Platforms Dance Club (Boca Raton)

Posted on July 29th, 2012 · American Boca Raton Music/Events/Other


***** Platforms Dance Club, 99 Southeast 1st Avenue, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (561) 392-6885.

Platforms is a 70s-80s-90s disco dance club in Boca Raton. The joint is about 4500 square feet, has 2- full bars and is decorated retro-look 70s-80s-90s…no food is served, but the staff “on request” will pickup up bar-style stuff from the next door sports bar. There is no admission or cover charge…the joint is open Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm-2am. Fridays feature some of South Florida’s best cover and tribute bands—Saturdays feature a dj spinning the best music of the 70s, 80s and 90s. You can check for Patforms’ entertainment schedule/photos.

Platforms has been around since June 2011. To be perfectly honest with you, when Jeff Eats first heard about Platforms–the whole concept sounded kinda hokey to me…the name Platforms did absolutely nothing for me–and had me conjuring up in my mind, Vinnie Barbarino running around in a big old white polyester suit.

Anyway…I gotta tell you that I totally “missed” on this one… I and Mrs. Jeff Eats recently stopped in and-found Platforms to be a real fun joint that does a great job in bringing the sounds of the 70s-80s-90s back to life. The night we were there, Platforms was packed—I’m gonna guess–that at least 250 people ages 30-60 were partying away…and not one person was decked out in a white polyester suit. The night we were there, Anthology one of South Florida’s best Beatles tribute bands was headlining…and yes, I know, that The Beatles were a 60s group-you can take that “one” up with the joint’s owner!

Anyway…it was an absolute blast dancing to some really great covers.

If 70s-80s-90s music is your bag, I highly recommend that you give Platforms a try. Like I said a few seconds ago, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats had an absolute blast…something different to “do” on a Friday or Saturday night.

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  1. VCE says...

    Jeff, I just looked at the upcoming band lineup and it’s a terrific bunch of groups.
    I’ve seen On The Roxx and it’s a great 80s band.
    I’ve seen the Eagles and Billy Joel bands and they are also great.
    I’ve seen the Studio 54 band and they are right up there with the best 70s bands I’ve partied to.
    Definitely going to check Platforms out.

  2. Whitey J. says...

    Like you I heard about Platforms and it sounded kind of campy so I never gave it much thought.
    Just checked its site and the tribute and cover bands listed are pretty impreesive.
    Ive seen a few of them and they do a great covers.
    Will try Platforms in the coming weeks.

  3. CC Rider says...

    Make sure you guys go when ON THE ROXX an 80’s band is there. Great band.

  4. DDS says...

    Looked at live band lineup. It’s awesome.
    I’m a booking agent in Fort lauderdale and know every act they got listed.
    Hopefully your readers will give Platforms a chance. I know for sure that the owners have some of Floridas best bands coming in.

  5. RON G. says...

    Last Saturday night my wife and I just happend to be walking on the block where Platforms is located. We had just eaten at a nearby restaurant. seeing a crowd got us interested and the next thing we knew we were inside dancing. We had a great time.
    If you want to have a really good time give Platforms a try. Of course you got to love dancing and this type of music.

  6. TPJ says...

    Was there a few weeks ago.
    Something very unexpected a whole lot of fun.
    All ages 30-90 will enjoy this disco.

  7. Ronny says...

    Platforms is the official meeting place for Plenty of Fish. It’s not really an organic crowd; expect the same folks every time you go.

  8. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    Platforms is Boca’s best dance club. We had a great time. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

  9. mike dee says...

    Enjoy and hard to find music in the 70’ls,,,maybe this is the place i would like to try it,,,,,like to know about the best time and night for all that good stuff,,,,,From nyc here and miss the classic night at the monstery in the village nyc,,,,,

  10. mike dee says...

    Sat night 12/29/12 and my danceing shoes are on and ready to dance the night away like we do in nyc,,,,,,Mike, New York City i will be there, look for me on the Dance Floor!!

  11. mike dee says...

    DISCO 70’s GUY,,,,LETS DO IT! Mike

  12. Eileen says...

    Soery To Bother Anyway…. I Was In Boca In The Early – Mid 90’s… I Believe I Was At. “Platforms'(” At The Time… When I Was There It Was Called ( Club Boca)”??? Do I Have The Sane Place???? TY..

    PS… Also I Met Someone By The Name Of Mitch???????

  13. Eileen says...

    Sorry, About My Mis-Spelled Word’s..

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