Cafe Vincenzo (Margate)

Posted on July 22nd, 2012 · Italian Margate Pizza


***** Cafe Vincenzo, 5801 Margate Boulevard, Margate, Florida 33063, (954) 973-3400.

Got a good- Italian restaurant for you…Cafe Vincenzo- located in a “bombed-out” Margate shopping center.

Cafe Vincenzo- seats maybe 165 inside and another 150 on an outside patio. The joint looks like something right out of New York City’s Little Italy…loads of string-lights and the right amount of tackiness to make it really–cool. A full bar and a humongous flat screen television add to the decor.

Last night–I, Mrs. Jeff Eats and another couple gave Cafe Vincenzo a shot. “Sampled” stuff included–meatball appetizer ($9.95), small 14″ pizza ($10.95), house salad, spaghetti marinara, zuchini cream soup, veal parmigiana ($18.95), chicken scarpaiello ($17.95), baked lasagna ($13.95), shrimp scampi ($16.95)…most entrees come with soup/or salad and a pasta side…you can check menu/prices/information at

Let me give you some brief-history here…Cafe Vincenzo is located in the exact- same spot where Trattoria Bella Cibo (reviewed 11/14/10) was…I have no idea why Trattoria Bella Cibo closed, but it appears that a fellow named Vincent Chase purchased the “location” in late December 2011 keeping the exact same decor but bringing in a whole new staff, chef and menu. For those of you who may-be curious, no- this Vincent Chase isn’t the “fictional” Vincent Chase of HBO’s Entourage series. I will tell you, that this Vincent Chase is as personable as can be and during the 3 hours we were there, he made the rounds checking every table. Not to be accused of being a sexist– his wife Lynn, who serves as the primary hostess is also as personable as can be-also making the rounds to make sure everything was A-OK.

Last night we arrived at 8pm. Just so you know, this is a real casual joint, so basically any type of “dress” goes. When we arrived, the restaurant’s patio had a private party going on…from the look of things, the folks were having a blast. Inside, about half-of the joint’s tables were taken and the full service bar area had about 75 or so. For what it’s worth, Cafe Vincezo was very ‘busy” for a Saturday night in July down here in South Florida.

When you check Cafe Vincenzo’s website, you will find that it has live entertainment Wednesday-Saturday nights. Last night a really good 3-man singing group “Now & Then” dished-up doo-wop, disco and standard covers…these guys were very entertaining and had many in the bar area up and dancing.

Now let me get back to the food…is this the best red sauce Italian stuff that I’ve eaten? Nope! I will tell you, that I really enjoyed the pizza (thin crisp crust, sweet sauce)…I thought, that- the on the bone chicken scarpaiello was absolutely delicious–the rest of the food was okay- but nothing to get nuts over. Trust me, I’ve eaten better and then again, I’ve eaten worse. Based on food alone, would I go back? Sure, but like most joints that Jeff Eats has been to, Cafe Vincenzo does some dishes better than others. Hey Vinnie if you are reading this, lose the dipping bread in olive oil gig and get some real garlic bread or garlic knots on the table—throw another cutlet into the veal parmigiana dish-the portion is a bit on the skimpy side. One other thing, I love sweet marinara sauce-actually I could drink-a quart of it for breakfast every day-the one you got is a drop too sweet even for a guy like me. These few things are no biggies, easily handled.

When you check Cafe Vincenzo’s website you will find that the joint is open, Sunday & Tuesday 4pm-9pm, Wednesay 4pm-9:30pm, Thursday 4pm-11pm, Friday 4pm-midnight, Saturday 4pm-1am, closed on Monday.

Let me sum Cafe Vincenzo up for you…last night Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and our friends had a terrific time. The food as described was just-fine. What made the night special was, the joint’s fun atmosphere. As I mentioned, during the 3 hours that we were there, we were entertained by “Now & Then”…while they were on, people ate and moved around the room, talking to total strangers at other tables…it was like a big house party. During the evening, entertainers from other local singing groups “guest appeared” and sang with the group…I even spotted song-writer/record producer Paul Vance eating and partying with the crowd…you do recall the hits, “Catch A Falling Star” (Perry Como)–“Gina” (Johnny Mathias)–“What Would My Mary Say?” (Johnny Mathias)–“Tracy” (The Cufflinks)–“Leader of The Laundry Mat” (The Detergents)— and “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” (Brian Hyland)–don’tcha?

Let’s do it this way, for the same amount that it would have cost us to eat at almost any local mom & pop red sauce joint…we- instead got to “attend” a real fun party.

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  1. HerbK says...

    My wife and I have eaten there a few times and really enjoy the food. Last week we saw Now & Then perform while we ate and I thought they outstanding and made the evening that much more enjoyable. They did some great covers of some of my favorites from the 50’s and early 60’s. We were there last night and they had a large party going on outside but we must have left before Now & Then showed up because they had a DJ playing music for that party while we were there

  2. Mark C. says...

    Years ago when the Hard Rock Hotel was first built my wife and loads of our friends use to go to an Italian Restaurant right across the street, in later years the center that it was in was torn down for redevelopment. Back then a duo name Spanky & Dino entertained along with many others.
    Spanky & Dino have a huge following in south Florida and are very popular in local bars and clubs.
    We recently saw them at Cafe Vincenzo and I think they are a steady act on Friday nights. They are not to be missed.
    The restaurant that was near the HR, developed into a place where acts and performers not working that night or who had just finished working would show up and perform with the house act. One time we saw Joey Dee from the Starliters and Mike Miller from the Mystics perform like that.
    The food at that restaurant was ok but nothing great. The fun was the music etc. Great times.

    My wife and I agree with you that Cafe Vincenzo’s food all in all is ok. Nothing too great but decent enough. The fun is the music and the people.

    If things break fright for Vinny Chase his new restaurant could develop into the one like the HR was. A place where all kinds of people and acts hang out.

    Hope this develops for him and Lynn his wife. They are really nice people and very personable.

    Only time will tell, but Cafe Vincenzo looks like it could develop into a real great hangout.

  3. Angel R says...

    I was at the party last night. Great food. The singing group was terrific. They did a few numbers outside for us. Will definitely be back for a regular dinner.

  4. Wally V. says...

    Ate there pizza was pretty good. My wife had chicken parm and also enjoyed it.
    Jeff, you do know that singer RON DANTE was the voice of The Cufflinks, The Detergents and The Archies who had the massive hit Sugar Sugar.

  5. RFD says...

    Food is ok but that’s about it.
    Good entertainment.
    Wouldnt go without the singing.

  6. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    Cafe Vincenzo has great food at a good price. I really enjoyed my meal. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

  7. HV says...

    music is fun. the food is fair.

    • clownster says...

      got to agree
      music is really good
      food is just passable

      • TY says...

        Got to disagree, the food is also really good.

  8. Elaine says...

    A great night out. Doo wop and delicious Italian food.

  9. Paul Cohen says...

    Jeff, This is the worst restaurant ever. After waiting over 45 minutes for my food order to come out, I was told the order was never put in and it would take another 15 minutes to come out. When I said this is not the way to run a business the owner came over and said to me, ” If you don’t like there’s the door. So we walked out. DO NOT EAT THERE.

    • Paul Cohen says...

      This is a true story, print it.

  10. Jeff, food is ok but nothing great. The music is what makes it a fun place.

  11. Johhny g. says...

    Food is meh!
    Music is always good.
    Fun place if you aren’t looking to be wowed by your meal.

  12. KSR says...

    New owner with much better food.

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