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Pizzarium A Slice Of Rome (Miami)

Posted on October 3rd, 2012 · Fast Food Italian Miami Pizza

***** Pizzarium A Slice Of Rome, 69 East Flagler Street, Miami, Florida 33131, (305) 381-6025.

Pizzarium…real simple concept— order at/pickup at counter–pizza by the slice, handful of salads-calzones-desserts.

The “hook” the pizza slice is “squarish” and there are something like 25 different toppings available.

You can check for menu/prices/pictures.

Like I said a few seconds ago, real-simple concept. Tried the “plain” slice ($3) and enjoyed it. When you check Pizzarium’s menu you’ll see all kinds of “fancy-schmanzy” toppings…personally not Jeff Eats’ bag—that said, the plain slice was very good. This joint with its “combinations” reminds me of Starbuck’s. Whatever happened to–black, black with sugar. with milk, with milk and sugar, end of story?

Let me opine about pizza toppings…first of all, Jeff Eats could swear that small-chain Pizza Rustica (review 8/6/08) basically has the same square-topped concept, so nothing super original going on at Pizzarium…As far as toppings go, Jeff Eats thinks that pizza is dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese—maybe sausage, maybe pepperoni, maybe meatballs- but that’s it. No way is a pizza suppose to be topped with pineapple, or fried dumplings, or scrambled eggs, or roast chicken. Call me a purist, but that’s the way I see this one.

Pizzarium is open Monday-Saturday 11:30am-10pm, closed on Sunday.

4 Comments to “Pizzarium A Slice Of Rome (Miami)”

  1. Larry G. says...

    Jeff, it’s sort of like Pizza Rustica which you reviewed on 8/6/08.

  2. HV says...

    i agree with you 100 percent.
    pizza is suppose to be real simple just like a cup of coffee is suppose to be. all of these toppings arent what pizza is suppose to be all about.

  3. Walter S says...

    Pizza is dough sauce cheese period.

  4. Guy Mastellone says...

    OK Jeff, I get your minimalist approach to Pizza. I too am born and raised in Brooklyn (from 1966). I’ve been here in Miami for 7 years now and have been hard pressed to find a decent slice of Pizza. I have maybe 2 places I enjoy. But I’d have to say that Pizzarium was AWESOME! Everyone knows the bread is what kills most Florida Pizza, but Pizzarium has that conquered. So what if it’s not round (or pie shaped), It’s so dam good I’d eat it in any shape! Have you even tried the Rice Balls? OMG! The best I’ve had anywhere, period!! And mind you I am quite spoiled from Brooklyn Pizzerias such as Totonno’s, Patsy’s, Di Fara’s Grimaldi’s and the like. As far as the extensive choices offered I’d have to say hey,”When in Rome…” Afterall, this is Miami, NOT Brooklyn. Give it a try people, I think you’ll agree. GM

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