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Literally—Jeff Eats got the following e-mail 10 minutes ago.

“Hey Jeff,
The election is over and Romney lost. Since that date, the DOW has fallen close to 500 points. Personally, I think that if Romney had won, this “Financial Cliff” problem would already have been solved, but he didn’t so it isn’t.
I think that President Obama is destroying the country.
What do you think of Obama making a HUGE MOVE. He should appoint Romney Secretary of the Treasury & Senator McCain Secretary of Defense.
I think these two appointments would bring the country together.
I think that all of the Democrats out there who were worried about ABORTIONS are now seeing a financial abortion as the markets fall. Obviously the markets wanted Romney calling the shots on the country’s finances.
What do you think of my appoint idea?”
Just curious what do you guys think?

33 Comments to “***** SOMETHING THAT WON’T HAPPEN *****”

  1. SMITH9801 says...

    If Romney had won, the DOW would have rallied 500 points not fallen 500 points. Obama is busy meeting with labor, etc. He shoudl have a plan, not trying to figure out what to do. The man is incompetent. Romney should be calling the shots on the economy. Great idea but it will never happen.

  2. Jim C. says...

    Obama’s win was basically cobbled from votes of those who really have no or little positions in the country’s financial markets. People in the financial mkts know that Romney was the man not this Obama clown. The mkts are scared sheet of Obama and thats why the mkts are so weak. If the republicans want to really fix Obamas ass they wont do anything on the cliff and the country will go into a major recession and your DOW will lose 2,000 points.
    Obama would be smart to get Romney into this thing right now. But he wont. he’s too dumb to see what’s coming.

  3. shelly gold says...

    Jeff, the markets in general prior to the election were very strong. I really believe that the markets thought that Romney was going to win and that he would turn around the US eceonomy. As soon as the markets found that Obama had won, it was straight down. IMHO the main really doesn’t have a clue as to how to turn this economy. Every person I know who voted for Obama tells me some far fetched Women’s Rights reason for their votes. Not one even mentioned the economy.
    I think that the country is in for a really bad ride down now.
    I suspect the Republicans will not work with Obama and things are going to get really bad.
    I shorted stocks a week before the election. Something in my gut told me Obama was going to win. Im thrilled so far with my gains.
    It would be an act of courage and actually quite brilliant if Romney was brought into the administration. It would appear to by bipartisan and Romney probably has the skills to get things back on track.
    Love your idea but Obama will let this economy go down the toilet before he called Romney in.

    • HerbK says...

      Nobody in the reality based world had any reason to think that Romney would win since every poll outside of the alternative reality media bubble never had Romney up in their electoral vote polls.

      After seeing the markets drop 30% during the Bush years they are still up over 60% since Obama took office and corporate profits are at record highs

  4. lk says...

    the romney idea is a non starter,
    mccain possible but not likely
    the mkts hate obama’s election.
    just watch as this economy and mkts get worse

  5. Frank W says...

    I can understand all the poorer people voting for Obama but 66% of the Jewish vote? Can someone explain that. I know it’s historical but this time should have been an exception.

    • Mr. Cohen says...

      I’m Jewish.
      My wife and I voted for Romney.
      Both of us voted for Senator Nelson.
      In the past we voted for Nixon, Johnson, Nixon, McGovern, Carter, Regan, Bush, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Bush, McCain,
      We vote the man not the party.
      All I can say is that any Jew who voted for Obama has to be a fool.
      There is absolutely no question in our minds that if he could Obama would get rid of Israel.
      Obama has to play along with American Jews or he couldnt get elected.
      Since he has no more elections in his future, just watch how he handles Israel going forward. Our bet, it’s not going to be pretty.
      Obama is a LIAR.
      This Petraus thing, do people really think that he didn’t know until after the election? Get real.
      Our bet is that the Republicans wont compromise with this jerk on the fiscal cliff and the markets are going to tank.
      We are also willing to bet that Israel will soon be in a huge war with Iran and the US will not help Israel.
      Jews of America, you really did it to us this time.
      Lucky for Israel it has atomic weapons.
      DOnt be shocked when they are launched against the Arabs.

