***** PETER J. FOGEL *****

Posted on September 15th, 2012 · Music/Events/Other


***** PETER J. FOGEL *****

Last night Mrs. Jeff Eats and I saw the “Coco Burlesque Cabaret Show” at The Pavilion located in the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino in Coconut Creek (…it’s a terrific variety show priced at 25 bucks and currently “plays” Friday nights at 9pm.

The shows’ “master of ceremonies” is Delray resident—Peter J. Fogel who has to be one of the funniest comics that Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have seen in a very-very long time. Last night Fogel’s “clean” act had the crowd of 1,250 literally in stitches and screaming for more.

I’ve found in life, that many times, some of the best things are right in your own backyard. Over the past 5 years or so, Jeff Eats has seen Fogel live-something like 7 times in local South Florida comedy clubs (such as the New York Comedy Club in Deerfield Beach)…I’ve also seen him a number of times on local South Florida television programs.
The interesting thing about Fogel, every-time I’ve caught him he has had new material—and the “old stuff” is so funny that I often find myself wiping tears from my eyes even though I already know the punchlines…this guy cracks me up.

Trust me on this one, Peter J. Fogel is good–real good.

Here are two suggestions for you guys…

Catch Fogel in the Coco Burlesque Cabaret Show–or catch his “full” 45-60 minute set at a local comedy club. In any event- if you like to laugh—make it your business to see Peter J. Fogel.

Fogel’s website is

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  1. SSD says...

    last saturday night i was at the ny comedy club’s early show and fogel made a guest appearance. very funny guy. he talks about s fl, doctors, cruises, and load of areas near and dear to us former new yoorkers.

  2. RAM says...

    I’ve seen Fogel.
    Very funny guy.

  3. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    I agree, I think that the show was great and well worth the admission price.

  4. ROLAND says...

    Over the past several years I’ve caught Fogel’s act. He is a very funny guy. His Chinese takeout order bit is one of the funniest bits I’ve ever seen.
    If you get a chance go see him.

  5. Peter Fogel says...

    From: Peter
    Subject: Thank you SO much!

    Message Body:
    Just read your review of me. I am humbled! Thank you — I will now forward this to women in high-school who rejected me and are now FAT and divorced… 🙂 Thanks again JEFF!

    Peter Fogel

  6. Donni G. says...

    I just heard that Peter Fogel will be co-headlining a comedy show at the Woodfield Country Club in April 2013. Tom Cotter of America’s Got Talent fame is scheduled to appear with Fogel.
    I have seen Fogel several times at the New York Comedy Club and he puts on a terrific show. I’ve only seen Cotter on tv.
    I highly recommend that the next time Fogel is in your area, that you catch his show. You deserve some great laughs.

  7. KM says...

    Saw Fogel last night at the comedy club in Deerfield He was very funny. By the way the food was delicious. I had a cheesesteak and my wife had a burger and we had two sodas. Great night out for less than 40 bucks.

  8. Elaine says...

    Fogel is terrific.saw him last night .

  9. ZN says...

    Saw Fogel this evening and the guy is hilarious. A definite must see when he’s in your area.

  10. NELL says...

    caught him at ny comedy club this evening and he is very funny and clever.

  11. RKS says...

    Saw Fogel this past Saturday night. The guy is hilarious.

  12. DDDFR says...

    Fogel is one of the best comics currently working in s Florida. Ive seen him 5 times and each time he has been absolutely rolling on the floor.

  13. GTA says...

    Caught his act last night at Coral Springs Country Club the guy is very funny.

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