo Express is one of the best Chinese-takeoout joints that Jeff Eats has tried down here in South Florida. No kidding around, every item “tried” was delicious. To be perfectly honest with you, Jeff Eats’ original plan was to put the “dishes” in some sort of pecking order- but they were all dynamite–so I’ didn’t bother. For you wise-guys out there, No!–Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats didn’t eat “all” that food all by ourselves in one sitting…The fact of the matter, the taste test was conducted in 2-parts…some of the food was picked-up on a Thursday night and some was picked up on Saturday night—so there!


If I got one bitch here, I found the prices a drop- on the high side. No big deal–no second job needed…but the prices were definitely higher than the local competition.

Before I run…if you decide to try Gary Woo Express–when you get to the joint, you’ll find a “menu-rack” outside the front door. The takeout menus in the rack–have coupons and you can use them “right away”— Now that I’m thinking, the coupon that I used saved me 10% off my entire order. The point of all this yapping—use the coupons to off-set the higher-prices I detected.

Gary Woo Express was a “huge” find.

I am telling you, this joint is right up there with best of breed.

Gary Woo Express is open Monday-Friday 11am-10pm and Saturday-Sunday 2pm-10pm.

50 Comments to “Gary Woo Express (Boca Raton)”

  1. BEN R says...

    Gary Woo Express isn’t connected with Gary Woo on Fed Hwy in Boca. The Express has excellent food, the Fed Hwy’s food is just so so.
    You are so right that this is a great find.
    Everything Ive ordered was delicious.

    • frank w says...

      i did take out at Express two nights ago and asked that specific question. The manager said that they are both owned by Gary and the recipes are the same. The cooking staff however are seperate which may account for the fact that Express is terrific and the place on Federal is only so-so. Everthing we had was excellent including the pork fried rice. Excellent wings and ribs. A bit expensive but top notch.
      Pleasant staff checks your order before you leave.

  2. EG says...

    By a mile the best Chinese food in Boca.
    A bit pricey but worth it.

  3. RZ980 says...

    They make delicious won ton soup, bbq ribs, egg rolls.

  4. Ronnie Gold says...

    I didn’t like the food at Woo’s on Federal Highway.
    Based on that, I never tried the takeout version.
    Read your comments yesterday and took food out last night.
    The food was delicious. The ribs some of the best I’ve had in a very long time. Also really enjoyed their mu shu pork.
    I would suggest to the owners that they immediately change the name, if they can. The current name doesn’t help.

  5. Mark Kaplan says...

    Jeff Eats,
    I followed your recommendation on Bamboo Wok and have been getting food from them for years. In recent months I have found it falling off a bit but didn’t really have an alternative for Chinese takeout. Yesterday I tried this new one that you recommended and I thought that the food although a bit more expensive than Bamboo Wok was much better. My wife and I brought in won top soup, egg rolls, ribs, pepper steak. moo shu pork, fried rice and sweet & sour chicken. We enjoyjed all of the dishes as did our three kids.
    Very good pick although as I mentioned the food is a bit on the high side.
    Mark Kaplan

  6. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    I enjoyed my meal and the soup was excellent. I also thought that the chicken and rice was very good. The staff was friendly and nice. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

  7. robertw says...

    Ill give Gary a try this weekend. The prices dont look much higher than Bamboo Wok from me checking the website. The coupons are on the website as well. He has a very large menu and Japanese food as well.

  8. Rr3232 says...

    This joint makes some of the best ribs I’ve had in a very long time.

  9. larry h says...

    like you ive been a loyal customer of bamboo wok in boca. it makes some first rate takeout.
    i tried gary woo express earlier this week and found its food better than bamboo wok. i think that better quality meats and chicken and seafood are being used by gary woo than that of bamboo wok. no question about it bamboo wok gives you much more food for less money but in all honesty gary woo’s food is far superior.

  10. Dave R says...

    Finally, we got a good Chinese takeout joint here in Boca Raton.

  11. robertw says...

    Did take out friday from Gary Woo. Bamboo wok coral springs is right by my house and office. The place was excellent. Wonton Soup AAA+, best eggrolls I have had in South Fla, same for the fried rice. A true find!

    • robertw says...

      I meant Bamboo Wok Coconut Creek. Somehow I had Coral Springs on my mind.

  12. Harvey G says...

    Terrific pick here.
    Had food from there today as I watched the Giants.
    Won ton soup, egg rolls, ribs, sweet & sour pork and mu shu pork were delicious. Only item that didn’t make the grade were the fried dumplings. They were very small and bland.

  13. UpHere says...

    They make amazing ribs. Seriously, haven’t had ribs like this since my days in Queens some 20 years ago.
    The ribs alone are worth a trip to get them.

  14. TBF says...

    Tried this one out on your say so and wasn’t disappointed. Excellent egg drop soup, fried rice, bbq ribs, egg rolls, shrimp in lobster sauce and pepper steak. As you noted the prices are a drop higher than others in the neighborhood. Thanks for the headsup about discount coupons being in outside menus that saved me a few bucks.

