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The Habit Burger (California, Arizona)

Posted on August 16th, 2012 · American Fast Food


***** The Habit Burger


You guys know South Florida’s fast-food burger players—like Five Guys, BurgerFi, Shake Shack, Smashburger, Elevation—not to mention the giant chains like Burger King, Wendy’s- McDonald’s. To paraphrase the late great Soupy Sales, “There are more fast food burger joints in South Florida than there are Chins in a Chinese phonebook. You and Jeff Eats both know, that one day the giant game of fast food burgers musical chairs is going to end very-very badly for most of the players. For sure a number will be left standing, but seriously folks, do we really need a fast-food burger joint literally on every other corner? You know we don’t- but seemingly there are many “entrepreneurs” who obviously don’t.

Anyway…I recently came across The Habit Burger chain which has been around since 1969. For right now it has 60 units mostly in California with a handful in Arizona. You can check for menu/prices/locations. Betcha right about now, you are saying “Hey Jeff Eats, I never even heard about this one.” Jeff Eats will also bet you a nickel that most of you have heard about the legendary burger chain In n Out Burgers but have never been in one. I’m right aren’t I?

Now, nothing for nothing…but I would seriously “match” The Habit Burger’s char-flamed cheeseburger, french fries, onion rings that I recently had against the stuff made by any of the guys listed above.

Just imagine for a minute– how many fast food burger joints South Florida could really have if guys like In n Out, The Habit, Hardees decided to expand into our neighborhoods. It would be the greatest and largest game of musical chairs to watch.

In closing, the next time you are in California or Arizona…check The Habit Burger out. The food is dynamite!

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  1. Mark says...

    the correct link is only add the s if you want to buy a watch:)

  2. GoldenNugget says...

    Been to a couple of these and they are sick. Their food is delicious.

  3. Foster T says...

    Based on your say so tried The Habit this past weekend in Tempe. Glad I did, great food. Better than 5 Guys and In n Out.

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