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Manhattan Joe’s Pizzeria (Boca Raton)

Posted on December 4th, 2012 · Boca Raton Fast Food Pizza Subs/Salads


***** Manhattan Joe’s Pizzeria, 5030 Champion Blvd, Boca Raton, Florida 33496, (561) 995-6563

Yesterday–December 3, 2012 Jeff Eats “ran” the “below” story on Boca Raton pizza joint…Manhattan Joe’s Pizzeria.

Just a quick update…last night, Jeff Eats “picked-up” a 20″ plain pizza at Manhattan Joe’s Pizzeria.

To close this story out…The pizza was OK!–Was it outrageously delicious? Nope! The thin crust had potential but was “undercooked”…the sweet sauce a drop on the bland side. That said, with just a drop of tinkering-and the joint’s owner could have something working here.

For the record, when I picked up my pizza, the joint had about 8 people eating in. I did notice some really nice looking salads and subs being “consumed.” As Jeff Eats just mentioned, I did a pizza pickup–so no opinion on the other stuff that this joint makes.

One final observation, while waiting for my order–Jeff Eats noticed a livery cab stop in front of Manhattan Joe’s with a guy jumping out from the backseat-running into the joint for a pickup order and then hopping back in the cab. Apparently, “somebody” really likes the joint’s food.

For our purposes, let’s call Manhattan Joe’s a work in progress.

You can check menu/prices at

The joint is open, Monday-Wednesday 11am-9PM, Thursday-Friday 11am-10pm, Saturday noon-10:00pm, Sunday noon-9pm.
Manhattan Joe’s Pizzeria (Boca Raton)
Posted on December 3rd, 2012 · Boca Raton Fast Food Italian Pizza Subs/Salads

* Manhattan Joe’s Pizzeria

I need you-guys’ help on this one! Not to sound conceited or nothing, but because of Jeff Eats wit, good taste and style, Jeff Eats has kinda-large readership. No-bull, every day, Jeff Eats receives a number of e-mails “inviting” him to try this restaurant or that one…believe it or not, there are only so many hours in a day, bucks in Jeff Eats’ wallet and gallons of gas in his car—I just can’t get to “all of them”—but I do my best, for you guys.


A few months ago, Manhattan Joe’s Pizzeria- a “hole in the wall” pizza joint opened at 5030 Champion Boulevard in Boca Raton, (561 ) 995-6563. To date, Jeff Eats hasn’t had a chance to try the joint -out. From what I understand, Manhattan Joe’s Pizzeria is an order at/pickup at the counter operation…14 different pizzas, 6 different salads, 6 different subs, handful of other items like calzones and chocolate cake. Handful of tables inside/handful outside. The joint does slices during the day/full pies at night.

Do me a favor and check this one out for me. I promise, I’ll eventually get to it…Just so you know, this past weekend- 3 different people mentioned the joint to me—and all three raved about how delicious the pizza/salad/subs were. By the way, —one of the “ravers”- I think, really knows his pizza and if he says its a dynamite New York slice–then, the joint is probably making a dynamite New York slice.

Like I said a few seconds ago, Jeff Eats has Manhattan Joe’s Pizzeria on its “to do list.” Based on the real possibility that this joint may-be a “homerun”—I owe it to you guys to get you there, ahead of others.

25 Comments to “Manhattan Joe’s Pizzeria (Boca Raton)”

  1. THG says...

    Jeff Eats:

    Let me start by saying that I’m a huge fan of your site. I don’t always agree with your picks, but I like your wit, easy going manner and your take on life in general.
    I live in the Polo Club which is right next door to this pizza place.
    I had a couple of slices a few weeks ago and thought that the pizza was pretty good. You are right on the sauce being a drop on the bland side.
    Thanks for the blog and keep those picks coming.


  2. FG says...

    the pizza was good.
    i like the fact that you can order by the slice during the day.
    what’s your take on the location?

    • JeffEats says...


      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      On your location question…Jeff Eats is pretty familar with the shopping center that Manhattan Joe’s is in. Based on the residential population and business population in the area—the joint has a pretty good spot–of course the food has to be good or all bets are off.

      Thanks for reading…

  3. Grace R says...

    I’ve gotten pizza twice. Not bad but as you point out, it could use a tweak or two. I work right across the street and the by the slice works perfectly for me.
    You are right, the location probably works. Tons of people live and work near the center.

  4. DSP21 says...

    good slice. too bad the place isnt bigger.

  5. WayneH says...

    Just okay for me: I think Nino’s is stil numero uno for pizza in Boca, followed by Dominic’s. Dominic’s has Nino’s beat on meals however. With either restaurant you can’t go wrong.

  6. NellyB says...

    Had heard some good things about the pizza. Tried it last night and the cheese pizza was just passable. As far as I’m concerned the raves I had heard were unwarranted.

  7. Nottie says...

    Try it again. Pizza is good.

  8. Bill Preston says...

    Lousy boring pizza. It looks good but it has no taste.

  9. I really like MJ’s thin crisp pizza. Definitely one of the best slices in Boca.

  10. HWS says...

    Over the years I’ve had the cheese pizza 3x.
    Average at best.
    Sauce needs to be sweeter.

  11. Cal Jones says...

    Decent enough pizza but there are loads of pizza joints in the immediate area that a much better slice.

    Ive gotten pizza three times from there and the sauce has all three times been very bland.

  12. Carl Furillo says...

    Took out large pizza and chicken parm sub.
    Pizza was thin and crispy just the way I like it. But the sauce was literally tasteless.
    The sub was delicious.

  13. Bobby t says...

    Any one who thinks that its pizza is good knows nothing about what good pizza tastes like.

  14. Jim K says...

    Had a couple of slices there today. Average at best. Nice thin crust but the sauce had no flavor..

  15. Sonny James says...

    Best pizza in Boca.

  16. Danny C says...

    Tried yesterday for the first time. Just average pizza. Sauce has no taste.

  17. Joe Kennedy says...

    Ive had its pizza 3x and I find that its pizza sauce is just boring with very little flavor.

  18. Harry K says...

    First time yesterday picked up a large pepperoni pizza, not very good. Nice and thin but sauce had no flavor.

  19. Joe C says...

    Tried a large pepperoni pizza. Not very good. The sauce has a sour taste, not much cheese.
    Won’t be going back.

  20. Danny Cole says...

    Had a thin crust delicious pizza this evening.

  21. Jay Hill says...

    Tried for the first time.
    The 20 inch pie had so many air bubbles in it, that it was almost inedible.

  22. Hank T says...

    Ive had better pizza countless of other times in Boca. Don’t waste your time at with MJ’s.

  23. Molly says...

    What year did this restaurant open?

  24. Abe Gold says...

    Had its pizza yesterday at a birthday party.
    I thought that the plain cheese pie was delicious. I know its just an opinion but it reminded me of the slices I grew up on Brooklyn in 50s-60s before I moved to Florida.

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