  15. RPO says...

    Ive passed this one numerous times. Nver tried it because I dont like the food at Gary Woo on Federal Highway.
    Until I read your review I wouldnt have even thought of walking in there.
    From what I undretsand these are new owners who have been there about 8 months.
    Took out food last night and it was delicious.
    The bbq ribs are some of the best Ive eaten.
    Thanks for this one, we really neede a good Chinese place.

  16. Judy G says...

    You got me there.
    Took home wonton soup, egg rolls, fried rice and General Tso’s chicken.
    The food was excellent.
    Thanks for digging this one up for us.

  17. XYZman says...

    One of your best picks. Tried it last night and the food is very good. The BBQ ribs were outstanding, definitely one of the best Chinese takeouts in Boca. This one will definitely give Bamboo Wok a run for the money. I agree that the prices are a bit more expensive than the norm but not terrible.

  18. UncleJoe says...

    The food is the best.
    Give this one a try. It is really very good.

  19. TGQ says...

    Food is okay. Very expensive for what you get.

  20. WayneH says...

    Gary Woo’s is good albeit pricey…I can get a meal for a good deal less at Bamboo Wok. But I would say Gary Woo’s is slightly better than Bamboo Wok. Best time to go is at lunch and save a few bucks on the dinner prices

  21. MYFOOD says...

    Tried it last night.
    Good call here.
    Food was very good.
    The ribs were the best that I’ve had in years.

  22. RRF says...

    Gary Woo’s food is very good.
    Actually, I can’t think of a better S Fl Chinese Takeout.

  23. rabbitman says...

    I had moo shoo pork and found it very bitter tasting,

  24. randymandy says...

    Jeff Eats,
    Had the mu shu pork, egg rolls, ribs, roast pork fried rice,. Didnt like the food except the ribs were good.

  25. Alan K. says...

    Tried Gary Woo last night.
    My wife and I had won ton soup, bbq ribs, egg rolls, sweet & sour chicken and fried rice. The food was excellent. The ribs were some of the best we’ve had in years. No question in our minds that this is definitely one of the best takeouts in Florida.

  26. The Edelmans says...

    We live in Boca.
    For years we have gotten food from Bamboo Wok on Glades Road. Their food is very good and the portions are enormous.
    We recently tried Gary Woo on Yamato Road. We found the food better at Gary Woo than at Bamboo Wok, but the portions smaller and a bit more expensive.
    If we had to guess, Gary Woo is probably using better quality food.
    To sum it up for you, we really like both places.

  27. TR says...

    They make terrific wings.
    Try them.

  28. L Gordon says...

    On your say so I tried Gary Woo Express.
    We took out, wonton soup, egg drop soup, ribs, egg rolls, roast pork fried rice, General Tso’s chicken and sweet & sour pork. I have to tell you, that the food was very good if just a bit on the expensive side for takeout. The only thing I would improve were the egg rolls, a bit too greasy for my taste.

  29. Paul R says...

    Best ribs going.

  30. GGP says...

    Like you born and bred in Brooklyn circa 1950s.
    This takeout has food like I remember.
    The bbq ribs are perfect.
    The fried rice is perfect.
    The won ton soup delicious.

  31. The Edelmans says...

    Best Chinese takeout in Boca.
    Use to go to Bamboo Wok but this one is better.

  32. BROOKLYN BABE says...

    their bbq ribs are SENSATIONAL.

    • RAW21 says...

      I agree ribs are delicious.
      Best takeout around.

    • WR says...

      Gary Woo’s ribs were delicious.
      The egg rolls and pan fried dumplings weren’t good. The egg rolls in particular were disgusting. The shell was hard and rubbery and the inside had no taste whatsoever.
      Thought the sweet & sour pork was very good as was the pepper steak.
      One of the better takeouts but don’t even think of getting the egg rolls.

  33. RR2121 says...

    Best takeout in Boca.

  34. RFW says...

    Best Chinese ribs I’ve had in 21 years.

  35. TATAFORNOW says...

    They make great ribs.

    • KV says...

      Have to agree, their ribs are delicious.

  36. NRAR34 says...

    Tried the food.
    Egg rolls were horrendous.
    Roast pork fried rice was good.
    BBQ ribs were excellent.
    General To’s chicken was fair.
    Moo shoo pork was fair.
    Chicken wings were fair.

  37. JanetbG says...

    Recently had takeout.
    Ribs are exceptionally good.
    Other dishes very disappointing.
    Egg rolls were inedible.

  38. NRA says...

    Jeff Eats:
    Mixed results.
    Won ton soup good.
    Egg rolls terrible.
    Chicken wings fair.
    Roast Pork fried rice good.
    BBQ ribs terrific.
    Pepper steak fair.
    Sweet & sour chicken good.

  39. Fischer says...

    Main restaurant on fed hwy out of business.

  40. TAW says...

    Ribs are delicious.
    Egg rolls are lousy.

  41. aG says...

    Very good food if a drop on the expensive side.
    Terrific ribs.

    • Sid Turner says...

      food is very good. the only items that aren’t are the egg rolls and spring rolls.

  42. Gary Goldberg says...

    Loved this joint.
    Excellent ribs and wonton soup. Also really liked General Tso’s chicken.

  43. DDEE SHARP says...

    Tried them because of you.
    You are right, food is excellent.

  44. Jane Nixon says...

    Best Chinese in s. Florida.

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