***** BIG ELVIS *****

Posted on August 17th, 2012 · Music/Events/Other

***** BIG ELVIS *****

Got something really cool for you guys…anyway, Jeff Eats thinks it is…

This coming Sunday, August 19, 2012 at 2pm at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino, 5555 Northwest 40th Street, Coconut Creek—“BIG ELVIS” one of Las Vegas’ coolest & hottest lounge shows will be performing in the Casino’s 1250-seat Pavilion arena. This is a General Admission seating deal and tickets go for about 18 bucks. Jeff Eats has seen this “show” and I’m telling you that if you like Elvis Presley—you will absolutely love this “Big Elvis” act.

At this stage of the game—check Big Elvis’ site and the Casino’s site—there is a load of video/pictures/ticket/general information.

Like I said a few seconds ago, if you like Elvis, you will love this “Big Elvis” act…Trust me, BIG ELVIS PETER VALLEE is-definitely not, your run of the mill Elvis tribute artist!!!


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  1. GP says...

    My wife and I are going to get 2 tkts.
    We have been meaning to try the new deli at the casino, so we’ll do lunch and then see the show.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Great video on this guy.
    You are so right not your regular impersonator.

  3. Mike Golden says...

    Jeff, this guy would be perfect for the condo/club circuit. He looks to be very entertaining.
    I usually play at Isles. The smoke at Seminole kills me.
    That 2 pm show time works for me,
    By the way I did try NYY and it was excellent. Much better than Faradys’ that’s at the Isles.

  4. AES7390 says...

    This guy looks like a load of fun.
    Going to check him out.

  5. DDEE says...

    Caught this act in Vegas.
    I know that he recently switched over to Harrah’s.
    Definitely worth seeing.

  6. Harry K says...

    Jeff, great idea.
    Let you know what we thought of Big Elvis.
    Harry K

    • Harry K says...

      My wife and I saw Big Elvis at the casino.
      We enjoyed the show.

  7. Obie Zmathers says...

    Saw him today.
    I think he should change his name to Boring Elvis.

  8. Alan Roberts says...

    My wife and I have seen Big Elvis 4 times in Vegas where he is strictly a lounge show with minimal musical backup. Today he had a 6 piece band and 3 backup singers. Much bigger production. Loved this show. Big Elvis does a great tribute to the real Elvis.

  9. Donna G. says...

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show.
    Very engaging performer.

  10. ZEEVEE23 says...

    NO BS, they were fighting for tickets to yesterday’s show. I was going into the arena around 1:30pm and people were trying like crazy to get tkts outside.
    As for the show, Big Elvis is fun. Very classy performer.

  11. Michael K says...

    Saw him. Thought he was boring as hell.

  12. Carl R says...

    Nothing special.

  13. swisher says...

    this guy stinks. a big fat slob making like he’s elvis. he is so fat he cant even stand up. what a waste of time.

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