Central Pastries/Cuetera America Company (Hialeah)

Posted on August 25th, 2012 · American Boca Raton Desserts Hialeah Music/Events/Other

Central Pastries/CueteraAmerica Company

From what I understand Central Pastries/Cuetera America Company is a commercial bakery located in Hialeah.

This morning I was in the Publix Super Market located on Palmetto Park Road/Powerline Road in Boca Raton…and purchased a package of Central Pastries’ “Marble Pound Cake.” From the clear plastic packaging, the 9 “minature” pound cakes looked absolutely amazing…

Au contraire ..when I got home, I found the pound cake to be one of the most disgusting “cakes” that Jeff Eats has ever eaten. If you want to know what chalk tastes like—give this product a shot—I will tell you, that even throwing the damn thing into the microwave didn’t help–still tasted like CHALK albeit HOT CHALK!!

I have no idea as to what Central’s other cakes/pastries taste like, but based on the marble pound cake, Jeff Eats’ bet is that they are also disgusting.

Trust me on this one…I’ve eaten a ton of pound cake in my day–this stuff was VILE!!

Central Pastries and Publix should be ashamed of themselves for selling crap like this.

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  1. TerryG says...

    The pound cake must have been horrendous for you to single it out for special mention in its own column.

  2. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    Trust me on this one, the pound cake was disgusting. I can’t even begin to describe how lousy it was.

    The manufacturer and Publix should be ashamed of themselves for making/ selling such a horrendous bakery item.

    Thanks for reading…

  3. Mark says...

    I agree i love cuban pastries and i bought some of thier guava pastries and they were horrible. I dont know how they stay open

  4. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    Central Pastries has great cuban sweets and pastries. I enjoyed their desserts.

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