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I recently told you guys about- how on August 25, 2012 I had purchased some “marble cake” at Publix manufactured by Central Pastries. I went on to tell you that the “marble cake” was vile and disgusting.

Just wanted you to know, that on August 27, 2012 “with no questions asked” Publix at the store level refunded the $3.79 purchase price.

Also wanted you to know, that in followup to an email which Jeff Eats sent to Publix Super Markets on August 25, 2012 about the product—Publix “mailed” an apology letter and a $10 gift card to Jeff Eats which was received on August 30, 2012.

Unlike some of the “other” companies us-South Floridians seemingly have to “deal” with on a daily basis–like Comcast and FPL, Publix simply said that they were sorry, that Jeff Eats was a valued customer and that enclosed was a $10 gift card. No excuses, no stories, no stalling, no NOTHING….

PUBLIX SUPER MARKETS knows how to treat people. AND as Robert Blake who didn’t kill his wife (wink! wink!) would say, “And that’s the name of that tune.”

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  1. Abe V. says...

    Im a NYC transplant of over 30 years. I live in Delray Beach.
    Publix reminds of Waldbaum’s and WinnDixie reminds of A & P.
    Publix has always been a top company to do business with.
    If they accidentally overcharge you get the item for free. No questions asked.
    Same on returns. Bring it back and you get your money back.
    Comcast are crooks. They lie and deceive and never ever voluntarily agree to refunds for no service. They fight the customer over every penny. Thats why they are hated.
    FPL isnt much better than Comcast. Have a tv or computer blowout because of FPL’s power failure and you’ll wait to Hell freezes over to try and get compensated.
    Publix is a winner short and simple.

  2. JEP says...


    Publix is great when it comes to handling customer complaints..
    Big problem it now has is that Walmart, Target and Costco are eating its lunch. Throw in the fact that Publix opened way too many stores in S. Florida and its got a big business problem.

    • bizzy says...

      What kind of problems? Publix is still growing. It is very profitable.

  3. Dr. Mohegan says...

    There really aren’t any bad things that you can say about Publix. Good selection, Good prices. Good personnel. Good policies. Tons of locations.

  4. SK (Boca Raton) says...

    Last year I ordered 100 cupcakes from Publix for a children’s charity event that I was involved in. The instructions were that there were to be 75 vanilla and 25 chocolate because of possible allergy issues. I picked up and paid for the cupcakes but at the event found more chocolates and less vanillas than ordered and about 8 or so cupcakes crushed and damaged.
    Nothing horrendous but I did mention it to the manager of the store the next time I was in Publix. Without blinking an eye, the manager had one of the cashiers refund the entire amount spent.
    Now that’s a customer friendly store.

  5. robertw says...

    Publix is in a class by themselves.

  6. VVV3543 says...

    Extremely well run business.
    Very customer friendly.

  7. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    I also have to say that I am very impressed with Publix in that they always back up their food products and allow you to return things for a full refund without any issues. I think that Publix dies an excellent job at customer service. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

  8. frank w says...

    For anyone who likes Turkey Hill iced tea it is now being carried by Winn-Dixie.

  9. SRD says...

    Best run supermarket.

  10. Sid L. Turner says...

    always check your bill.
    their cashiers make loads of mistakes.
    I caught 2 errors in 4 outings.
    and, those errors were against me, not them.

  11. KSR says...

    the publix on yamato and jog in boca in recent months has been deteriorating. i am noticing that the cashiers are constantly making mistakes in overcharges and in certain depts. the employees arent properly filling orders. i think that the change in store level mgt is the reason why this particular store is on the decline.

    • LinkyLynn says...

      I am finding the same thing. this particular store seems to be going down hill.

  12. Young Court says...

    I am finding that many times they don’t stock enough of their sale items. You have to get a rain check.

  13. Marty g says...

    I love Publix fried chicken.

    • Lo Lo says...

      I think that their fried chicken is terrific. I also think that their roast chicken sucks.

  14. Sammy Kahn says...

    Simply Lemonade, $3.79 at Walmart, $4.88 at Publix. Identical product.

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