  6. FOREMAN says...

    Far from being a racist, but a bunch of black, latins and college students are going to take down the united states. amazing!!! just watching my 401 etc crumble.

    • JoeThePlumber says...

      foreman, i got to agree with you. the real workers and finacial might of this country voted for romney and those who dont earn much now control the country. the market is telling you something, that being the wrong guy is running things. its going to be a very bad time coming.

    • Frank W says...

      You forgot single women.Thank God we hung on to the House.The brainwashed youth, Black,Latin and poor coilition will only get stronger.

  7. Seldon says...

    As I write the Dow Jones is down 159 points. Its lost close to 700 points since Obama was reelected. Obama has not idea how to handle the economy and Wall Street is talking by getting out of stocks. As long as Wall Street thought Romney had a shot to win stocks were okay.
    As i write Israel kills a Hamas leader and gets its IDF ready to fight. Obama has no idea as to how dangerous things are for Israel. Actually he secretly hopes Israel get wiped out.
    Fools let Obama backin.
    As others have commented here things will now go from bad to worse.
    You elected an incompetent man who is secretly hoping for America’s collapse.
    Just wait to the truth comes out on the killing of the Ambassador and Petraus.
    You have apresident who is working for the other side and you dont even know it.
    Shame on you folks who let this happen.
    We tried to worn you but you were to worried about getting a free abortion.

    • HerbK says...

      The Dow opened at 7940 on Obama’s first day in office.

      You fact-averse guys need to shut off that AM radio during they day and stop watching right wing propaganda on Fox at night

  8. DOUG K says...

    right now dow is down another 62 points.
    just read about a dennys’/hurricane wings/5 guys franchisee in s fl who is going to tack on a 5% surcharge on all bills to cover obamacare costs. in the article the owner said that customers could deuct 5% off tips to be even because the waitstaff is the one that’s getting the obamacare benefit.
    and you guys were worrying about an ABORTION.

    • mark says...

      So raise your price by 5% and give all your employees access to heath care. Not a bad trade off for me.

      • DOUG K says...

        why should the public pay?
        the guy has a great idea adding a 5% surcharge which allows you to not tip.
        obamacare is going to ruin the country.
        do you really think the mkts would be 1,000 points if romney had won? if you do, you are an idiot.
        obama is a liar.
        bengahzi, petraus.

        • mark says...

          The public already pays unless your part of the 47%

      • T4123 says...

        I don’t want to pay five percent more. They get healthcare and I get punished. How is that fair.

        • Gary says...

          It would really bother you to pay a few cents more for a pizza so that the staff could have healthcare.

    • Gary says...

      The owner of Papa John’s lives in a 40k square foot house with a 22 car garage. He has threatened to lay off help and raise prices 10-15 cents per pie because of Obamacare.

      Obamacare will cost his company 3.5 cents per pie.

      5 Guys will do over 1 billion dollars this year, a 5% surcharge will add $50,000,000. in revenue. ,Obamacare will cost them 1/2 of 1% $5,000,000.

      These corporate A..holes are telling you to short tip because they are outraged that their $5.65 hr waitstaff will have the luxury of healthcare.

      • Donnie Brasco says...

        Let me see, do I listen to a guy named Gary on a blog site or do I listen to Steve Wynn, Bernie Marcus, Jack Welch? This is called a layup. Obama care stinks.

        • Gary says...

          Warren Buffet holds a little more weight than all 3 combined.
          Him and Bill Gates along with 11 other Billionaires have pledged to give half of their wealth to charity.
          I (Gary) am not voicing an opinion, I am stating FACTS. You have Greedy MF’s in this world who don’t give a sh.t about anybody other than themselves.
          I find NOTHING wrong with providing health care to the hard working uninsured in the USA.
          Any mega millionaire or billionaire who threatens to lay off help or raise prices at at rate of 5 times the cost of their contribution for providing healthcare is scum.

          • JoebKramer says...

