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A few years ago, Jeff Eats went on the Hollywood Cookie Diet…I dropped 25 pounds in 3 months. At the time, Mrs. Jeff Eats “told” me and I quote, “The cookie diet is a nonsensical fad placebo diet.”- blah blah blah…anyway, all I know is that I lost weight.

Periodically, Jeff Eats finds that he can’t button his pants—well this is one of those “periods.”

So- four days ago, Jeff Eats decided that it was time to try another “nonsensical fad placebo diet”…it was a close “call” between SENSA (you know, shake shake shake) which supposedly curbs your appetite when sprinkled on your food…and HOODIA LOLLIPOPS (Power-Pops) which when “licked” 30 minutes before eating a meal-suppsosedly curbs your appetite…Anyway- for no particular rhyme or reason, Jeff Eats went with the pops.

My 30-day shipment of Power-Pops arrived this morning…so I’m good to go!

I’ll let you know, how this all turns out in a future column.

If any of you guys have “tried” these pops I’d appreciate knowing your thoughts. Same goes for SENSA…because sooner or later, Jeff Eats for sure will be shake shake shaking!!

October 26, 2012 UPDATE

I think I followed the “rules”—Didn’t lose a single pound.

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  1. Linda R. says...

    A few years ago I went on the Smart For Life Cookie Diet. I lost weight, but didnt keep it off.
    For the past year Ive been on Weight Watchers and its working and healthy.
    Ive seen those Sensa tv ads, looks kind of faddish don’t you think?
    Hadn’t heard about the hoodia lollipo diet. Just googled it and looks a drop on the silly side, dont you think?
    In any event good luck.

  2. BBB2320 says...

    How do the pops taste?

  3. pop martin says...

    i did the cookie diet about 3 years ago and it worked. the problem was that after i went off it i gained all the weight back.
    the key to these fad diets is to use them to lose the weight but then you have to eat sensibly going forward.
    i think the pops will work short term because you want them to work.

  4. steve r says...

    the best diet i ever went on was the atkins diet. lost a ton of weight real fast. i then just watched myself and managed to maintain my new weight.

  5. HerbK says...

    I have made as much as $8K a day selling crap like that on the internet and none of those things work. If they worked you would see so many obese people around. When I decided that I wanted to lose 30 pounds I never even thought about trying to use any of the products I promote on the internet.
    I changed the way I eat, more protein, less cabs, nothing with white flour, and I drink lots of water. There is no magic pill, or lollipop, but lots of luck, Jeff

  6. jenna says...

    From: jenna
    Subject: diets

    Message Body:
    I wrote and asked about any low carb restaurants maybe last week. Thought that maybe some may have something different instead of steak and chicken but guess not. Anyway I had a menescus tear in my knee when we lived in N.C and had to have it repaired which left me not being able to walk for three years without a cane. I finally recovered and was walking pretty good and then last March after having dinner with my family at the Cheesecake came home and fell and injured the same leg..broken ankle and spiral fracture of the fibula. The pain was always there and then found a rheumatologist who gave me 5 shots in the knee and I am good to go now. So having gained a bit of weight .. and having been on Atkins off and on.. I knew I had to have bread to be on any diet. I ordered some low carb bread..1 carb,some muffins, bagels and cookies. The bagels and bread have lots of fiber but you feel full and do not crave bread. They have shortbread cookies and they are very good..some 1
    carb chocolate truffles. This is not like your Italian bread and Jewish bagels..far from it but it works . I am not getting on a scale yet but all my clothes are already loose on me and I am eating better. Though I crave a quater pounder. Have been on Atkins before and could not stay on because of the need to eat bread. Tonight had broccoli with cheese, mashed cauliflower with butter and really does taste like mashed potatoes and a steak…added a half a piece of low carb bread with butter and couldn’t finsih my meal. The fiber causes you to be full and at the same time you can eat bread. I love it dunked in the steak drippings. All the products are good. Different but you can get used to them A slice of raisin cinnamon toast in the morning is very satisfying toasted with butter. I plan to make french toast out of it. So if interested they have a web site..Linda’s Diet something or other… it will come up though. They have a $5 charge for insurance in case th
    ere is spoilage from Virginia where it is shipped. A couple of things were crushed and they refunded my money.. no problem.. I am never hungry and now when my husband has his coffee and desert so can I.

  7. jenna says...

    : jenna
    Subject: sensa

    Message Body:
    Just re read you want to try Sensa. My daughter i law tried and said it did not work… also, check the web for the side effects on this. Not good for your system.

    This mail is sent via contact form on Jeff Eats

  8. Flippy says...

    I tried the pops and they didn’t work.

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