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Posted on August 13th, 2012 · American Fort Lauderdale


***** Tap 42 Bar & Kitchen, 1411 Saint Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316, (954) 463-4900.

Now, it’s really not Jeff Eats’ style to bring you guys into his personal-life, but every so often…

Anyway, Steve W. a dear friend for over 40 years has a line that he mutters—“Woof, man these guys went for the cash.” Now for the tie-in…The other night, I gave Tap 42 Bar & Kitchen a “shot.”—and, if Steve was with me, he definitely would have muttered “Woof, man these guys went for the cash.” No question in my mind that the “guys” who own this joint spent some heavy duty money building an absolutely great looking indoor/outdoor patio seating sports-bar. When you check the joint’s site for menu/prices-you will also find tons of photos-so you’ll have some idea as to what I’m yapping about…or should I say woofing about!

I think, but I’m not really sure- that most of you regular Jeff Eats’ folks know that I’m really an eater not a drinker. If you check, when I talk about bars/restaurants my focus is on the food with an occasional booze mention. Just so you know, Tap 42 Bar & Kitchen’s focus is on beer and alcohol…for sure- there is food, but my gut tells me, that the packed joint I was at, does a hell of a lot more in liquor sales than food sales. I’m gonna let you drink-experts figure this all out, but Tap 42’s name revolves around the number of beers on tap, throw in tons of bottled beers and other liquors and the joint is definitely moving a ton of liquid. You guys may know better, but my money says that beer and wine drinkers are going to love the selection of stuff.

Let’s talk FOOD…like I said a few seconds ago, Tap’s main “gig” is booze, however the joint’s menu has just- enough appetizers, salads, burgers and entrees so us-eaters don’t feel like decorative wallflowers. Jeff Eats’ recent outing had me trying…buffalo style wings, mac & cheese, bacon-cheeseburger, french fries, pan seared Atlantic salmon. Nothing for nothing, the food was real-good. I especially enjoyed the mac & cheese, burger and fries. Just so we are perfectly straight—don’t expect a mulit-page menu of offerings ala The Cheesecake Factory…The prices aren’t sports bar cheap-cheap—but nothing that’s gonna require you to get a second job. Service is sports-bar friendly, whatever that means!

Great looking joint. Great vibe. Drinkers and non-drinkers a-like will love Tap 42 Bar & Kitchen.

Tap 42 Bar & Kitchen is open Monday-Tuesday 11:30am-1am, Wednesday-Thursday 11;30am-2am, Friday-Saturday 11:30am-3am, Sunday 11am-midnight (people do have to go to work the next day!).

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  1. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    Tap 42 Bar and Kitchen has great food at a fair price. The service was excellent. I enjoyed my food. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

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