***** JUST IMAGINE *****

Posted on December 14th, 2012 · Fort Lauderdale Music/Events/Other


***** JUST IMAGINE *****

Just Imagine…Real simple premise–Johnn Lennon returns for a 2-hour concert.

Trust me on this one—If you are a Beatles fan, a John Lennon fan—you definitely want to see this show!

Sunday, February 10, 2013
3:00pm or 7:00pm
Broward Center, Fort Lauderdale

Check for tickets.
Check for details/videos.

Very few people in South Florida know about this show.

Jeff Eats is telling you, that this show is incredible! In recent months it has been playing to sold out crowds and rave reviews in Los Angeles.

Like I said two seconds ago, if you are a Beatles fan, a John Lennon fan- be real smart and get tickets for this one!

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  1. R4WS says...

    Just watched some video and this looks like an amazing show. Going to pickup 2tkts.

  2. ZEED says...

    i got 4 tkts for the 3pm show.
    looks like a terrific show.

  3. DSP21 says...

    jeff, thks for the heads up on this one. im a big lennon fan and plan on seeing this one. thks again.

  4. BGT0101 says...

    Love the blog.
    Love that you do food and music and all kinds of special events and topics.
    Would never have seen this one if you hadn’t mentioned it. I did some checking and this show is as hot as a pistol in LA. The reviews were great and I heard its as if Lennon is really right there with you.
    Definitely going to see Just Imagne.

  5. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    This is a great concert which is worth the price. It brings back nice memories of the 1960’s and the Beatles. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

  6. Ted K says...

    Caught this show in Los Angles. It is a must see for Beatles fans.
    The lead is dead on Lennon..

  7. Scott says...

    From: Scott
    Subject: One Night Of Queen

    Message Body:
    I just came across a queen tribute band. The group is called….. One Night Of Queen. From what I saw of there songs, they are dead on. Gary Mullen who plays Freddie Mercury is amazing. They are due to play at the Parker Playhouse on Sunday March 24th. For more info on the band, or to hear some songs, you can log onto http://www.gary mullen and the

  8. IOU says...

    Just saw the show.
    You’d swear Lennon was on that stage.

  9. NW45434 says...

    Caught this show in LA. Amazing!

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