            Gary, I can see that you aren’t the smartest runt in the litter. Buffet is a bs artist. Did you ever check his marital status before he married his current wife? Do some research about their shame marriage and threesomes. After you do your homework, you’ll find a deviant pervert who also crooked the public.

  9. Eric says...

    Next you’ll tell me that Hurricane Sandy was Obama’s fault too. Come on people–our economy was heading into the crapper before Obama took office. Blame it on the banks and people who thought they could afford million dollar homes on minimum wage jobs. Is Obama a savior? No. Did he inherit a terrible situation? Yes. I don’t think it’s gotten worse. And if you think adding a 5% surcharge onto a bill and then shorting the server is a good idea, then sir, you are the idiot. It may be a wash from the consumers end, but the server who was getting tipped 15-20%, but is now getting tipped 10-15% is the one getting slighted, and will have to make due with less. The problem with this country is the division between Republican and Democrat, and even within the Republican party. It’s time to work together and stop the finger-pointing. And for those who said that Jews who voted for Obama are the problem–the largest newspaper organization in Israel threw their support behind Obama. Are they stupid too?

    • YH says...

      you do know obam lied on bengahzi dont you?
      do you really think that obama didnt know about petraus before the election? sure he did.
      if romney was elected the mkt wouldnt be selling off.
      romney would have brought both sides together.
      just watch as the economy gets worse.
      your boy obama hasnt got a clue how to get things going right.

      • mark says...

        YH Did Bush lie about the 11 consulate attacks under his watch and not protect the 58 Americans that died in those 11 attacks? Benghazi would not have been the big story on Fox news if it was not just before the election. As for Petraus the President is told of a confidential investigation of a major official and you think he should have a press conference and let the world know. Now perhaps Patraus did not offer his resignation until after the election so as not have the American peoples votes swayed due to him having an affair.

      • Eric says...

        So sell all your stocks and move to Australia. If Romney were in touch with society as a whole, instead of a majority of the religious right, he would’ve won, no doubt about it. And as far as Petraeus, maybe Obama did know ahead of time, but should that sway the election? Come on man!

    • DON KING says...

      eric, When guys like Bernie Marcus, Steve Wynn tell you Obama stinks, you can go to the bank that he does.

      • HerbK says...

        exactly, and when guy like Lick Morris, Karl Rove, and Kudlow tell you it is going to be a Romney Landslide you can take it to the bank

  10. jason klazinsky says...

    sour grapes from a bunch of angry white men (mostly).

    wall street knew obama was going to win. they understand numbers and can read polls. the market is dropping now because of the “fiscal cliff”. if the republicans are patriotic enough to compromise then the market will bounce back. the market doubled during obama’s 4 years; the economy typically does better under dems than republicans. look it up.

    the jews who voted for obama probably were aware that ehud barak, defense minister of israel and its most highly decorated military man, said the obama administration was more supportive of israel’s security than any other previous administration. and as your other reader stated, ha’aretz , the major daily,endorsed obama. not everyone is stupid and gullible.

    the current administration has already publicly stated that israel is well within its rights to respond with force to the hamas attacks.

    benghazi is a baloney smokecreen for republicans to try to find a scandal to attach to obama. won’t work. there’s nothing there.

    • Tghy says...

      betcha that Benghazi isn’t as you say nothing.

    • RRR says...

      Take it from this 64 year old Israeli, your pal Obama is no friend of Israel. Your guy needed Jewish money to get elected as a state senator, us senator and president. He would love to see us get wiped out. Lucky for us, we got so many us senators and reps on our side that this bs artist can’t do what he wants.

      • Gary says...

        Obama is not Jason’s pal, he is our President. You can criticize Obama all you want, but without hard facts, your age and heritage do not mean sh.t. Jason is stating facts, you are not.

  11. HerbK says...

    We heard all the right wing Zombie lies about what would happen if Clinton raised taxes 20 years ago. We all know that they were 100% wrong then and they will be proven to be wrong now. You don’t have the right to re-bunk lies that were debunked 20 years ago

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