***** Obama–you gotta be kidding me! *****

Posted on September 16th, 2012 · Music/Events/Other

*****. Obama–you gotta be kidding me! *****

Every tv news network Jeff Eats has watched today has reported that the United States Government requested Google and You Tube to remove the “Video” that supposedly sparked the current “unrest” in the Middle East…and that Google and You Tube refused to do so.

Hey Obama—I know this is a food blog but it’s time you stop being such a PUSSY!

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  1. GENE RANDOLPH says...

    This Lybia thing is going to be bigger than Watergate.
    Obama is full of crap.
    He didnt want the public to know that there had been a terrorist attack so he concocted a story that a video caused the whole thing.
    Jeff figured this out.
    Obama should be impeached.

  2. YAP says...

    I’m Jewish.
    In all honesty for the life of me I can’t understand how any Jew could ever vote for Obama.
    Obama’s treatment of Israel is proof enough for me that he really is an Arab sympathizer and couldn’t care less about Israel.

  3. DONNY D. says...

    Watched the debate last night.
    If I was stranger to the country and knew nothing about the election and who was who, i would have thought that romney was the president and obama was the challenger. romney was calm and talking about a big picture and obama was desperate like a dog trying to be clever and talking as fast as he could to get his points.
    what i thought was totally disgusting was when obama told romney that we now have ships that go under water and they are called submarines etc. obama was like a big baby while romney was like a world leader.
    all i know is that i own a small manufacturing company in pembroke pines. if obama care is put in i’m going to make several of my workers part time instead of full time because i cant afford to pay for healthcare for them.
    i dont think that many of you appreciate how bad the economy is out there.
    obama care makes it even tougher on the small businesses.
    obama has no appreciation as to how business works.
    you vote as you like.
    all i know is that if obama is reelected you may have adepression coming very shortly.
    dont be fooled again by this little state senator with no experience.

  4. Glenn H. says...

    This story about not rescuing our people is bigger than watergate. Just watch!

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