***** The Ultimate Thriller ‘The’ Michael Jackson Tribute *****

Posted on August 15th, 2012 · Music/Events/Other

BACK ON JULY 25, 2012 JEFF EATS ran a story on The Ultimate Thriller ‘The’ Michael Jackson Tribute. That story is printed below.

To make a long story short-

On Saturday Night- September 1, 2012 the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood—is presenting what many “music” sources describe as the most realistic Michael Jackson tribute show in the world.

From what I understand, the venue seats about 6,500. This production has General Admission No Floor Seating and Balcony Seating…this means, that a hell of a lot more than 6,500 can be handled because the arena floor will have most people standing rather than in set seats— Don’t know all of the details, but Jeff Eats has “heard” that this show’s “production’ costs are in the neighborhood of $50,000.00. Obviously the promoter of this production is expecting a ton and I do mean a ton of people. Now, nothing for nothing, but Jeff Eats is also hearing that close to 6,000 tickets have already been sold.

Anyway…Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and four of our closest friends will be there on September 1, 2012.

From what I’m hearing, this show is going to be absolutely amazing.

If this is your type of “thing”…I really wouldn’t wait too much longer to get some tickets.


Got a good one for you guys, that’s if you like Michael Jacskon…

Tomorrow morning (July 26, 2012) starting at 10am- Ticketmaster ( has an internet pre-sale for The Ultimate Thriller ‘The’ Michael Jackson Tribute—which is scheduled for Saturday Night, September 1, 2012 at 8pm at Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. You must use the Code: THRILLER to get these tickets.

This touring show stars E. Casanova–one of the best Michael Jackson tribute artists in the world.

If this is your type of “game”–do a quick internet search on E. Casanova and the show itself. I think-actually I know, that you will find absolutely amazing video showing this guy in action as “Michael Jackson”…Also check for video/audio/photos/tour information.

Trust me on this one, this “will” be one fantastic-show.

For the record, I know two of the “shows” creators. Back in late 2010 having completed a successful European tour, they told me about their plans to schedule a huge US tour. Well! It’s finally- arrived and you got a shot to get great tickets.

Just between you and me, I’ve seen videos and—I’ll bet you a buck that on September 1, 2012 a sold-out Hard Rock Live crowd is gonna swear that they are actually watching Michael Jackson on that arena’s stage.

One final thought… you and I both know, that “tribute” bands and shows are literally a dime a dozen down here in South Florida. Trust old Jeff Eats on this one, THE ULTIMATE THRILLER ‘THE’ MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE isn’t your standard run-of-the-mill show. This is a HUGE 2 1/2 hour THEATRICAL production that plays on a whole nother level.

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13 Comments to “***** The Ultimate Thriller ‘The’ Michael Jackson Tribute *****”

  1. HBR says...

    This one sounds great.
    6 of us from Pompano Beach will be there for the ‘party’.
    Going to do it right, dinner first at Hard Rock in the casino and then showtime.

  2. Robert says...

    JUST ANNOUNCED – The HARD ROCK SEPT 1 SHOW, We have kept the floor General Admission, but have added a full seating package (First come First Served) for the best seats! Again – no more standing on your feet for 2 hours! Come join The Ultimate Thriller for a night to remember

    • PL says...

      Sounds good. Have to get there a drop earlier to get a great seat. This is going to be fun .

    • 438TH says...

      Thanks for the update.
      Have to get there early to get a great set.

  3. Andrea D says...

    This show is going to be great, I see that GA is now with seating.
    My husband and I are going with two other couples. Going to eat first at one of the restaurants and then catch the show.

  4. Larry Berfond says...

    From: Larry Berfond
    Subject: the ultimate thriller

    Message Body:
    Just an hour ago the promoter Chanel the general admisión floor standing room, yo general admission seating. First come first Server. Jeff please pass this on.

  5. GoAhead says...

    Watch E Casanova videos. You’ll swear it’s MJ.
    This is going to be an awesome event.
    Really looking forward to seeing this one.

  6. MW (Miami) says...

    Cant wait for this show.
    There is going to be a huge contingent of Michael jackson fans there.
    Bet this one is sold out.

  7. Andy Gold says...

    Jeff Eats:
    My wife and friends are really psyched for this show.
    Going to be a real party.
    Jeff, will you be there?

  8. Michael K says...

    This going to be fun.
    I know tons of people going.

  9. Carlos D says...

    Got 4 tkts today.
    Really think this is going to incredible.

  10. GFJ says...

    Hearing a ton of ads on majic 102.7 for the show.
    Bet they sell this one out.
    Even my 12 and 14 year olds want to go.

  11. DSD says...

    Hearing lots of ads on Magic 102.7 for this show.
    I wouldnt be shocked to see it totally sold out.

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